Get Lucky: How Gemstones Can Bring You Fortune and Luck

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What are lucky stones?

Gemstones are more than just decorative pieces. They can bring different kinds of luck in various areas of your life. Some stones, like the rose quartz and lapis lazuli are well-known for boosting one’s relational aspects and romance. Green stones like the aventurine and jade bring in good fortune and wealth. However, there are also some stones, particularly those with milky physical qualities like the opal and pearl, which have been related to bad fortune.

While everyone can work for their own luck and fortune, it does not hurt to have a little extra charm go a long way. Whether you are looking to have better success in the wealth department or add some luck to your career, lucky gemstones can bring in energy and transform your life in the background.

Gemstones Can Bring Luck To Your Life

If you want to know the answer to the question, “Which gemstone is most powerful?” you may want to inject some choice stones into your daily use. Here are a few stones and their respective qualities to add some spice to your life.

Gemstones for Wealth

Have you ever wondered, “What stone brings luck and money?” then there is such a thing as the green stones for money. While this does not mean an easy cruise through life, having these stones can be a source of inspiration to do more and achieve more in the wealth department.


Green seems to be a recurring color for wealth and money. The deepest green of the jade stone makes it the perfect color for money luck. Even in old Chinese beliefs, the jade gemstone has been valued for its amplification of abundance in the home.

Best of all, the jade stone can be carved not only as jewelry pieces but other ornaments as well. Some animals are known to bring additional luck, such as the dog for luck, frog for money, and dragon for power. Choose wisely, so you can fill your home with the value you want to amplify.

Jade can either be a brilliant jewelry piece or a great carved display piece in the home.


Another green stone related to wealth and prosperity, the aventurine may be the stone for those who want more good luck vibes. Note that the aventurine has other colors that may open up more avenues for your energy. The blue aventurine is related to positive change, whereas the red aventurine signifies earth and fire, for competence and confidence. Why not try having an aventurine corner that incorporates all three in your area?

Gemstones for Career

Even as one works hard to build a career, it does not hurt to have an extra surge of energy to help you in your daily grind. Certain lucky gemstones possess qualities and intentions that help the owner boost their productivity in their careers. Here are some gemstones for career luck.

Cat’s eye

Succeeding in one’s career means knowing how to polish your skills better than the rest. This matches the goal of the cat’s eye perfectly. This gem, also known as the tail of the dragon, has been known to empower its owner. In the earlier days, it has been known to subdue enemies and take out negative forces to veer a team towards success. When it comes to trade, however, it can take out roadblocks and creative barriers to make a more seamless career experience.


If there is one stone that embodies most, if not all, of the qualities one needs for a successful career, it may be the sodalite. It embodies intelligence, courage, balance, and communication, which are the key ingredients that can help you in your workplace.

Additionally, the sodalite stone has a deep blue hue that almost mimics the lapis lazuli. This can make for a great ornament that you can wear to work every day.

Gemstones for Luck

Ever had those moments when it felt like lady luck was just not on your side? One way to sway the tides to your favor is to find gemstones that empower your luck. Here are a few crystals for luck and money that you can choose from.


It’s not called the “money stone” for nothing. This green crystal mimics the green dollar perfectly. If you’re looking for abundance and prosperity not just in money but also in luck, this is a good stone to have around the home.

Tiger’s eye

Having a big dose of perspective can go a long way. The tiger’s eye is unique as it can be imbibed with the intent for willpower and new perspectives. Think of it as enhancing your luck by allowing yourself to control your destiny. As this stone is deeply intertwined in the root chakra, it may even give you the confidence and power to steer your destiny to what you want.

Gemstones for Positive Energy

Everyone needs a good round of positive energy. It can come in the form of luck for travel, abundant blessings, or a general shower of auspiciousness in your life. Three stones fall in this category that you may want to embrace.


It may not be as dazzling as a diamond, but it’s the favored stone for protection. Thus, travelers love this stone because it can pave the way for good guidance and good money to come your way. Try to incorporate it either as a loose stone in your collection corner or add it as a charm to your everyday wear for good fortune during travels or even a daily commute.


Don’t let its more common name fool you. Pyrite, or more known as fool’s gold, looks almost plain and mundane in its dark gray-black color. But this little stone can be polished to give a slight shimmer. Even if this does not make for a great jewelry piece, it can make for a great desk ornament.

Keep in mind that pyrite acts as an abundance stone. If you have a home office or if your office itself can use a little sprucing, adding a single pyrite paperweight or a few stones for decor may help that spot gain more in the coming months.

Ammonite and ammolite

Another stone that brings not only auspicious aura but also intense color would be the ammolite. This bright orange gemstone takes inspiration from the scales of the Qilin Chinese dragon-unicorn. Its mythical namesake makes sense, for it has been related to riches and free-flowing chi. If you prefer a less striking but still auspicious gemstone, its close cousin, the ammonite, can easily dazzle your life with good chi.

Gemstones for Love

If you are looking to boost your love life or enhance your relationships, a good practice would be to keep lucky gemstones that have strong love energy. Wear them on your finger as a ring or create a pendant charm to keep it close to your heart.

