Beautiful Post Wedding Party Ideas to Culminate Your Nuptial Celebration

Beautiful Post Wedding Party Ideas to Culminate Your Nuptial Celebration

Your wedding reception is winding down. The food is dispensed with and only a few drops of wine (or beer) are left for the taking. You can either thank your guests for coming, bidding them goodbye with the same “take care, see you around” around cliches or give them another surprise by inviting them to a post-wedding party, or after-party—this is what a party after a wedding is called.

But what is a post-wedding party?

Beautiful Post Wedding Party Ideas

A post-wedding party or after-party is a party that comes right after the wedding reception (after having all the protocols of the big day dispensed with).

The married couple is not obligated to host the party but couples find it hard to resist the temptation of prolonging the biggest and happiest moments of their lives—even if finances are rather tight.

It’s one way of ending your singleness with a bang.

Things to Consider When Hosting a Post Wedding Party

The idea looks so simple—very much like the party-hopping days of your youth. But those were the days. Somehow, with age comes learning and the ability to set things in a better perspective. So to make your post-wedding party a success, some questions have to be settled first such as:

Who would throw the after-party?

Typically, it is thrown by the bride and groom. But with things right tight these days, especially if the wedding was on a budget, it is not uncommon for their friends to throw it, with them pitching in a little bit.

When should it start?

It normally starts right after the wedding reception—after a light rest for the bride and groom, of course. Depending on how lively it is, and how long the drinks last, it may trickle down to the early hours of the following day.

This is entirely a matter of personal preference or venue restriction. It could be somewhere nearby to avoid unnecessary driving, or in a different place of the same venue. Or, if allowed, in the same venue altogether.

But it has to be retrofitted to fit the occasion. From the normal decor of a wedding to something like that of a disco, i.e., soft and multi-colored lights, with matching multi-colored ribbons and twirls.

The formal attire worn during the wedding gives way to something fit for dancing and informal bonding like high-heeled shoes to dancing shoes. Even jewelry—hoop earrings, such as the one in this Ana Luisa review may give way to simple studs. And to avoid losing a huge and faceted center stone of your ring, you may opt for something, but no less elegant like the one in this Marquis review. 

Who will be the guests?

Not everybody at the wedding reception will be keen on attending an after-party. Older guests or those with children may opt to go home earlier. A simple announcement/invitation over the sound system will suffice.

How long should the post-wedding party last?

Typical after-parties last about two hours. But destination wedding venues are different. Here, parties could last all night—or until everybody has his/her fill of excitement and alcohol.

Who pays for the wedding after-party?

Normally, after-parties are factored in the wedding budget. But it wouldn’t hurt to solicit funds from very close friends—the kind of friends who will go the extra mile for you. Regarding the drinks, you can set a price cap to go to your bill. Beyond that, it is up to the guests to whip out their bottles or head to the bar for refills.

That being settled, let’s settle the most crucial question…

How Do You Host a Post Wedding Party

Here are the most accepted ways to have a successful, fun-filled post-wedding party:

Choose the right location

The venue for the after-party is dependent on two things—the wedding reception venue and the number of guests. Once that’s settled, then choose a venue to hold the after-party—assuming the wedding venue isn’t available.

Choose one nearby to avoid the unnecessary commute. it does not have to be large. In fact, the smaller the venue is, the more intimate and fun the party will be.

After-party at home

Of course, it must have all the amenities for a party—a parking lot, functioning and clean restrooms, a good sound system, and service.

Provide transportation for guests who are not inclined to drive. If the budget won’t allow it, request others who do to share a ride with those who don’t.

Choose the right timing

This is dependent on the band—should the newlyweds choose to have one. Since bands and entertainers are normally hired on a block-time basis (about four hours at most), set the post-wedding party right after the reception or when the band is available.

If you have a DJ in the reception, try to use him/her during the after-party as well. This will minimize the time in coming up with a playlist for the party.

Let the guests know of the party details

This would not be necessary if the reception smoothly transitions into the party. The confusion may arise if the post-wedding party will be held in another venue.

You can avoid this by having it as a footnote in the wedding invitation. If none, you can mass text those who are invited to attend. Or simply, announce it when the reception is about to wind down.

To decor or not to decor

Though not a bad idea, but decorations are the least of your worries. Guests had their fill of food and wine during the reception and decoration is not in their minds, too. All they want is to relax, let loose and enjoy the rest of the evening.

But if you have the manpower to prep up the place a little bit, so much the better.

Don’t forget the food and drinks

In booking a venue for the after-party, it is prudent to include food and drinks in the package. You can’t enjoy the evening if you are so busy attending to these things.

After-parties, however, are not so much on food but drinks and lots of fun. If you must, simply serve finger foods like slices of pizza, fries, buffalo wings, peanuts, or other knick-knacks.

