Missing treasures of the world

20 Missing Jewelry Treasures of the World: 2021 Update

Ever wonder about what the 20 missing jewelry treasures of the world are? Admit it—when you were a kid, you loved to play treasure hunting. And we tell you, this activity isn’t just for kids—it’s for real! Treasure hunting has always been conducted by historians and “curious people” alike. Whether it’s for a museum display, for the records, or plainly for personal interest, the search for missing treasures has always been a hot topic all around the world. 

You may ask: what treasures are still missing and what is the greatest treasure never found? The Ophel Treasure and the Harrogate Hoard are two of the most popular hidden treasures that have already been recovered. Meanwhile, the Irish Crown Jewels and the Florentine Diamond are still the subjects of searches by treasure hunters. 

The Ophel Treasure is a golden medallion that was excavated in Jerusalem in 2013. It’s believed to be left behind by Persians when they conquered Jerusalem in the late Byzantine period. On the other hand, the Harrogate Hoard was a treasure from England. One of the jewelry accessories found was a pure-gold necklace. 

The Irish Crown Jewels were the insignia of St. Patrick, which was stolen in 1907 from Dublin Castle. And the Florentine Diamond was a lost yellow diamond from India. 

As much as we love the fancy jewelry that we have now, it’s still awesome to find and keep the lost treasures of the world. They’ve been a part of our great history and may even have more significant meanings than the accessories that are crafted today. Not to mention, the real hidden treasures in the world are worth millions and billions—surely enough to make you a royal majesty. 

But money and popularity aside, we must always preserve our history—including missing jewelry treasures. If you’re ever wondering what is the biggest treasure never found, it’s the Treasure of Lima. The Spaniards supposedly buried their accumulated jewels, religious statues, and gold and silver bars in the city of Lima, Peru. Legend tells that the treasure was stolen by British pirates in 1820 and was never recovered. The Lima Treasure is estimated to be worth up to $208 million in today’s currency. 

You already know the brief history of the Lima Treasure and discovered few jewelry items that are already found and are still searched by treasure hunters. Are you excited to discover the top 20 missing treasures of the world? 

Take a look at this infographic:

Jewelry has been a significant part of history and will continue to exist in the years to come. Just as music will never be music without a tune and lyrics, fashion will never be fashion without jewelry. The constant search for missing treasures is just a clear indication that history will never be forgotten—it will live forever. And it’s fascinating to think whether the treasures listed on the infographic above will be found in the next few years. Who knows? These hidden treasures might be buried right on your own backyard or in your favorite getaway place.