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Window shopping for jewelry has progressed from physical stores to a more online platform. Despite this, jewelry enthusiasts have their own preferences on how they buy their fine jewelry. If you want to know the best places to buy diamond engagement rings, you may want to first ask the important questions about purchasing jewelry.

From there, you can explore the best platform, as well as the best brands that may fit your style. Read on to find out the important aspects of purchasing as well as the main brands that are almost always on many people’s list.

What To Look For In A Jewelry Shop

The definition of “best jewelry” may vary from person to person. Some may be more conscious of brands, whereas others want only the best quality for the gemstones. Other jewelry enthusiasts may be very particular about the setting to give their fine jewelry an even more unique touch. To get the best, try to evaluate the engagement rings against these factors.

Value for money

Those working on a budget understand that this may be the most important consideration. They may ask, “ How much does a good diamond engagement ring cost?” But as jewelry experts would say, there’s no standard for jewelry price tags.

Average spend on engagement ring
Having a solid budget before you start going shopping for your ring. Here’s a good ballpark figure to start (Source:

That’s because you need to also consider your preferences, the available style, and even the store you will buy it from. For some, this is why having a favorite jewelry store does wonders. You already know the trend of prices and styles, so you can play for future purchases.


Selection can be everything. The more choices available, the more likely consumers will prefer a brand. Remember, there’s more to fine jewelry than just the special occasions. So if you want to treat yourself to a great buy, going back to a brand with a lot of choices makes a lot of sense.

Make sure that when you pick a brand you want to stick with, get one of the best places to buy diamond engagement rings. Chances are you will need to buy one that somewhere down the line—or give a recommendation to a friend—so it’s better that you go with your trusted brand from the start.

Customer experience

When asking, “Where is the best place to buy diamond rings?” you also need to know if the store you want offers good connection and communication with customers. In these times, sales go beyond just having products fly off the shelves. It also requires maintaining your customers’ trust.

This starts with good customer experience. Some customers may experience difficulties in purchasing or making use of the product. Either way, this does not mean you immediately lose a customer. With proper customer service, customers feel valued and respected as clients, and who doesn’t like this kind of service?


Brand equates to reputation for the most part. All the previous points culminate to the kind of reputation a brand exudes. Thus, many people tend to ask, “Which brand is best for diamond ring?” This does not necessarily mean asking the brand only for the name’s sake. In fact, some people hold onto their favorite brands because they have been used to the selections and quality that they have been offering.

That’s why, for some people, they may even ask, “Is Costco a good place to buy engagement ring?” especially if they are still exploring for the best brand to patronize.

The Best Places To Find Your One Ring

Jewelry enthusiasts need not worry about where they can find a good diamond ring. After all, many stores, both online and physical, offer a variety of choices. Want to know what are some of the most favored and patronized jewelry stores around? Here’s a roundup of the top ten places buy engagement ring. You might even find your future favorite store here.

Check out some of these stores and see what matches your needs. It’s best to try a few and see which styles pop out. Finding your favorite takes time, and it may take some research and diligence along the way.

Woman wearing diamond rings
Jewelry enthusiasts have started to prefer minimalistic rings for all occasions.

James Allen

If you want a trusted store both in service and in selection of diamonds, then James Allen may be your go-to store. Despite the competitive market and the growing number of new styles, it still holds its reputation and solid client base.

There’s a reason why customers keep returning to this favorite. By offering risk-free buying guarantees, personalized services, and free worldwide shipping for potential customers abroad, it widens customers’ options by a huge margin.

Granted, James Allen has a higher price range, but this is balanced by premium quality selections and a cost-saving business plan to operate solely online for more savings.

Clean Origin

If sustainability is your game, then Clean Origin may be the name of your next go-to diamond store. The brand prides itself in its line of lab-grown diamonds, something that not every jewelry enthusiast has successfully made the transition to yet.

Clean Origin’s philosophy is clean and simple: deliver high-quality jewelry featuring sustainable processes for diamond-making. Its line of engagement rings has been a constant favorite for young couples. Best of all, it also offers selections with GIA certified diamonds.

Brilliant Earth

Passionate about ethical jewelry? Brilliant Earth offers quite a number of stringent clauses to ensure that many of its suppliers follow their philosophy of conflict-free and ethical practices to the last detail.

For starters, it offers lab-grown diamonds, which lessen the more violable ethical practices in mining. At the same time, Brilliant Earth’s diamonds are also be sourced from different areas, including Canadian diamonds, DeBeers-sourced gems, and even recycled diamonds. It’s definitely one of the best places to buy diamond engagement rings, if you want to support a good cause.

