Boys’ Blings and Dapper Diamonds: A Man’s Guide to Jewelry

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When one talks of buying jewelry, one immediately pictures a woman who’s looking for her next sparkly ring or dainty tennis bracelet. Men rarely come to mind–unless it’s about buying an engagement ring. Even then, one assumes they’ve been tutored and schooled in the art of buying jewelry for women. However, using a man’s guide to jewelry won’t hurt a bit.

Wearing jewelry is not just a girl’s thing–even guys can do it! You may be a beginner in the art of dressing like a gentleman. Or you may be a long-time accessory lover who never got a chance to make a purchase. Whatever your situation may be, it’s not yet hopeless.

If you think your next accessory purchase should be a jewelry piece to accentuate your style look further. Here is a simple man’s guide to jewelry to help you get started.

Complementing Your Style 101

Getting jewelry does not have to mean overhauling your current wardrobe. Accessories complement, not overshadow or dictate style. Before diving headfirst into a new jewelry trend, examine your current style, and see how your preferred jewelry piece can elevate it.

Deciding on the Metals

Gold bracelets are a good addition to a plain black tux or a flashy addition for subdued smart casual attire.

Contrary to people’s expectations, some women find men who wear gold bracelets to be attractive. A lot of this, however, has to do with the kind of style they exude. When one goes a tad to gold, then the appeal of the gold bracelet also goes down. This demonstrates the importance of being careful with the metal you choose for your jewelry.

Some metals may have closer tones with other metals, so mixing them can work. However, note that the tone is very important because it predicts what kind of stone and other materials will go well with the metal. For example, gold goes better with warmer tones. These include brown leather and stones that are more earthly in color. When you ask, “How do men wear necklaces?” the same color motif needs to be followed.

Materials Maketh Man

Well, not really, but materials can go a long way when it comes to defining your style. A lot of the available jewelry for men are made of metals. Sometimes, you can also mix in leather in small amounts, just to add a touch of boldness. While this suggests that mixing materials make for good taste, it’s not the same with metals. Choose one metal per jewelry piece, and make sure the gemstones match the hue.

Mismatched metals can throw off a well-coordinated look.

Most jewelry experts would put it as a part of a man’s guide to jewelry to only stick to a few precious stones. An earring stud with one small stone already adds flair to your style.

Size Matters

A slender chain necklace and a thick silver chain with a bling pendant can make your style go in two very different directions. It pays to be specific with the look you want, especially if it is a bespoke piece.

Chunky class rings come in all shapes and forms. On the other hand, a simple pinky band can be a classy final touch to a power suit. Even the smallest–or the biggest!–accessory can add a final detail that can either put the final nail on your outfit’s coffin or make you the talk of the town.

What’s the Occasion?

Men’s jewelry can also be classified into fine jewelry, semi-precious, and fashion jewelry. Wearing jewelry can be matched to the occasion that you will attend. Formal jewelry often have gemstones that are laid out on the metals with class. Think of these as signet rings, wedding bands, and the timepiece.

If you will wear it in a more casual setting, you can opt to go with more colorful options. Leather bracelets with eye-catching embellishments can work for a weekend get-up. A studded earring with semi-precious stones can be the perfect accessory for a night out.

Know Your Budget

As much as it would be nice to get a really great signet ring or splurge on a promise ring with heavy details, the budget can be a major deal maker or breaker. There’s really no difference in how a man or woman buys jewelry. Practicality still often says whether you can make a purchase or keep looking for a good alternative.

Still, in the ranking of decision-making factors, the price point should be among the last. It’s hard to settle for a ring just because the price is right. In the same way, you would not do this when buying a ring for your partner, you should also let your style have a good pull in what you decide in the end.

Practical Tips for Every Man

Big purchases require a lot of thought. Make sure that every purchase will end in a good transaction. Thus, a lot of jewelry experts attest to these three tips to know before embarking on your next accessory hunt.

Find a Trusted Jeweler

Consider this as a practical and important piece of advice. Never make a purchase with the first piece of jewelry you see. Do your research. Make the usual rounds.

It’s not about being picky. But if this is your first time to buy, it’s best to look around and find a jeweler that can be your go-to moving forward. In the same way that you entrust your suit and shoes to specific brands, do the same when looking for jewelry.

If you ever have a friend who already has the same fashion sense as yourself, try to get some pointers on the best jeweler in town. If not, check in with relatives, especially the older men who may have their preferred jeweler. Experience and reputation are both important in the jewelry industry. Both the jeweler and long-time clients understand this.

Never Be Afraid to Ask Questions

Men may prefer figuring out the direction when driving–but leave that attitude on the road. If there’s something you do not understand when it comes to jewelry style or stone, ask your jeweler.

Even if it’s just a simple gold band, a promise ring, or a chain necklace with a pendant, always look for jewelry that lasts. Exercise your curiosity. You will need it, especially if it’s your first time buying this jewelry piece.

Know Your 4Cs

If you have a partner who knows what the four Cs of jewelry are, consider yourself lucky. However, they won’t always be with you when you go jewelry shopping.It’s always better to do your research and be familiar with what those mean.

