So far this year, jewelry revenues in the United States stand at $60 billion. Of course, a market this big attracts many players hungry for a piece of the
What is the Vera Wang Love Collection? When Bill and Melinda Gates’ eldest daughter, Jennifer, tied the knot with her beau, Olympic equestrian Nayel Nassar, she wore her “dream”
Agate is a variety of chalcedony (a cryptocrystalline form of silica with very fine growths of quartz and morganite). There are about nine types of agates with as many
Millennials are currently taking center stage in life. They are the generation that grew up in the Internet age. They are individualistic, and their idea of socialization is through
On the micro level, you might take a ring as nothing more than a circular band of precious metal worn on a finger, often adorned with one or more
If you’re like any Tom, Dick, and Harry, you would be familiar with, or at least know Walt Disney World Resort. Commonly called “Disney World,” it is a 47-square-mile
Women love bracelets. They make them feel better and more confident. They are a necessary part of a woman’s apparel for any occasion. To the casual observer, they are
Historically, chains are depicted as tools for oppression or restriction of individual freedom or liberty. However, on the more pleasant and agreeable side of life, chains are timeless and
Most people are partly superstitious. As of 2020, 5.9 million Americans professed to be superstitious in varying degrees. And to ward off potentially ugly consequences of these superstitious beliefs,
The Earth’s crust is roughly made up of more than 2000 minerals. Of these, about 4% are calcium carbonates or calcites. Calcites are the most common constituent of sedimentary

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