Pandora Sparkling Wishbone Heart Bangle

Pandora Sparkling Wishbone Heart Bangle

Why Wear A Bangle

Sometimes you think a lot about how others feel and you forget to think about yourself. That’s good, but remember that you, too, need to be loved. Every once in a while, you should give yourself a reward. One way of doing so is by buying yourself a bangle.

Fortunately, there are several stores that you can consider if you plan on buying a gift for yourself. And among these stores, Pandora serves you with the best accessories like bangle designs, which can be perfect for anyone who forgets to appreciate their efforts and themselves. While this shop offers a lot of amazing options, the Pandora Sparkling Wishbone Heart Bangle is one of its best-selling bangles.

Pandora Sparkling Wishbone Heart Bangle

Bangle Materials and Design

The Pandora Sparkling Wishbone Heart Bangle is one of the designs offered by Pandora that you can find in the collection Pandora Timeless. Even from afar, the first thing you’ll notice is that it makes anyone who wears it look classy because of its elegant design. 

The bangle’s material is metal, hand-finished in sterling silver with an iconic V-shape incorporated into its heart detail, creating a fluid design. The stone made of Cubic Zirconia makes it look fancy, which gives the product a sparkling appearance.

Also, worrying about the inconvenience other bracelets give you when taking them on or off is not a problem with this piece. The reason is that it has openable style features, which is a button for easy on and off.  Plus, if you make sure you get the measurements right, there will be no problem with taking them on and off. The bangle fits wrists in sizes 5.1 to 7.1 inches. Its dimensions are 0.106 inches in depth, 0.378 inches in height, and 0.331 inches in width. 

Celebrate self-love by visiting Pandora shop now! You can check its wishbone themes to explore more designs and make a matching collection. Don’t waste time, and purchase the Pandora Sparkling Wishbone Heart Bangle now to try it on for yourself. Just click the link above and secure your purchase.