If you are on a budget, serve an array of chips and dips to help absorb the alcohol.

Have an official photographer

Photo shots of after-parties always come out great. They are mostly candid, showing undiluted happiness in the spirit of camaraderie and fun. Though taking photos these days has become so easy with the use of smartphones, it is still better to have a professional photographer who can better handle diminished lighting and the instinct for the right timing to get that perfect shot.

Have fun

Your post-wedding party may be the last and biggest party you will ever have. So throw in yourself and have fun.

And talking about fun, get a load of this…

The fun side of wedding concerns

Enjoy. This is your big day so stretch the fun for as long as you like. Pull the plugs and let go and let loose. Your guests won’t mind. In fact, it will give them supreme satisfaction to see you gush with joy and excitement.

For after this, you face the long road of married life.

Now that you know how it is done, how is it going to be?

More Post-wedding Party Ideas

The months, weeks, and days leading to your wedding are a busy time for both you and your future hubby. There are so many phone calls to make, and errands to do. There will be last-minute adjustments to your gown, wedding invitations to send, wrangle over prices with your providers. In such a scenario, it is easy to put the after-party arrangements on the side—should there be one. It becomes an afterthought.

To make it easy for you, here are some post-wedding ideas you can tick off. Some can be done at home (if city regulations allow you to), in a pub, or outdoors. In some cases, a planner is necessary so they can be pulled off successfully.

After wedding party ideas at home

The best place to do an after-party is in your home – if the place suits such kind of party. Here are few ideas to try on:

Pool party (if you have a pool at home)

This idea is great to beat the summer heat. And you and your guests need not dress up for the occasion. A two-piece for women and swimming trunks for the men will suffice.

Poolside post-wedding party

After-parties are not so much for pomp and splendor but of warm and close bonding of close friends and family.

Video screening

Nothing thaws the ice faster than watching videos of yourself and your hubby. A walk down memory lane brings back a rush of emotions difficult to quelch—even by the strongest of drinks that come with the viewing.

Bring out the espresso

A coffee party with family and close friends is an excellent way to taper down the excitement of the wedding celebration.

It is an opportune time to exchange the latest about the family, career advancement, and promotions; how the kids are doing in school, or just plain gossiping.

Lawn barbecue

This is the perfect way to unwind after the frenetic pace of wedding planning and execution. It can be done at home (if you have a large enough backyard), or at a friend’s place.

Barbecue after-party

What’s great about a barbecue party is that it is so informal that everybody would like to pitch in drinks, finger foods, barbecue sauce, or even processed charcoal briquettes.

Go to a Club

Clubs are favorite venues for a post-wedding party. You and your friends can just huddle and engage in a pleasant conversation. Oh, it is an opportune time to flash your brand new diamond wedding ring.

Disco after-party

Depending on the kind of club, you can either do karaoke singing with your friends, sit down and have your funny bones tickled by a stand-up comedian, or just sit and listen to the band play your favorite numbers.

If there’s a dance floor, you and your gang can dance the night away, resplendent with your pearl choker necklace your wore during the wedding ceremony.

Post-wedding party celebration outdoors

After-party celebrations can be done anywhere outdoors—where there are a lot of options to foster fun, camaraderie, and togetherness. Here are three examples:

  • Hide and Seek – we all played this when we were kids and it was fun, wasn’t it? No law bans adults from playing the game.
  • Capture the Flag – This is pure fun especially if played by a large crowd. The concept is to divide the group into two with each one having a flag or something similar planted on its “territory.” Then each group tries to capture the flag of the other.
  • Pocket Shot – this needs some tin cans and a rubber slingshot. The game is to place the tin cans, one on top of each other, and the participants take a turn in toppling them using the slingshot.

What Can I Do Instead of a Wedding Reception?

There is no hard and fast rule that you must have a wedding reception—if there are no guests. If there are, etiquette dictates that you must offer them something.

Otherwise, if families are present during the reception, the least you can do is to take them to a restaurant for lunch or dinner.

Another creating you can do is to have a picnic with your close family and friends.

And if we stretch it that thin, you and your hubby can go to the cinema and watch a movie or go home, turn on the music, and dance to celebrate the occasion.

A post-wedding party, though optional, is the fun-filled party of a wedding reception. it is here when guests shrugged off their formal wedding whites and replace them with something informal, comfortable, something perfect to dance the night away. This is where new friendships are struck, and old ones cemented. And, most of all, this is probably the best time for the newlyweds to have unbridled fun and enjoyment with close friends.

Now, if you’re still in the early stages of your wedding plan, you might want to check out our article, “Planning a Wedding That is Amazing Even on a Tight Budget.”