Why Black Diamonds Should Be In Your Jewelry Collection

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What are black diamonds?

Black diamonds may be among the rarest gemstones. Natural black gems of this caliber come from only two locations in the world, while treated or enhanced versions may range in affordable to collection-worthy prices.

If clear diamonds give an air of elegance, black diamonds give off an exotic vibe. That’s because black holds a certain appeal in jewelry. It deviates from the classic choices, and can merge with either a traditional look or a more modern look.

Just as their color suggests a one-of-a-kind appeal, black diamonds, also known as carbonados, are quite rare. These make them attractive to many collectors. But before you start scouting where the best places to buy black diamonds online 2022 are, it’s best to know more about this gemstone first.

Types of Black Diamonds

In the same way that natural clear diamonds have their cubic zirconia counterparts, black diamonds also have different kinds. Black diamonds in the industry tend to be divided into natural carbonados, enhanced black diamonds, and the synthetic variants.

Natural black diamonds have a unique composition that makes them extra special compared to clear diamonds.

Natural black diamond

To begin with, black diamonds may be among the rarer types of diamonds. Despite the classification, they have a different structure compared to diamonds. This difference already sets them apart as a precious gemstone.

Natural black diamonds are mined from underground. The most valuable ones possess a regal dark hue, which no longer need any enhancements. This natural black hue comes from graphite inclusions that occur naturally underground. However, the combination that creates the appealing dark color does not happen in just any black diamond mine.

In fact, the rarity of natural sources also make carbonado diamonds even more valuable. Many collectors have to find a good distributor or jewelry seller that can source from Brazil or Central Africa. If you’re wondering, “Where do the best black diamonds come from?” these are the two places where they can be mined from.

Many carbonados tend to have inclusions that can be seen by the naked eye. These inclusions give the gemstone its dark color. But this appears more like a salt-and-pepper diffusion of color for the stone. This is different from an encompassing dark color, as what happens with enhanced black diamonds.

Enhanced or treated diamonds

Since natural black diamonds can only be mined in certain places, they can limit the number of carbonado diamonds in the market. Of course, that does not mean that one cannot get natural black diamonds at reasonable prices.

More black diamonds in the market have been treated or enhanced to achieve a certain degree of its dark tone. But before you immediately wonder if that makes them fake, black diamond makers conduct these processes on natural gemstones.

The art of treating diamonds involves exposing them to high temperatures. These procedures can either be high pressure/high temperature (HPHT) treatments or radiation treatments. When colored gemstones get exposed to high heat, they acquire a very dark greenish tinge, rather than black. They may not have the same polycrystalline composition as carbonados, but they can achieve the dark tone that’s hard to find in other gemstones.

Irradiation can also enhance the black color. Because of the process and the cheaper base gemstones, they can be far more affordable compared to genuinely mined carbonados.

Synthetic black diamonds

The term “synthetic” can be quite tricky in the jewelry industry. Some buyers immediately equate it to being fake. Others wonder how it would differ from its natural counterpart.

When it comes to black diamonds, the most synthetic version may be the black moissanite. Gem One Diamond noted that black moissanite may be too perfect in terms of composition when compared to a natural black diamond. Because one of the appeals of a black diamond is its random polycrystalline structure, black moissanites take away this natural quirk.

Synthetic diamonds may not appear as black as their natural counterparts. They may appear either bluish or dark green, depending on the amount of inclusions and treatment involved.

What is the best quality black diamond?

These different variants may make you wonder which type of black diamond to choose. Given the disparity in structure and prices, it may depend on how one personally defines “best quality.” Natural black diamonds have the appeal of being rare and beautiful, but with the trade-off of being expensive.

Treated diamonds may be less expensive, but they do not achieve the level of black hue as natural black diamonds. Synthetic black moissanites may be among the cheaper variants. However, synthetic can have its own effect on people, and the picture-perfect structure may take away the real unique trait that black diamonds have.

When looking for the best places to buy black diamonds online 2022, you may want to consider what’s important to you. If it’s budget, you may first want to try out synthetic black diamonds if it fits your style. If it’s the authenticity, then saving up for a natural one may enhance your collection.

Pros and cons of owning a black diamond

Has the black diamond piqued your interest? Try to gauge the most common pros and cons of owning a black diamond, before saying yes to that ring.

A diamond’s durability

Some experts are divided on the true durability of black diamonds, this seem to stem from the range of black diamonds available. As far as natural black diamonds go, Diamonds.pro reports that they may even be harder than colorless diamonds. This may be especially true for carbonados, which are black diamonds that are mostly used in the industrial setting.

Black diamonds may have a different manner of testing and grading. Hence, it pays to go with a trusted black diamond seller, so that you can get to know more about the diamond before buying.

