Best Places to Buy Morganite Rings Online and Why You Should Buy One

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While the classics never die, it never hurts to try something modern and chic when it comes to jewelry. For those who want the dainty air of the rose quartz but prefer a more shimmering option that’s close to diamonds, you may just have the best compromise in the morganite stone.

Before getting into the trend of morganite rings, learn all there is to know about this precious gemstone. Perhaps a fancy, dainty gemstone will be the next addition to your jewelry collection.

All About The Morganite Ring

When everyone else is already wearing the same diamond ring, chances are you would prefer a different approach. Some may fancy colored gemstones to represent themselves. For some, like celebrity couple Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, seal their engagement with a rare green diamond.

A morganite can be that unique stone that makes your engagement ring stand out. For starters, it comes in a wide range of colors. The most common would be a dainty pale pink that makes for quite the lovely touch of feminine beauty.

jewelry piece set on a flower
The pastel colors of the morganite make it a big favorite among female jewelry enthusiasts.

Where is the best morganite found?

Even though the morganite engagement ring trend has recently made its rounds, the morganite gemstone itself has been around for quite some time. It made headlines when Tiffany & Co’s chief gemologist happened across the gem in 1910 in Madagascar. The gemstone took its name from J.P Morgan, one of the biggest financiers and also the employer of the morganite’s discoverer.

Today, Madagascar only produces very few morganite rings. However, the combination of terrain and mineral deposits seem to still produce the best quality morganite in the gemstone industry. Morganite stones from Madagascar tend to exude a magenta tone, a richer color that appears to be highly coveted among morganite jewelry collectors.

You can also get genuine morganite stones from Brazil, Afghanistan, and the United States. But if you want to find the gemstone that’s the answer to. “What is the highest quality morganite?” then you may want to stick with the Madagascar variant.

The composition facts

So, where and how does a morganite stone get its pretty color? It’s all thanks to the unique mix of minerals from the mines. Jewelry experts believe that the subtle blush of morganite comes from manganese, which takes on a red-orange tone.

As a precious stone, the morganite hails from the beryl family of minerals. As if the color is not enough to set it apart, morganites also feature multiphase inclusions. This means that the morganite can have inclusions that are liquid or even gaseous in nature, giving it even more character.

The meaning of morganite

Similar to the rose quartz, morganite typically comes in a range of pinkish tones. Because of this, it shares the characteristics of sweet romance and youthful love. It has been linked to the heart chakra, and some precious stone collectors love wearing it as a pendant to have it close to their hearts, for healing and cultivating compassion.

Individuals who feel anxiety regularly can also benefit from having a morganite stone in their collection. This precious stone has been said to cleanse emotional wounds and traumas even from their earlier years. It’s definitely a good stone to imbue with intentions of love and healing.

engagement ring on a platter
After the rose quartz, the morganite may be the most sought after gemstone symbolizing love.

Hunting For The Perfect Morganite Ring

If these qualities pull you towards getting your own morganite ring, the next step is understanding what you want. At the same time, it’s also good to consider what’s in the market, so that you can take concrete steps when looking for your morganite ring.

Why is color everything for morganites?

Morganite features a wide range of colors, from blush pink to deeper oranges and pink. When it comes to morganites, deeper hues can fetch higher prices. Thus, more vivid pink morganites can cost more.

Still, as most jewelry enthusiasts would advise, it’s better to go with the color you want. Compared to other gemstones, morganite might not be the first choice for investing in fine jewelry. So instead, choose the color that you want for everyday wear.

Choosing a carat

So if you’re wondering, “How much does a 1 carat morganite cost?” it would be good news to know that morganites won’t break your budget. In fact, cost comparisons yield that a 1-carat morganite costs around $300. This is far more affordable than a 1-carat diamond, which costs $2,000.

While there may be some small differences in terms of the morganite’s color, it comes at a fraction of the price of single-carat diamonds. When comparing prices, the morganite stone may even be a better choice over moissanite engagement rings.

Setting can be everything

Precious gemstones can work well with most settings. That’s why some jewelry enthusiasts tend to choose depending on their style and preference. However, there are other ways to let ring settings work to better protect your gemstone.

Smart jewelry collectors also keep an eye on the setting. This works especially well for gems that are softer than the classic diamond. Morganite may be among those softer gems. Thus, jewelry enthusiasts may advise choosing the kind of setting that protects the stone, rather than just focusing on style.

Pros and cons of morganite rings

Be it a romantic engagement ring or a colored ring centerpiece, the morganite seems to be a perfect next ring purchase. However, since fine jewelry should be considered an investment, you may want to know what exactly you’ll be adding to your collection when you buy your own morganite ring.

raw morganite gemstone
Morganite gemstones can range from a peach pink blush to a deeper warm color.

