Jewelry Styles Throughout History

Jewelry Styles Throughout History 2021 Update

Jewelry styles throughout history varied, as they evolved into becoming a significant ornament for men and women. Jewelry represents your personality, beliefs, and your sense of fashion. Different jewelry styles also show a person’s social status and power, especially during the antique period. 

From precious gemstones to expensive metals, jewelry styles throughout history have undergone significant changes. Most accessories were influenced by certain movements, including the new wave of feminism, the disco movement, and even the time when Queen Victoria was deeply in love. 

In the history of jewelry design, 20th century jewelry history was one of the most prominent ones. During this era, feminines were given special attention and respect, and their boldness was displayed through jewelry. The 20th century was also dominated by significant events that defined the jewelry styles of this period. 

For example, retro jewelry was designed in the 1940s-50s to offset the serious and somber clothing styles of the World War II era. Women during this time wore vibrant and colorful jewels, and diamonds became incredibly trendy after World War II. Simple jewelry also became popular, where women fancied light and textural pieces. 

The modern period introduced bright, bold, and unique jewelry pieces. Most accessories were influenced by a celebrity’s unique fashion statement. Britney Spears, Madonna, and Jennifer Aniston were some of the hot female personalities that rocked the jewelry fashion world. 

In 1998, Aniston shone with her sparkly layered chokers—doubled up by diamonds, crystals, and rhinestones. Madonna also proved that headbands can be adorned as jewelry. In 1990, she wore a chain-link headband with gold chains and rhinestone designs. Madonna and Aniston are just some of the celebrities that showed that you can either go with the trend or adapt a little bit and go way ahead of your time. 

Of course, the history of jewelry styles isn’t all about metals and gemstone designs. In the 1960s, plastic jewelry was fancied by both men and women. The trend continued in the 2000s when people aimed for a “Boho-chic” look and a flirty, feisty style. In the 2020s, classic jewelry was revived. Pearls never went out of style and baroque jewelry was even made more elegant and artistic. 

Are you excited to discover the different jewelry styles throughout history? See our jewelry timeline below:

Jewelry Styles infographic

The infographic above shows that jewelry has undergone huge changes in forms and functions. Certain events and movements have occurred, which influenced jewelry use and design. If anything, the different jewelry accessories never lacked creativity, innovation, and a strong sense of fashion. Each style was reflected with a certain mood and personality, and it was worn with elegance and pride.