Jaclyn Roxanne Jewelry

Jaclyn Roxanne Jewelry: What’s Hot And Hotter With This Brand

If you’re not familiar with the name Jaclyn Hill, then you may know the moniker Jaclyn Roxanne instead. Rather than the person herself, Jaclyn Roxanne is the name of Hill’s brand. The beauty influencer and cosmetics brand owner has been in the industry for over a decade.

Being among the first influencers who secured their position in the online space since 2011, Hill has dabbled into different fronts, with her latest being a foray into the world of jewelry with Jaclyn Roxanne.

What is Jaclyn Roxanne Brand?

For those who are not yet avid followers of the beauty creator, Jaclyn Roxanne is Hill’s jewelry brand. It has long been in the pipeline, and has finally launched in 2021 with almost 30 pieces in her collection.

Jacklyn Roxanne jewelry has quite the diverse range of offerings. Its price tag proves one clue to this: the items range from $30 to $165. It also includes jewelry pieces like earrings, rings, and necklaces, among other fine jewelry.

One of the quirky and unique designs from Jaclyn Roxanne is the handcuff-like earrings (Source: iminit.com)

Since its release, the brand has incorporated a few more designs into its collection. Among its most dazzling and best-selling collections is the Spring Dream, her second collection which dropped in May 2022.

Jaclyn Roxanne jewelry holds quite the record for fast-selling products. Since her first collection was announced, the collection sold in 48 hours.

Popularity in Jewelry: Translating What Makes Trends Work

Hill’s popularity did not begin with jewelry. Her biggest and still most successful foray in the industry is her makeup line and skills. As a YouTube content creator, this has been her most trending platform, with her smoky eye makeup catching on 16 million views, according to JCK Online.

This popularity found its way into the world of jewelry. She took her popularity and working style in the cosmetics industry, and found a renewed passion in jewelry. Hill shares that jewelry holds quite a special place for her as it has always been connected to family.

She said in an interview that her grandmother gave her the first jewelry piece in her collection. This was a piece of fine jewelry with pearls, something that she found so beautiful when she received it as an eight-year-old. For Hill, jewelry completes one’s ensemble, even when it’s at its simplest–jeans, fresh makeup, and a shirt.

A brand from scratch

What makes Jaclyn Roxanne even more intriguing as a brand is its roots. Hill started the jewelry endeavor from scratch and with no other connections or investors. Even with the pull that she already had, Hill chose to build the brand her own way. The name itself reflects her true self, as Jaclyn Roxanne is her birth name, and the moniker that her family calls her.

Seeing her two brands flourish also means Hill has followed how her fans took her endeavors to life. Both these brands have a personal flourish from its creator. Wearing them together—a striking makeup look and a trendy layering jewelry can bring out the trendsetter in each patron.

Launching the iminit.com Marketplace

As if the expansion wasn’t enough, Hill also announced her expansion with a bang. This involved announcing it via a website marketplace, dubbed iminit.com. Playing on the term “I’m in it,” which Hill claims to say whenever she finds something trendy for her taste or something that she would love for her style.

While she has her own jewelry brand to manage, iminit.com launched with five other brands under its wing. These include Loving Tan, Sanitas Skincare, Seventh Avenue Candles, Slip, and Mike’s Hot Honey. According to Centennial Beauty, these five belong to Hill’s list of favorite brands.

It seems that Hill is going beyond brand creation and management. She also eyes going into managing the shipping and distribution for her partner brands. There’s quite a lot to expect from the venture, especially since it will cater to the brands that Hill has taken to heart.

woman wearing a necklace
Jaclyn Roxanne celebrates the kind of diversity in jewelry, as it considers offering both silver and gold options. This can elevate one’s aesthetics to a new level.

Facing a recent tragedy

For those who had waited for her spring collection and even asked, “What time does Jaclyn Roxanne launch?” then it’s possible that you’re also waiting for what else is in store. Just earlier in August, Hill experienced a significant heartbreak as her former husband Jon Hill passed away.

Insider reported that the jewelry maker was going to take the time and pause from announcing the launch of her latest jewelry collection due to the tragedy. HIll announced on her Instagram “I’m really struggling with how to navigate everything right now guys. So many emotions. It’s like time is standing still.”

Hill goes on to add that she hopes her fans and patrons would understand the decision to postpone the launch. “I know my brand @jaclynroxanne announced a new collection dropping this Tuesday but will be postponing the launch to pay our respects.”

The two have been married for almost a decade. It’s no wonder that Hill wants to pay her respects and honor her ex-husband’s memory. Even though the couple have divorced in 2018, it was clear that they each treasured each other’s presence, and this loss will affect the influencer in different ways.

Some concerns with the Jaclyn brand

Like with any other brands, Hill’s brands have encountered their own concerns. For instance, her cosmetics line may have sold out easily, but some buyers have voiced their disappointments with the delivered product. Hill’s lipstick options were criticized from being unsanitary to containing some elements that should not be in a cosmetic product.

