A pendant is an ornament suspended from another article of jewelry such as a bracelet, earring, or, especially, a necklace. Its name comes from the French word pendre, which means “to hang down.” This item is available in many shapes and forms, but as long as it can be attached to a wearable chain, it classifies as a pendant. The most common way of using pendants is by having a piece of it per article of jewelry. Nevertheless, any jewelry item can have two or more of them.

Brief history of Pendants

The use of pendants came from the ancient practice of wearing amulets around the neck–a custom that dates back to the Stone Age. Pendants during this era were made with objects such as bones, teeth, and shells. Ancient Egyptian pharaohs sometimes donned huge pendants that usually show optimistic scenes deifying the sovereign. Others were in the shape of flies, vultures, falcons, sacred serpents, etc.

During the Middle Ages, pendants in the shape of the cross or enameled with religious subjects were often used. Towards the 16th century, they became decorative rather than religious items. During the Renaissance, artists crafted many beautiful crosses and pendants depicting different figures such as mermaids, animals, and mythological scenes.

What Are Some Famous Pendant Makers?

Pendants are versatile in that they can be merged with many other types of jewelry like bracelets, earrings, and, most especially, necklaces. There are also variants made with a pin-back so its users can wear it as a brooch. This item of jewelry can suit any style and taste. Pendants can be big and simple, small and intricate, and can consist of one gem or more. There are many options nowadays as jewelers continue to develop more and more pendant variations over the years. Below, we round up the most famous pendant designers in the world.

  • Tiffany & Co.

Of course, this list wouldn’t be complete without this world-famous brand. This designer has been in the business since 1837 and has retained its status as America’s leading silversmith. Tiffany & Co. is home to exquisitely crafted and striking pendants. Like most stores, this brand sells pendants in tandem with necklaces.

Tiffany & Co. pendant necklaces range in price from $150 to $62,000

  • Chopard

Chopard, a brand that’s been around since the 1860s, was initially known for producing watches for women. The brand offers five collections of their necklaces and pendants: Happy Hearts, Happy Diamonds, Ice Cube, Imperiale, and Chopardissimo. Every piece from each collection is a sure stand-out.

Chopard pendant necklaces range in price from $1,640 to $65,800.

  • Cartier

Louis François Cartier founded this brand in 1847, and it has since earned a reputation as being “The Jeweler of Kings, the King among Jewelers.” This designer is the pioneer of the platinum and diamond combination. One of its most notable collections is the Love Collection, which includes romantic pieces studded with diamonds, yellow gold, or rose gold.

Cartier’s Love Necklaces are currently available in 22 models and range from $2,60 to $8,000

  • Graff

Its founder, Laurence Graff, has dedicated his life to precious rocks, so it isn’t surprising that this jeweler houses diamonds of exceptional rarity and beauty. Every Graff piece boasts of an intricate combination of precious stones and diamonds, which guarantees to give its wearer an everlasting elegance.

One of the brand’s famous collections is the Laurence Graff Signature collection, which includes the Triple Spinning Pendant in White Gold ($7,000) and Rose & White Gold ($7,000), and the Triple Pavé Pendant in White Gold ($5,500.) 

  • Bvlgari

Established in 1884 by Sotirio Bulgari, this Italian luxury brand is famous for its colored gemstones and diamonds. If you’re seeking brightly-colored and large pieces with a chromatic effect, you can trust that this designer has those. 

Bvlgari pendant necklaces range in price from $620 to $80,000.

Must-have Pendant Types

There’s no denying that pendant necklaces are a must-have in every woman’s jewelry collection. They’re available in different sizes, styles, shapes, and metals, making them a fun accessory to experiment with! Here, we list the different types of pendants that every woman should have.

  • Casual pendants

These types of pendants are the ones you can pair with your everyday outfits. They come in simple designs such as flowers, bows, or symmetrical figures.

  • Gemstone pendants

Gemstones can make anyone look effortlessly fabulous, which is why you should have a gemstone pendant necklace in your jewelry box. With their vivid appearance, colored stone accessories are attention grabbers. So if you’re the type who wants to steal the show with your jewelry, you should definitely get a gemstone pendant.

  • Heart pendants

Jewelry is naturally romantic, and that explains why there is so much love for heart pendants. You can also opt for a heart-shaped locket that can carry a photo inside. Now that’s definitely a romantic piece!

Pendant Trends

In the jewelry world, there are trends and classics; and today, we’re talking about what’s in. Have you ever wondered what’s up-to-the-minute for this jewelry item? If you’re curious, read on to find out the top pendant necklaces trends you should watch out for in 2020.

  • Layering

Layering pendant necklaces is red hot for 2020. Whether you choose to go bold or delicate, the goal is to be unique. You can do that by telling a story through your pieces. If you have a pendant necklace with your child’s birthstone, you can layer it with an heirloom diamond pendant and a chain necklace. The combinations are endless, which makes this trend super fun!

  • Dog Tags

What’s great about dog tags is that they allow you to keep a precious memory close to your heart. You can engrave a name, date, or anything significant to you on the surface of a dog tag. No matter the size, you can add them to a chain of your preference. This gives your necklace more sentimental value, as opposed to it being a mere fashion accessory.

  • Medallions

Coin pendant chains became trendy in the ’80s when Bvlgari released them in the market. For a few decades, this style has remained forgotten until it made a recent comeback and became classified as a classic. Whether you shop for antique originals or pieces redesigned by other jewelers, you won’t go wrong with a coin necklace.

  • Pearls

This milky white classic gemstone was once considered more precious than diamonds. More often than not, you’re used to seeing pearls making up the chain of a necklace, but it’s undeniable that they also make stunning pendants!

Buying In-store Vs. Online

If you plan on shopping for pendant necklaces, you might be wondering: is it better to buy online or in-store?

Actually, each channel has its own benefits. If you buy online, the selections are endless; you get to compare offerings from different merchants. Plus, you don’t have to worry about dealing with pushy salespeople. Online vendors also generally sell jewelry at lower prices since they save on overhead costs.

If you’re buying in-store, you get exactly what you want as you can see the pendant necklace you’re purchasing. Plus, you’ll have the answers to all your questions. Also, despite the convenience of buying online and having consultants who are just a chat away, nothing beats having personal interaction with someone knowledgeable about the item you’re looking for.

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