Blue Nile

Just because engagement rings are expected to be big and fancy, doesn’t mean you can’t find one that is easy on both the eyes and the wallet. Blue Nile aims to bridge this gap by providing affordable engagement rings that will truly be a stunner on the finger.

Over two decades in the diamond industry has never wavered its founder Mark Vadon from keeping his eye on his goal. He viewed diamonds as a commodity, one that he wanted to provide his customers. The store follows a unique business model that has allowed it to flourish beyond just being a simple online store.

The brand opted to connect with many diamond manufacturers and wholesalers. This grew its inventory without breaking budgets. And best of all, it offers GIA or AGS certifications, so you can be sure that its diamonds are the real deal.

For consumers who want to experience its diamonds without the need to be physically present, Blue Nile also provides a solution to this. Compared to other brands, Blue Nile has expanded its technology stack, as the brand now offers video technology for consumers to be able inspect loose diamonds before making a purchase.

Loose diamonds
It’s also great to consider loose diamonds so you can customize the ring’s look to your favored design.


It’s hard to make millennial shoppers your main consumer if you’re in the diamond business. However, this is exactly what Mejuri focuses on: budget shoppers in the age-range of millennials who are looking for fine jewelry.

For the brand, it’s all about making jewelry accessible and sustainable. And according to shoppers and patrons of the brand, Mejuri succeeds in this department. The choices it offers also often go on the subtle side. Its designs look fine and distinct without losing the classy touch.


Are you the kind of shopper who still wants to see your purchase up close? Ritani may be your best diamond store match. It’s currently the only online jeweler that offers free in-store preview of the jewelry via partner local jewelers.

This means you can see how the engagement ring really looks on your hand, or you can even wear your best outfit and see if your chosen fine jewelry completes your look. Ritani also features a line of loose diamonds, which can be made into some unique fine jewelry of your choice.

It has a lot of selections, ranging in the H VS2 rating based on the GIA certification. This may also give buyers peace of mind, knowing that Ritani offers this certification as well as a good return policy.

With Clarity

For those looking for truly unique fine jewelry pieces, there’s no clearer choice than With Clarity. With over a decade of experience in delivering high-quality pieces, With Clarity offers quite a diverse range, even if its gemstone selection mostly sticks to diamonds and black diamonds.

With Clarity offers both naturally-mined and lab-grown diamonds. Its diamonds also come in a range of shapes, from the classic round, princess, and emerald, to the more daring pear-shaped, marquise, and princess cuts. Whichever natural diamond fits your fancy from their store, know that they not only feature GIA certification, but they’re also conflict free.

different diamond cuts
It’s best to choose a brand that features a lot of the styles and diamond cuts that you want, so you have a go-to every time you would make a purchase.


Some jewelry shoppers prefer minimalism above all. If you’re one of them, you may want to consider Vrai for your next diamond ring purchase.

What’s more, Vrai also prides itself for challenging the diamond industry and joining the movement towards sustainability. This is because the brand has become synonymous to affordable and ethical fine jewelry.

Its main thrust pushes for ethical labor practices, use of sustainable materials, and going the conflict-free route when producing diamonds. Even with all of those power-packed offerings, it does not shy away from providing a lower price range compared to traditional diamond stores.


There are the traditionally-worn rings, like engagement rings, wedding bands, and even class rings. One common fashion fad showcases a number of rings worn on different fingers and knuckles.

Wedding rings
Even more traditional wedding band designs can have a twist, if you choose a brand that focuses on the younger market.

If you subscribe to this fashion trend, you may want to check out Catbird. Many of Catbird’s designs feature stacked rings that can be worn in numerous ways. The designs are fairly versatile, so they can be matched with existing rings. They can also be matched with one’s outfits—add some flair to casual and make your more formal wear more chic and daring.


Who says price and a renowned reputation don’t mix? Aurate proves such assumptions wrong. It boasts many different gemstones in their collection. However, the store also showcases pearls, which have been sustainably farmed and ethically harvested to adhere to its standards.

It’s no wonder that Aurate has already been featured in different publications. It has also been endorsed by various celebrities who support the cause.

If that’s not enough, then you’ll be glad to hear that Aurate also believes in the concept of returning one’s kindness. Part of its program is to give back and donate books to schools in the United States.

Choose the Right Store for That Next Diamond Purchase

And we’re done here. We hope that our list has given you an idea where to purchase that much coveted jewelry piece. But whichever vendor you choose, always see to it that you’re buying your diamond not because of the brand, but based on what you want and how a piece speaks to you.

Do any of these stores resonate with you? Each one has a specific charm to them that you may want to consider. Apart from deciding on the best place to buy a diamond ring, learn more about the best time to buy a diamond. Read our post “Buy It Now! What’s The Best Time To Buy A Diamond?

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