Go Big Without Going Broke: How To Do Budget Weddings

Go Big Without Going Broke: How To Do Budget Weddings

With the season for weddings coming around again and more places around the world starting to relax following the pandemic, it’s easy to see how the coming months will go. Couples who have been postponing their weddings or who have recently just gotten engaged may be getting ready for the next step of their lives: wedding planning.

How To Do Budget Weddings

If you’re looking to get into the wedding season on a budget, you may want to brush up on some pointers, especially those that can help trim or keep you within your budget. Ready to make your dream wedding come true? Read on.

Work With Your Magic Number

Having a budget for the wedding does not mean you just whip out a random number out of thin air. It’s about reading up on the trends, knowing what you need, and being adamant in looking for the most appropriate choices that will complete your wedding setup.

So what should you consider when it comes to counting costs? First, check the savings that you share between you and your partner. Weddings, like marriage proposals, become the symbol of one’s partnership, made official, legal, and binding. However, it is not the be-all of the relationship. In fact, it stands more as a testament, where friends, family, and intimate acquaintances can share and witness the celebration of your union.

Think of it as the icing on the cake of your partnership. Just because you have a simpler wedding does not mean the relationship is any less than what it really stands for. Ideally, before the wedding even becomes a more concrete plan, couples would want to start setting aside funds they can use. Check in with your savings, and make sure to start discussing just how much you want to spend on this one-day celebration. Remember, the rest of your life together awaits, and you don’t want to scrimp on that.

Also, don’t forget to account for any gifts that could help along the way. Intimate weddings can be held in a friend’s backyard. Or if some people may be willing to lend you a hand—or a place—consider these options first! You never know how that can make your day even more special.

Plan What You Can

Veteran wedding planners may tell you that having more than just Plan A definitely helps to prepare for the big day. While this definitely gives you some leeway for adjustment, the pandemic may have taught us one crucial thing: rarely does anything go according to plan.

Planning a wedding
Some couples opt to hire a wedding planner, but diligently keeping an eye on your budget will go a long way.

Surprises and unexpected events can and probably will happen. Trying to control every aspect of it can bring about more stress and add onto the worries that you have. You can start off with purchasing a wedding ring, such as the one in this Tacori review.

Brides.com advises that you need to spot where surprises can likely happen. Allot some leeway in your budget—you never know when you may need to rent out some extra chairs or find a last-minute photographer. Think of this as extra money; if nothing happens, then you can bring it back to your savings pool.

Look More For Less

When asking yourself, “What is the cheapest time to get married?” the short answer is anytime—but a good place to start may be the gowns, wedding dress, and other outfits for the entourage. It’s common for weddings to have matching gowns and looks for the entourage. Nowadays, many couples tend to base their wedding planning on their own preferences rather than purely on tradition. If you’re one of these couples, then this may benefit your wedding planning in the long run.

Coordination is nice for photos, but remember, this is your wedding. You get to decide how it will look, and even then, sometimes it’s all about making the memories authentic. Plus, not only will this save you from the hassle of coordinating outfits with guests, it also takes a big burden off your guest’s wallets.

Off-peak But On-Point

Still, choosing a wedding season on a budget goes beyond the numbers. Remember, ideally, that wedding ceremony will be your one and only in this lifetime. Your goal may not be to spend half of your and your partner’s savings, but you also want it to be an event to remember.

Not all off-peak wedding season months are equal in the wedding sense. To give you an idea of what months are wedding season periods, some choose them due to good weather. Some choose to get married during these seasons for beliefs of prosperity and happiness. So even if your target date falls outside of this target, ask yourself: what’s important, the marriage or the belief that comes with it? After all, your happiness and prosperity lies in both of you as a couple more than anything else.

Off-peak season wedding
Just because you’re doing an off-peak season wedding does not mean it has to be any less grand. Finding the right place and spending time with the right people can give it the magical touch to make it extra special.

Keep A Tracker

The flurry of purchases can be overwhelming. Some may think that small buys—an extra night for your honeymoon, another plate for a guest’s plus, one—can be negligible for your budget. In reality, these can easily pile up until you realize that your budget already has quite a dent from unexpected expenses.

Set an expenses tracker solely for your wedding needs. Include your total budget, while outlining your estimated expenses, actual expenses, and adjustments. Typically, you’d want to set the estimated expenses early on in your planning stage. Then, once you decide on and get in touch with vendors, list down your best choice in the actual expenses column. Make sure to fill in the adjustments column, as this will serve to track how over or under-budget you are.

Allot Enough For Extras

If you work hard on your wedding expenses tracker, it’s highly likely that you will keep a diligent eye on your budget. When this happens, some couples tend to have a bird’s eye view of their expenses, and can allot more resources for extras, be it unexpected or intended add-ons.

Here’s a pro tip: Keep a lookout on your adjustments column. Treat it as a sort of incentive; any extras you have as you save up on your actual expenses can go to extra expenses.

Cash vs. Card: Where To Charge?

Charging on your card seems wise during certain moments. What if you find that perfect dress, but you weren’t slated to pay for such an expense for another month or two? Shouldn’t paying for it with a card be the better option? For wedding essentials such as wedding rings, you can get great deals online as you will find in this Elie Design review.