Dark gemstones look alluring and mysterious. Owning one can expand your jewelry collection by a long shot.

A rare gem

When scarcity is the name of the game, it can make something even more attractive. And since black diamonds are already attractive for its aesthetics, imagine doubling that appeal just by its innate uniqueness.

If you are the type of jewelry collector who gets attracted to rare finds, black diamonds should be next on your list of gemstones to buy.

A meaningful piece

Like other precious gems, the black diamond holds specific meanings that are unique to it. The black diamond finds its roots in power and transcendence. There’s a certain mystical quality to the dark color, one that seems hypnotizing and enchanting.

As such, its rarity also holds a sense of originality, as if the wearer has always been prone to going with the beat of their own drum. If you feel that this is you, or that these are the qualities you want to channel, then go with a black diamond for your next purchase.

A unique-looking jewelry centerpiece

Even if your black diamond ring only has one stone, this will still be an attention-getter in any setting. The mysterious quality and quiet strength that a black diamond possesses make it a budding favorite among collectors.

And while the trend has still yet to truly catch on like with classic diamond engagement rings, more people are now looking at black engagement rings. It may be due to Sex and the City’s Carrie Bradshaw and her infamous black engagement ring. But as diverse options become more available, so do these unique choices. And it pays to be among the first to have this kind of unique-looking piece.

Fracturing: Your biggest concern

There’s a difference between hardness and tendency for fractures. Black diamonds tend to be more prone to the latter. Jewelry experts know that black diamonds tend to be a bit brittle, especially those that have been heavily treated for color. Of course, this can highly depend on the kind of diamond it is. The more enhancements and artificial treatments the stone undergoes, the more chances its structure can be changed and compromised.

The microcrystalline aggregate: What’s it about?

Even though black diamonds share a similar structure and composition as natural diamonds, it’s classified as a microcrystalline. According to p, this type of aggregate shows that a black diamond tends to consist of tiny crystals. They are locked together with one another, but in a random pattern. This makes them quite unstable, compared to other structures.

Best Places to Buy Black Diamonds Online 2022

Once you’ve decided if you’ll be adding black diamonds to your collection, the next important step is deciding which jewelry seller you want to go with. Given the rarity of carbonado diamonds, it pays to go with your trusted seller, or find one that already holds a reputation in the industry.

A good seller that offers certification

When making your first purchase, it’s important to understand the market for black diamonds. Online, many sellers offer black diamonds of varying cuts. Some brands may feature quite a diverse range, from the simpler and classic round cuts to more geometric shapes to make your gemstone even more unique.

If you can, go with a jewelry seller that offers certification for the black diamond. This can be your assurance that the black diamond you are buying meets your preference and need.

Who sells the most diamonds online?

In the United States, Leibish & Co. currently holds the spot as the biggest retailer of black diamonds. The brand specifically specializes in fancy colored diamonds and unique settings. James Allen clocks in second, as its inventory of jewelry remains quite expansive.

If you’re looking to get a black diamond engagement ring, James Allen may be your bet. For those who want to explore various cuts and styles of black diamond, Leibish & Co. may offer more choices, especially for first-time black diamond buyers.

Both brands offer natural black diamonds, so you may have your pick of salt-and-pepper finish black diamonds.

Make sure that your black diamond has proper certification, so you know what kind of gemstone it is.

How much should I prepare?

Want to buy a finished black diamond ring? This may just be the right time to buy. According to experts, a 1-carat black diamond may be far less expensive compared to its very clear loose white diamond counterpart at the moment. You can expect to be set back anywhere below $2,000 per carat. However, the rarer and valued the natural black diamond is, the higher price it fetches, sometimes going up to $3,000 per carat.

Treated or enhance diamonds can average around $300 a carat, so if you want to start a meager collection, this can also be your best bet.

Loose diamonds, anyone?

Who says you have to settle for what’s already in the market. If you’re already going the more expensive route by buying a natural black diamond, you may want to have it fashioned exactly the way you like.

Several online sellers also offer loose carbonados, and this may be a better option if you want to take unique to the next level. With loose diamonds, you may choose the kind of precious metal and setting style. You may even want to combine it with other gemstones. Make the most out of your rare black diamond by going all out with styling it as a one-of-a-kind fine jewelry piece.

So are black diamonds worth buying?

For its mysterious charm alone, black diamonds should make a good addition to any reputable jewelry collection. But if the idea of possessing a gemstone that represents strength and power can inspire you, then all the more should you consider it as a jewelry piece.

The most important part when deciding your next jewelry buy would be how it resonates with you. In the case of the mystical black diamond, it may just be a matter of the stone choosing you.

Want to know more about diamonds? Read “A Buyer’s Guide to Lab-Grown Diamonds” to get started with lab-grown diamonds.

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