DovEggs 14k Gold Moissanite Eternity Ring

DovEggs 14k Gold Moissanite Eternity Ring

Why Wear An Eternity Ring

Are you looking for stones that sparkle differently? Something that can look as good as a diamond on an eternity ring but can offer more than what a diamond can. A distinct ring with these qualities could be challenging to find, but not impossible at all. What else can surpass the greatness of diamonds? Can gemstones be as great or even greater than diamonds? You be the judge.

Gemstones, as valuable pieces for jewelry, are so versatile. They are used to produce a wide variety of accessories for all sorts of occasions. One of the most excellent and unique gemstones is moissanite. It is a highly durable alternative to diamonds that at first glance, one might think that it is a diamond.

Moissanite stones come from laboratories because natural ones are extremely rare. They are flexible, allowing you to have the perfect cut according to what you want. They can be made or engineered to showcase the same visual illusion that diamonds produce.

DovEggs 14k Gold Moissanite Eternity Ring

Eternity Ring Materials and Design

You don’t need to spend excessively on diamonds, this DovEggs 14k Gold Moissanite Eternity Ring has got you covered. The ring has a faceting pattern that exhibits captivating brilliance and offers a good value for its 1.25-carat total gem weight. Also, the 14k gold is excellently polished to a brilliant shine.

Moreover, the prong setting and side stones give more emphasis to the brilliance of the band. Likewise, the symmetrical stone setting helps to achieve the sparkle. Since these are colorless stones of G-H minimum color, they can project and catch certain lights. In total, five stones work together to attain that glittering impact.

You can add intricate galleries or engravings to the hallmark if you want. Meanwhile, the shank is a solid metal that guarantees the strength of the ring. You do not have to wear the ring on selected occasions as it can withstand everyday wear.

You don’t have to spend double or triple the amount for a traditional diamond, here is a perfect alternative that can give you the same satisfaction. This proves that quality jewelry need not be expensive.

The DovEggs 14k Gold Moissanite Eternity Ring is available on Amazon. Just head to its official website to make that purchase.