A pretty range of colors

Perhaps the most standard appearance of morganite rings would have to be its natural salmon color. According to GIA, untreated morganites tend to have this as the base color. Your preference can definitely dictate the color you’ll get. But just be prepared for a higher price tag for deeper colors.

A bang for your buck gemstone

Depending on the color you have in mind, morganite rings can be an inexpensive yet great choice for fine jewelry. The more expensive morganite variants exude the deeper and richer shades of blush and peach. However, if you’re looking for a lighter shade–which are perfect for engagement rings–then it’s more likely you may save a few hundred dollars.

Best of all, you may even go for the larger stones, if you were originally planning to get a high-quality diamond. Diamonds may be among the most expensive precious stones, and even the smallest carat with less stringent grading can drive you off a few notches away from your budget.

With the morganite, you can opt to go for larger cuts without breaking the bank. And since colored gemstone engagement rings are all the rage, you may find the perfect ring in your favorite jewelry store.

The sparkle of love

Some people say that pink is the color of youthful love. And what other stone best defines this than the morganite? Add this with the playful sparkle that the stone exudes, and you have yourself quite a beautiful topper on that ring.

For brides-to-be who will be wearing their engagement rings for everyday fashion, morganites also feature a solid 7.5 to 8 rating on the Mohs hardness scale. This means minimal risk of chipping even with an active lifestyle.

However, jewelry care dictates that you be aware of the activities that can expose your ring to harsh chemicals and residues. Morganites may be very durable, but they still need proper care. Some jewelry collectors have a small gripe with morganites, particularly in the cleaning department. Depending on your daily activities, you may want to regularly run your morganite fine jewelry through soapy water or clean it thoroughly with a soft-bristle brush to keep its lovely sparkle.

A good setting

Even with the morganite stone’s durability, you may have better peace of mind that the gemstone is safe from potential chipping or cracking. You can always start with a good setting, both for aesthetics and for function.

Prongs have always been a classic favorite. However, given the dainty quality of the morganite stone, you may also want to try some unique setting styles. Many jewelry enthusiasts love the halo setting, especially on a piece like the morganite stone. Its delicate color can easily blend with one’s skin tone, depending on how light the stone’s color is. Surrounding it with small white diamonds or cubic zirconia will allow the color to pop up and be even more eye-catching.

Consider also the best precious metal that complements its color. Since morganites can range in shades, be sure to complement its main tone. Warmer toned morganites shine beautifully on warm metals, like rose gold and gold. For morganites with a purplish pink hue, going for white gold or platinum may be a nice choice to highlight the icy pink aura.

Is Morganite Worth Buying?

Given all of this, is morganite worth adding to your collection? Morganites feature a blend of unique color and value for money. It can complement both cool and warm metals, making it quite the flexible gemstone for formal occasions.

At the same time, it features a unique color that can add a light pastel punch of color to your everyday outfit. For first-time buyers of morganite rings, you can start your hunt online.

morganite jewelry
Find a unique style that shows off the morganite’s dainty color.

Best Places to Buy Morganite Rings Online 2022

Because of its popularity, many online jewelry stores carry this gemstone. Whether you want a traditional pronged ring, flanked settings, or a more intricate halo finish, there are a lot of stores and styles to choose from. The following stores are just some of the places to get started.

Blue Nile

Morganite may be among the more popular options for fine jewelry. As such, it’s easy to take your pick among Blue Nile engagement rings. Blue Nile’s morganite stones are particularly special because of the colorful shades that they offer.


With morganite’s range of colors, some jewelry enthusiasts would prefer to go with a complete jewelry set. Jared showcases morganite engagement rings, necklaces and pendants, earrings, and bracelets, among others.

In the engagement ring department, Jared features morganite cuts set in different precious metals. The Natural Morganite Engagement Ring ¼ cttw Diamonds and 14K Rose Gold engagement ring has a flower-like setting embedded with small diamonds. For those who think that morganite should only be set in warm metals, the Natural Morganite Engagement ring with a pear-shaped center stone looks intricately gallant even when set in white gold.


If you’re looking for an extensive selection of ready-made morganite rings, Kohl’s may be a good place to start. It has simple settings like the Alyson Layne’s four-pronged style ring for $1,160. For a more intricate setting, you can choose the tiara-like Stella Grace 10k Rose Gold Morganite with a round cut stone or the Stella Grace 10K Rose Gold Morganite with a heart-shaped center stone.

Brilliant Earth

Morganite isn’t only great for rings. It can also work for pendants and even bracelets. Luxury jewelry stores like Brilliant Earth have a wide range of loose morganite stones in their inventory.

Some of its selections include cushion cuts, premium round stones, and even radiant cuts. Looking for more unique cuts? Brilliant Earth also features marquis, pear-shaped, and e emerald morganites. All of these loose morganite gemstones feature peach to pink colors, in varying sizes.

If you’re interested in other precious stones, read our guide “Top Yellow Gemstones: What’s The Best For Jewelry.”

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