Rose quartz

When it comes to love, nothing beats the rose quartz for being the stone for it. Many crystal collectors and jewelry enthusiasts understand that the rose quartz has always possessed a strong love energy. This is best suited to romantic love.

According to feng shui beliefs, this crystal encourages an opening of the heart. Beyond romantic love, rose quartz also makes you feel more compassionate to others and imbibes you with a positive outlook when it comes to love. Think of this stone as a way to slowly but surely shed your walls and open yourself up to love.

Lapis lazuli’s brilliance stems from its intense blue and flecks of gold, connoting a regal appearance.

Lapis lazuli

The combination of vivid blue and gold more does not only look good as a pendant or an earring. This regal gemstone carries the energy of wisdom and enlightenment. For as much as you would want to experience that head rush of romance, it pays to have a level head when getting into commitments.

The lapis lazuli can clear your mind off troubles, enlighten you in the ways of love, and give you the confidence to pursue what your heart desires.

How To Use Gemstones For Positive Vibes

Overall gemstones go beyond their decorative purposes to bring in specific good energy into one’s life. Where you put the stone or how you wear it can easily affect the energy that it transfers into your experience.

Try some of these ways to wear or display gemstones in your home or even as part of your favorite outfit of the day.

Use tumbled stones in your home

Loose stones, also called tumbled stones, can be found in most souvenir shops and gemstone stores. Since they are small and rounded, they can easily be placed as ornaments around the house.

If you need to enhance the energy of one part of your house, then using tumbled stones may be the best way to do this. You can also put your own lucky charm stone meaning to the tumbled stone of your choice. While most stones already carry a specific type of energy, the intention that the owner imbibes it with can bring just as much effect as its own unique power.

Tumbled stones are the easiest way to display various gemstones around the house.

Create good luck charms

Nothing beats good old fashioned charm bracelets. What makes gemstones even more suitable for this particular jewelry piece is the colors that they come in.

You can create lucky charm stone bracelets using a gemstone of your choice. What’s more, if you feel the need to align certain aspects of your life in one go, a charm bracelet may be an easy way to do it. Say you need to align your energies in the love department, the career angle, and the lucky vibe. You can include a rose quartz, an ammonite, and a cat’s eye all in one bracelet. Keep that on with you at all times to realign the energy in the area you need to improve on.

Proper placement in the area helps

Gemstones do not always need to be worn to get the best effects. It has become a trend to have gemstones situated around the house. Create a small corner where you feel a specific type of energy needs to be enhanced.

Always clean your gemstones

Just like with fine jewelry, gemstones also need regular cleaning. It can be as simple as lightly washing them to keep away dirt.

More than keeping it clean physically, regularly cleaning your stones can bring in another benefit. Think of it as cleaning the energy and aura from your stones. Regular wear not only exposes it to wear-and-tear, but it also exposes it to different energies around you.

Clean them in saltwater for while. Afterward, put them out in the sun to get a recharge of energy. For stones that get their energy from the moon, such as the moonstone, the lapis lazuli, and the tourmaline, put them out at night in regular intervals. This allows them to regain their strength.

Each gemstone has a specific set of cleaning instructions to ensure you get the best sparkle every time ║ Source:

Lucky stones to bring luck to signs

If you’ve ever asked, “what is the luckiest stone” that is especially for you, it might help to know what it matches your sign. For most people, especially for jewelry enthusiasts, they can wear gemstones close to them in the form of jewelry pieces or ornamental additions to their daily wear.

Major stones like ruby resonate with many signs, specifically Aries, Cancer, and Leo, for their fiery approach to life. The water signs Aquarius and Pisces share two stones for luck, which are the cool gemstones aquamarine and amethyst. The golden shimmer of the topaz stone shines even brighter as it brings better luck to Taurus, Scorpio, and Sagittarius.

For a more mature shimmer and formal wear, Gemini and Cancer have it best with the Pearl as their lucky gemstones. Capricorn is quite unique, just as its good luck stones of onyx, garnet, and peridot. Finally, Libra and Virgo best get their luck with the vivid blue sapphire.

Stones carry their own energies. For the most part, the signs have their own energies that work in tandem with these gemstones. Wearing them as accessories can add a pinch of luck that can guide the signs towards the outcome they want.

Gemstones To Avoid

Just as there are lucky stones that gravitate towards specific signs and mindsets, some gemstones may carry energies that do not jive with specific trends.

Interestingly, even though some crystals may carry an odd rep, this does not mean they are truly bad luck. If you’re wondering “What stone is bad luck?” and if your favorite one falls in this category, check out some of these ill-fated but not necessarily bad luck stones.


The opal stone can easily be misunderstood because of its trickster color. Its milky white appearance is dappled by rainbow-colored streaks. In the olden days, it was even believed to carry good luck. That is until it played a huge role in an 1829 novel that related the opal to the dark forces.

Pearls may seem like pure fine jewelry, but some people believe they mimic tears of mermaids, which can bring bad luck.


Some may find the pearl to be a gem of purity for its color. But some shapes, like the teardrop can mean bad luck. It has been associated with the tears of mermaids, which bred the belief that it should not be given as a gift lest the recipient experiences bad luck.

If you want to know more about gemstones, read our post “Gemologue: A Guide To The World’s Most Valuable Gems.”

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