Mignon Faget Gets A New Look To Expand Its Horizons

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Many brands seemed to have refocused their direction to their respective industries. The volatile aspect of the future seems to have been a fertile ground for exploring new options. New Orleans jewelry brand Mignon Faget appears to embrace this new path, as it announces a major rebranding after 50 years of tradition.

This new direction could take the brand to new heights. That is, the brand aims to tap into a new market to diversify its offerings. Mignon Faget recently announced this new direction as part of its goals to grow the brand in the next 50 years by embracing its growing customer base.

New Look, Old Cultural Inspirations

Since the brand has been around for over half a century, it takes a lot of thinking and planning to go with something new. In a report via PR Newswire, Mignon Faget’s Chief Operating and Creative Officer Maghan Orozsi shared that a lot of the style for the new branding takes inspiration from its namesake.

Faget herself is a true-blooded New Orleans native with family roots in the territory tracing back five generations. Her business has seen changes in New Orleans, and has kept both modern and traditional inspirations, as incorporated in the brand’s jewelry styles. Hence, Orozsi said that the logo and the brand’s overall aim to keep the sophistication of tradition. At the same time, it also leaves its arms open to a more modern vibe that the younger customers love.

In keeping with putting the New Orleans brand at the core, Mignon Faget jewelry’s new look also looks around its headquarters in the bayou as a good starting point. Hence, the seemingly 180-degree turn from luxury red to cool jade for the brand’s new logo palette actually looks at the oak trees in the area. Among the different gemstones, it also picks the labradorite as inspiration for the brand’s new color scheme.

The brand effectively married both worlds by also still keeping a hint of the old with the new. Its traditional red tone still serves as a nice highlight. This effectively enhances the new selection of colors and elaborates the real meaning of home in New Orleans.

Mignon Faget, a Household Name in Modern Jewelry Design

If there’s one thing that the brand does not forget, it’s the roots of its entire business model. As a homegrown brand in New Orleans, Mignon Faget takes a lot of inspiration for its design from the architecture around the city. For all the playfulness that’s infused in the New Orleans vibe, all of these come to life in every Mignon Faget jewelry piece.

Beyond Jewelry: How Expansion Goes Beyond One Industry

Even with the brand’s success in the jewelry department, some may be surprised that it did not start with jewelry. In fact, the brand began with stylish clothes. The clothes were sold alongside modeled silver pins, but the latter became more of a hit than the former.

Another sector that Mignon Fagnet shines in is dishware collections. Back in the early 1980s, Mignon Faget got into glassware in time for the 1984 World Fair of that year. Its first design was a drinking glass, which birthed an entire glassware collection. Some of the memorable items in that collection were mostly for decorative bar carts, and have become quite iconic in their own right.

Just last spring, the brand released a Spring Catalog, which appears to be a precursor to its branding change. According to Madison Graph, the spring collection explores the different states of a typical Mignon Faget collector. This suggests three generations of customers who have been patronizing the brand.

There’s also the collector of the now, someone who knows her brand. The third type of collector is the future and laidback one. She looks forward to possibilities, and sees a lot of opportunities in her surroundings.

The springtime collection plasters flowers and color into each piece. And if you happen to get the Wild Jasmine Fall Collection in 2021, then this will definitely add some more blossoms into your dishware.

A Clearance Sale for the Season

Looking to add a Mignon Faget piece to your collection? There’s currently an ongoing Mignon Faget jewelry annual sale at the moment. A lot of the on-sale pieces are jewelry collections, which can add a good spunk of your style to your jewelry box pieces.

The Last Chance items include marine-inspired pieces like the Spiral Shell Station Necklace, which comes in gold or silver accents, and the Frosted Quartz Crystal Moonsnail Necklace, both at almost half the price.

For heavier pieces, there’s the Sea Urchin Pearl Pendant at roughly $1,140 or the Imperial Urchin Bracelet at less than $500. Collectors who are just starting out with the brand may want to give their Halo 9 Slide CHarm Bangle in Black and Gold a try as it’s currently at less than half its original price at $50. Or you can go for the remaining Crescent Alphabet Amulet letters, which are on sale for just a bit over $20.

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