How to Prevent Necklaces From Tangling: Tips, Tricks and More

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How to prevent necklaces from tangling?

Preventing necklaces from tangling, though not particularly serious, is a common problem especially for women fond of wearing multiple or stacked necklaces. One can prevent such through a variety of methods, including using necklace stands, bubble wrap, and even toilet paper rolls.

How to prevent necklaces from tangling? This question may have crossed your mind each time you put on a necklace for a special evening event and discover that it is entangled with your other necklaces. Or, while at a party, someone gently reaches across to straighten your tangling necklace. Can be embarrassing, right?

No matter how careful you are in caring for your jewelry some problems, foreseen or otherwise, will throw them in disarray (see below):

  • Broken prongs,
  • Ring stuck around your finger
  • Loose ring
  • Worn out ring bands
  • Bent ring
  • Tangling necklace

Tangled necklaces may not seem as serious a problem as the others, but if not properly done, you can damage the chain clasp, or break the necklace.

Multi-strand necklaces tangled
Multi-strand necklaces tangled

Why do necklaces tangle? If you put them together in the same jewelry box, naturally, they will get tangled. But if worn, they get tangled for one reason or the other.

So read on the learn how this kind of problem crops in most inopportune time and how to deal with it.

How to Prevent Necklaces From Tangling

You may ask, “how do I keep my necklaces from tangling? Jewelry, such as necklaces, are important parts of your outfit. So it is imperative that you handle them with care while storing, wearing, or traveling. Follow jewelry safety tips in caring for them. To that effect, here are some simple tips to help you out.

During Storage

Jewelry is a perfect accessory worth investing in. They add the right amount of flair to your fancy, formal or casual outfit. Sadly, there are days when you have to leave the house without your favorite necklace because it is so tangled up to be of use. Not only that,  permanent damage can happen if tangled necklaces are not properly handled. Suffice to say, preventing necklaces from tangling is basic jewelry care.

Fortunately for you, it need not happen again. With these simple DIY tips, you can be assured that they will be available for use each time you need them. Here they are:

1.  Use a necklace stand

This is the best solution for storing necklaces without having to worry about tangling. Just hang your necklaces neatly on necklace stands.

Necklace stand

You may hang several necklaces on one stand provided they are of different lengths to avoid tangling. This strategy also makes it easy to choose which one to wear for the occasion you are attending.

They are easily available either from your friendly jewelry store or you can make your own. The Internet is full of simple ways to make necklace stands that can build at home.

2.  Compartmentalized drawer

If your bedroom is large enough, a compartmentalized drawer is an excellent solution to keep your jewelry items in place and keep your necklaces from tangling. No more misplaced rings or earrings, or other jewelry items.

Of course, your necklaces may still get tangled if you keep them in the same compartment. So keep them separated.

A compartmentalized drawer is neat and well-organized. And if you buy it from one of those well-known furniture houses, they can be an additional and attractive bedroom decor. However, if you have the budget, you can purchase a jewelry box like the one in this Wooden Jewelry Box review.

3.  Toilet paper rolls

If you don’t have a jewelry stand or compartmentalized drawer yet and you need to avoid your necklaces from getting tangled, again this is the quickest fix there is.

Check your bathroom if you have a partially-used toilet paper roll. If you have, bring it to your bedroom where your necklaces are.

Unclasp them one at a time and lay them down on your bed. Then wound each snugly around the toilet paper roll. When it’s done, clasp them back and store the roll—on its side—on top of your bedside drawer or cabinet.

This quick-fix will keep your necklaces tangle-free. And you can safely pack it in your suitcase in case you are going on a trip.

4.  Compartmentalized clamshell jewelry case

Another quick option to avoid tangled necklaces is to place them in compartmentalized clamshell jewelry boxes.

Compartmentalized clamshell jewelry box

They are compact, easy to procure, cheap, and don’t occupy much space. They are also easy to carry on a trip.

5.  Use a jewelry roll or jewelry case

A jewelry roll or jewelry case is a case with slots or pouches you can insert jewelry items in. When done, you roll it up like a clutch bag.

It is cheap, convenient, and an excellent way to prevent your necklaces from getting tangled. And it can be easily tucked into your case in case you go on a trip.

6.  Compartmentalized trays

Have you ever seen one of those cafeteria trays? As funny as it seems, you can also use one to store your necklaces in to keep them from tangling.

They are cheap, neat, and easy to store and won’t get in the way if properly tucked inside a drawer.

7.  Plastic hangers

If necklace stands don’t appeal to your sense of minimalization, use plastic hangers. They are simple and a minimalist way of storing and keeping your statement necklaces from getting tangled.

You can either hang your necklace around the hook or wrap them around the hanger’s lower horizontal bar.

And here’s the clincher. You can then store them inside your clothes closet.

8.  Keyholders

Another minimalist way of keeping your necklaces from tangling is to use old and discarded keyholders. This method will allow you to easily hang one of your necklaces from the hooks of a key rack unobtrusively placed behind a closet door.

This method saves space while, at the same time, preventing your necklaces from getting tangled

9.  Bubble wrap

You must have seen some of those bubble packs used to protect items during jewelry shipping. Exercise a little creativity by cutting long strips and wide strips of the material.

Then lay each strip on a table and carefully place your necklace on top. When everything is done, close the strip over your jewelry items. It is cheap and an excellent way to keep your necklaces from tangling.

10.  Jewelry display box

Or you can place your necklace on the jewelry display box it came in with.