The answer depends on your overall spending and income flow. Sometimes, the answer to  “What is the cheapest month for a wedding?” does not have to depend on going with an off-peak season wedding. It may rely on the expenses that you have rolling in and a balance of cashflow on specific months.

Check in with your partner when it comes to expenses. Your wedding may be once-in-a-lifetime, but bills and adult responsibilities will be there on a regular basis. As tempting as it may be to use your credit card, wedding expenses are better off prepared in advance than added to your emergency card expenses.

You would not want to start your happy ever after with  unnecessary debt. Plan your expenses and make sure that most of them can be backed with existing cash in your savings. Save yourself the headache of incoming bills—wedding stress is hard enough as it is!

The Pros & Cons of Off-Peak Weddings

As the year rolls in again, some couples may ask, “When is wedding season in 2022?” Typically, spring and autumn have always been the top bets for wedding seasons. However, this year may be a bit different.

Experts predict that there may be more weddings happening this year. As some restrictions continue to relax, many couples may be starting their own wedding plans. If you choose to get married during off-peak wedding season, make sure you consider the pros and cons, so you can

More options, fewer competition

With more weddings surely lined up for 2022, it’s highly possible that you’re not the only one who’s looking at your favorite wedding spot. It’s best to consider options for off-peak wedding seasons.

If there are fewer clients vying for the same venue, you have more chances of getting the space. Plus, fewer patrons can mean better discounts and prices, especially if you will consider booking not only the wedding reception but also guest lodgings.

Unique wedding experiences

Since spring and autumn tend to be the favorite seasons for weddings, going off-peak can mean having different wedding vibes. Transform the space into a winter wonderland wedding, or find a great beach side location to hold a private wedding.

Benefits of off-peak season weddings
Even off-peak wedding seasons have their choice moments, such as capturing beautiful frosty wedding backdrops that can result in breathtaking photographs.

While there may be a downside to  holidays plotted out in these seasons, you can hit two birds with one stone by scheduling it in a location that can be considered holiday-friendly. Who would not want to go to the beach in the summer—and while they’re at it, have them attend an intimate beach side wedding?

Christmas rolling around in wintertime? If you’re looking at a small gathering with only your closest family and friends, why not book a lodging where they can go straight from attending a wedding to skiing down a winter slope?

What’s more, can you imagine the gorgeous backdrops for your photos? Whether it’s by the beach or with a frosty background, you’re bound to make some magical memories.

More vendors bring more possibilities

A shortage in demand typically lowers the price for supplies. Many couples may be looking at this advantage when going with an off-peak season wedding. To add to this, since there is less demand, then you may have more options to choose from.

Going into the wedding season on a budget does not mean you no longer look at the quality of the supplies you want. You may now be able to tap more sought-after vendors with fewer hassles.

Privacy in venues

Wedding receptions tend to be held in activity areas of public places, like resorts, hotels, and events places. Most times, you may find yourself sharing the area with other celebrations or weddings.

Some couples who may want the most intimate of celebrations may do well to hold their weddings during the off-peak months. This can be done if only to avoid sharing spaces with other just-married couples. Of course, there may be other celebrations going on in the space, hence the need for comprehensive planning on your end.

Possible lower rates for honeymoon

Most nuptials typically already lead to wedding after parties and the inevitable honeymoon for the bride and groom. If you’ve already booked a picturesque location for the ceremony, why not make the most out of it by making it your honeymoon destination?

Be on the lookout for locations that can offer you package deals. You may end up with better rates for your honeymoon plans.

Scouting for a wedding location
When scouting for a good location, consider if it’s also a good place for the post-wedding party or the honeymoon.

No hard or fast rules on off-peak savings

While an age-old expectation for off-peak season weddings always link back to lower fees, it’s not a sure prediction either. Sometimes, it’s hard to determine the answer to the question, “What months are considered off season for weddings?”

Some seasons have started to change, with some blossoms coming in later in spring or with some autumn months ahead. Another potential change comes with the mindset of tourists and other possible clients. More people have started to adopt the “off-peak” mindset. As more people consider this period for wedding ceremonies, the savings may not be as palpable as before.

Unpopularity has its trade-offs

If you’re wondering, “Is $15 000 a good budget for a wedding?”, try to look at the big picture. What will your overall wedding be like—from the grand ceremony down to how much your guests enjoyed the special moment?

Savings can add to your future expenses as a couple. But even though the wedding ceremony is just one day in your life together, you can still make the most out of it. Take the time to see if the savings are worth it. Will a few hundred bucks complete your dream wedding, or will the extra just be for frills? It’s a good practice of decision-making between you and your partner.

The average cost of being a wedding guest
New to navigating weddings? Keep this simple draft in mind so you can get a good estimate for your budget. (Source: Inverse.com)

Have that wedding of a lifetime without putting yourself in a lifetime of debt or through intense stress. Want more wedding tips? Start with a great proposal engagement! Check out “What Are Minimalist Engagement Rings And How to Know One” so you can start your search for a minimalist ring that’s big on meaning.