According to WWD.com, Hill responded to criticism by stating that products that did not seem to meet their quality control were just 0.1% of the total products moved. Thus, this makes them rare occurrences in the batch.

a jewelrypiece nestled on feathers
Many jewelry enthusiasts get frustrated with tarnishing, which is fairly common for pieces that are either plated or considered fashion jewelry.

However, the drama did not stop with disgruntled customers. Some influencers also took to their channels to give their opinions about the product. This resulted in Hill taking to YouTube to explain her stance and to share with her customers her plans moving forward.

This just goes to show that it’s never really that easy to become an influencer. Neither is it easy to manage a brand and ensure that it delivers each and every time.

The drama of Jaclyn Roxanne jewelry

Even the brand that’s very dear to her, the Jaclyn Roxanne line, met its own set of criticisms. When she released her Jaclyn Roxanne collection, some customers felt that the jewelry pieces did not live up to the promise.

Some criticisms raised the issue of the jewelry turning green. If one is well-versed with fashion jewelry, this may be a common occurrence. Some jewelry materials tend to tarnish and even turn a different color when exposed to the elements.

This has generated another batch of comments from different customers. However, other influencers, like Brittany Groover, gave their own takes on the Jaclyn Roxanne jewelry. She reviewed one of the brand’s earrings, and noted that not only were they cute, they can definitely be given as gifts. She also noted that the jewelry pieces had a weight to them that made them feel more premium.

Moving Forward: Where Will the Jaclyn Roxanne Brand Be?

Given just how busy Hill seems to be, many fans and interested parties may wonder: Where is Jaclyn Hill now? As an influencer, it’s not surprising for Hill to find other ways to showcase not only her brands, but also her self brand. She had made different appearances, including collaborations with personalities like Kim Kardashian.

On a personal level, Hill also seems to be moving forward in her relationship with her now fiance Jordan Farnum. Since their engagement in December 2021, there has yet to be any news on when the couple will tie the knot.

most popular jewelry styles infographic
According to a recent survey, these are the most popular jewelry that many enthusiasts tend to buy and wear (Source: diamondnexus.com)

Does Jaclyn Hill have Instagram?

Even though she has launched her marketplace and own brand, Hill remains quite the big influencer. That’s why it’s no surprise that she still keeps her official Instagram account going.

While she has official Instagram accounts for her brands, she herself can be considered a brand name. Thus, the @jaclynhill and @jaclynroxanne may be two of her biggest Instagram accounts to date.

Where can I buy Jaclyn Roxanne jewelry?

If all of that has interested you in getting your own Jaclyn Roxanne jewelry piece, then you may want to check out the stocks at iminit.com. In this website, Hill showcases quite a number of jewelry pieces.

Some of the latest pieces include a small cross that sparkles with a gold-plated finish. The cross also features in a ring version, The Cross Ring, which comes in gold and rhodium options.

The Stacked Coin is also back in stock, and it remains one of the sought-after eye-catching pieces. This features a four-piece necklace that creates a different texture per layer. From the shortest to the longest chain, you will get the following necklaces: a smaller disc chain, a paperclip cable, a chain with a pendant, and a bead chain with a 19.5mm coin pendant not unlike the one in this TraxNYC review.

Each layer exudes a different vibe. Worn at the same time, it’s quite a stunner that can transform a simple outfit into a texture galore. The Stacked Coin comes in rhodium and gold versions, which allows for a more diverse matching of styles.

woman wearing dainty necklace
Dainty necklaces, often stacked with many layers, have become quite the fashion trend in recent memory.

Over on the Jaclyn Roxanne jewellery website, there’s also the dainty Sweetheart Necklace. Imagine the dainty appearance of a tennis bracelet translated into a necklace. This fine jewelry piece features 4mm round cubic zirconia stones set in a 16” silver or gold chain and secured by lobster clasp. It daintily swoops down just above the collarbone. If you’re looking for a necklace that can work either as a casual accessory or a night affair highlight, then this might have to be your next buy.

Interesting earrings: Jaclyn Roxanne’s imaginative pieces

Jaclyn Roxanne’s earrings also showcase quite the creative looks. The Twin Chain seems like the translation of handcuffs into an earring design. This design showcases pave hoops lined with cubic zirconia, giving it quite the shimmer. If that’s not enough, a fine chain connects the two hoops together. This works well for customers who have more than one ear piercing. It can be worn with the chain hanging low, almost like a dangling earring, it can be worn almost like an outline chain along the ear ridge, depending on where your ear piercings are. Best of all, you can even purchase this earring as just a single twin chain earring if you want to wear it on one ear only.

Want a bigger earring piece that dangles? The Drop Chain style is as it’s called–a dangling pair of earrings that feature a chain link with small cubic zirconia (just like the one in this Sams Club review) pave parts. Despite the large chain links, it still looks quite the dainty piece, especially with the way it drops down and barely touches the shoulders.

How do you translate a coiled rope into an earring? Jaclyn Roxanne jewelry may have had this in mind with The Twist. There’s the classical hoop earrings with a singular smooth hoop–and this gives it a literal twist. A singular gold-plated piece seems to have been twisted to look like a golden rope twisted and curled to form a large hoop earring. That’s going to be hard to miss, regardless of what your outfit is.

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