They are made with much artistry and beauty to attract potential customers. Unfortunately, most of them end up in dumpsters when they have served their purpose.

Well, next time you purchase a necklace, keep the display box for storage. Not only does it provide excellent protection to your jewelry against damage and dust but it also prevents tangling.

While Wearing

Wearing a necklace seems to be a very straightforward affair. You just pick one appropriate for the affair or occasion, position it around your neck, engage the clasp and that’s it.

Things don’t end there.

In certain situations, your necklace keeps moving or twisting around your neck. What does it mean when your necklace keeps twisting?

Twisting happens when the clasp is too heavy for the chain of your necklace and keeps on sliding from the back of your neck out in front. It’s a matter of gravity playing tricks on you.

To prevent this from happening, either wear a heavier necklace or put a heavy weight like a diamond pendant, such as the one in Trax NYC review, on your light necklaces.

But suppose you are wearing multiple necklaces for the evening? It’s trendy these days. So how do you wear two necklaces so they don’t tangle?

That complicates things a bit, right? Well, here’s a video on how to wear two necklaces without them tangling, TikTok.


How to layer your necklaces without them tangling! #lifehack #foryou #fyp necklaces from bluboho 💕

♬ original sound – Sarah Nicole

It is very illustrative. However, it may not satisfy your curiosity.

But the text version below might. It provides more comprehensive tips on how to prevent necklaces from tangling.

1.  Use different lengths

Vary necklace lengths. Necklaces of the same, or almost the same lengths, are most likely to get tangled.

Rope chain length chart

So what should be the right length of your necklaces? When hanging around your neck, there should be at least a gap of 1 to 2 fingers between them.

2.  Vary necklace weights

Use different chain weights like a rope necklace on top of a lighter and thinner chain. Daintier chains with heavier chains are not prone to get tangled.

If the necklaces have the same weight, it will be very difficult to keep each one apart, raising the risk of tangling.

3.  Use different necklace thicknesses

Thinner necklaces are prone to tangling, while thicker ones are not. So if you are wearing two or more necklaces, both without pendants, use different thicknesses.

Should your necklaces be almost of the same thicknesses, use a heavy pendant on one so it will not get tangled with the other necklace.

And when you put them on, put on the lighter one first, then the heavier necklace.

4.  Take note of the necklace material

Another factor that raises the possibility of tangled stacked necklaces is the material they are made of. So if you are wearing multiple necklaces, don’t use necklaces of the same materials. Mix materials like leather, like the one in this JR DUNN review, pearls, stainless steel, sterling silver, or gold chains.

Not only mixed materials prevent tangling, but they also give visual effects for your evening attire.

5.  Put a buying plan in place

If you are fond of wearing multiple necklaces, you should have a certain buying plan to prevent tangling.

For example, if most of your necklaces are thin, the next time you buy one, buy something thicker or heavier. Or if they are short, like chokers, venture into longer necklace types.

This will ensure that you won’t be facing tangling problems when you wear them.

6.  Consider the tightness of your necklaces

Wearing loose necklaces will not do you much good because they tangle. So if you want your necklaces to stay in place, and for you to look prim and proper while wearing them, how about switching to those with shorter lengths? Chokers are not so bad if properly worn,

7.  Try necklace linking

Necklace linking is placing the clasp of your first necklace through a link in the second necklace. This may be cumbersome and impractical if you are in a hurry, or if both are thin chains. But this will surely keep the two of them from tangling.

8.  Use necklace extenders

A necklace extender is something attached to the main necklace to add length to it. It gives you the flexibility to play around with the length of your necklace. They can range from 1 to 3 inches or more, depending on the style of the necklace.

Buy extenders that match your necklaces, of course.

9.  Invest in a layered necklace detangler

Now if you are not satisfied with the above tips to solve your tangling necklace problem, this is the ultimate solution.

Necklace detangler

A necklace detangler is a kind of clasp that can hold two to four necklaces at the same time. It keeps all necklaces clasped together and when you unclasp them, you only have to unclasp the detangler, not the individual necklaces.

While the above tips cover worn necklaces, some of them can very well be used on how to keep bracelets from tangling when wearing them.

When Traveling

Some of the tips in storing necklaces to prevent tangling can very well be used to avoid the same problem while traveling. It all depends on the resources and materials at hand.

How to Untangle Necklaces

If you wear necklaces (as most women do), especially the layered ones, at one point or another, you will have tangled necklaces from your storage, while wearing them, or after a long trip.

The problem is common and can be exasperating, especially if you have to wear them for an occasion.

So here are some tips you can use to untangle them.

1. Baby oil method

Apply a light coat of baby on the tangled portion using a cotton swab. This will make the chain slippery and be easier to separate. If they are so tangled tightly, slowly massage them until they loosen up. Once untangled, rinse the necklace with mild soap.

2. Pin method

Insert a pin into the center of the tangled part. Then slowly, but gently, pry loose them apart. This may take a little time and a lot of patience to do. But it’s worth it. Hurrying it up raises the risk of damaging both necklaces.

When both give way a little bit, try untangling them with your fingers.

3. Baby powder method

Largely similar to the baby oil method, but uses powder instead of oil.

Tangling is a common problem with multiple or stacked necklaces. This article may not cover the problem as extensively as one might think, but the practical tips herein on how to avoid necklaces from tangling are invaluable.

We hope you learned a thing or two about preventing necklaces from tangling. Now, if you’re interested in knowing more about jewelry care, check out our post, “Jewelry Cleaning & Care Tips: How to Keep Your Bling’s Sparkle.”

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