Carat is important when you are dealing with diamonds and other precious stones. Think of it as the size of the mass measurement for diamonds. It’s commonly equated with size, but even a bigger diamond can have less carat, depending on the cut. It can also dictate your budget, so be careful if you’re still playing it by ear.

Sometimes, cut is equated to the shape of the diamond, but again, this is far from true. Think of it as the quality of the shape. Two stones can be square-shaped, but one can appear to be more brilliant than the other because of the way it was cut.

If you are dealing with diamonds on male jewelry, then color refers to the clarity of the diamond. High-grade diamonds are almost like glass because it is colorless, whereas low-grade diamonds may appear almost yellow to the naked eye. For colored precious stones, color dictates the vividness of the hue.

Clarity pertains to the lack of inclusions or flaws within the diamond. Diamonds can be so clear yet be so marred by inclusions that they lose a good deal of value. Of course for some, these inclusions can become markers to know their piece, and even consider it as cool mens jewelry every bloke should own

Secret Language of Jewelry

Just as some of men’s jewelry holds a rich history, the way they are worn and the kinds that are worn on occasion can have significance. It’s good to understand what your jewelry piece is actually saying to those who see your style. A big part of the man’s guide to jewelry is to shed light on what your favorite accessory says about you.

Wearing the Signet Ring

Signet rings GQ have always carried specific meaning in men’s fashion. Men typically wear these engraved rings on their pinky fingers. Back in the day, it will bear the symbol linked to their family, rank, or organization.

While fashion signet rings may not carry the same weight, they still carry the boldness of the fashion style they used to signify. Think of the signet ring as the gentleman’s ring, so wear it with pride.

Men’s rings have a specific chart guide for when you are buying a piece. Most bespoke rings and emerging brands should also follow this guide to get the perfect fit. ║Source: Silicone Rings Online

A Ring on the Necklace

When women become engaged, they usually end up wearing an engagement ring on their finger. If you have ever asked, “What does it mean when a man wears a ring on their necklace?” then you’ve stumbled upon how engagement rings work for men. This accessory is called a promise ring.

However, note that promise rings do not always involve engagement. In some cases, friendship rings can also be worn in the same fashion.

The Staple Accessory

While style can largely dictate your jewelry preferences, there will always be accessories and jewelry every man should own. Timepieces or watches are a man’s number one accessory. This should not be any ordinary watch, but one that completes a power suit or corporate look.

A dress watch is a formal part of a man’s power wardrobe.

When a man dresses up for an occasion, it’s important to ensure that the watch complements this look. For formal events, the watch needs to be made of metal. You can go with an everyday wristwatch for casual gatherings. For most men, wearing a watch may appear to be an everyday decision. Yet for sharp-eyed women, seeing a man complete their look with a timepiece gives off a sense of responsibility. They appear to always want to know the time because they want to be on time.

Where to Shop For the Best Cheap Men’s Jewelry

Sometimes, budget can really dictate how far one can take his style, resulting in the need to know where to buy the best cheap men’s jewelry. If you are looking for more affordable options to jazz up your style, men’s jewelry can still be the way to go–if you know where to look.

Buying at a more affordable price does not mean you are giving up the quality. When buying jewelry, you may also need to inquire with an appraiser, especially if you are looking to buy a piece with embedded precious stones.


Wearing secondhand jewelry is just as classy as buying a new one from the store. It’s about finding a piece that connects with you and your style. If you like fishing for a good jewelry piece that no one else has, you may have better chances in pawnshops.

A lot of pawnshops often feature heirloom pieces. Unless these were more recent heirlooms that have been mass-produced, you may get a good hit from searching pawnshop catalogs.

Cool heirlooms, like a unique pendant, can elevate a simple outfit into something more memorable.

Antique stores may also fall into this category. In the same way, they carry the risk of potential rip-offs, but also the big gains of hidden treasure finds. If you can find a jeweler’s opinion outside of the store, take this chance and get the jewelry appraised. This way, you will know your money’s worth and avoid getting scammed.

Online Jewelry Stores

If convenience is more appealing to you than hopping jewelry stores to shop for good jewelry, why not try online jewelry shopping? If you already truly understand your style and you are dead set on a specific piece of jewelry, an online store saves you the time to go out and physically visit stores.

Online stores also offer the convenience of comparing prices from different sellers. Of course, one should not forget the first rule: always buy from a jeweler you trust. Take advantage of their many selections to see which seller best matches your taste. Examine their standard collection to see if the style of their staple jewelry is right up your alley.

Personalized Pieces

Never discount the power of personalized jewelry. Some emerging brands and new jewelry stores often find their start in bespoke fashion. They may begin by asking, “How do you make a pendant necklace with a stone?” before creating a standard collection.

There may be a lot of choices online and in stores, but sometimes, it pays to make them more your style. You can either have your jewelry created the exact way you like it or find another

With these tips, you may now confidently search for your next big jewelry accessory. Wear your jewelry like a boss–but make sure you develop an eye to spot a good investment in jewelry.

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