A necklace is defined as an article of jewelry worn around the neck. It usually comes in flexible forms, such as a chain, a string of pearls, beads, or gemstones. They can also be made of precious metals embellished with other materials, such as gems and beads. If you need to spruce up an everyday outfit, the easiest way to do so is by donning a necklace. They make the perfect accessory because they’re both fun and flattering. By themselves, they may look simple, but you’ll be surprised to see how much they can impact your overall look! This makes necklaces a must-have in every woman’s jewelry box.

Brief History of Necklace

One interesting fact about necklaces is that they’re the first type of jewelry created by man. Humans from prehistoric times used to make them with shells, teeth, or bone beads. By the Bronze Age, people were already crafting metallic necklaces. In the late Gothic and early Renaissance periods, necklaces replaced brooches as the primary form of ornamentation. Necklaces with gemstones and heavy gold chains with pendants became the favorite pieces from the 14th to the early 17th century.

Necklaces became a central piece in the 18th-century matching set of jewelry for women, which included a tiara or pendant, brooch, earrings, and bracelets. It was designed to be worn as evening wear with a lowered décolletage bodice. This concept of matching lasted until the early 20th century when the style of dressing became more casual.

Parts of Necklace

The main parts of a necklace are categorized into three sections: foundation, decorations, and clasp. 

The foundation is the part which contains the most material that is usually made of a metal chain, fabric cord, or leather rope. 

The decorations are the embellishments that hang from the foundation, such as pendants, stones, gems, and lockets. 

The clasp is the fastening piece that keeps the necklace intact and connected.

What are the Most Popular Necklace Design

Before purchasing a necklace, you must first consider if its design suits your personal style. Below, we round up the most common necklace designs available in the market today. 

Necklace Styles

Choker – Usually comes in lengths of 14 to 16 inches. This type of necklace has been popular since the Middle Ages and is designed to fit snugly around the neck.

Beaded – Made from a variety of materials, such as glass, crystal, clay, crocheted seed, and coral. This type of necklace is often paired with casual clothing.

Lariat – A long necklace that often sits just below the belly button. If you want to wear it shorter, wrap it around your neck a few times to form a choker-like necklace. It doesn’t have a clasp; instead, the chain forms a long rope that can be tied or pulled through a rounded finder.

Charm – A charm necklace is very similar in design to the classic charm bracelet. This accessory is fun and casual and can feature a variety of decorations that bears meaning to its wearer.

Bib – A bib necklace comes in two variations: layered chains or a single large piece that covers the entire breastbone.

The Biggest Necklace Trends in 2020

Have you recently checked the necklaces you have in your jewelry box? If not, then maybe it’s time for you to refresh your collection. Jewelry trends change every year, so it’s only essential that you keep up with the must-know styles of the moment. Today, there are more styles to embrace than ever before, both for affordable and high-end brands. Here are the top seven necklace trends you should follow right now.


Gone are the days when we only wear seashell accessories to the beach. Now, we can wear them with chic outfits! This trend involves actual shells and metal-made ones. If it’s your first time trying out this style, here’s a pro tip: choose pieces that give a more polished vibe than a “beach day” feel.


You might be thinking, “But charms are so ’90s!” If you are, then you’re absolutely right! 2020 is currently having a love affair with the fashion trends of the decade, so these playful pieces are making a huge comeback. Although charm necklaces have been trendy since the ’90s, it’s best to go for a more modern style.


Colorful beads are totally in right now, and this trend is perhaps a reaction to the minimalist pieces of jewelry that women will always have in their jewelry box. Colorful bead necklaces are the way to go if you want to add a playful touch to your outfit.


Are you the type of woman with a taste for dazzle? If yes, you will surely love this trend. If wearing a hefty amount of sparkle on your neck is up your alley, then this is the perfect time to invest in a tennis necklace.


Delicate layers of chains are so last season. This year, it’s all about chunky gold-chain necklaces. If you enjoyed the jewelry trends of the ’80s, then now’s the time for you to sport your own chunky bling.

Modern Pearls

Pearls are a classic, but jewelry designers have transitioned to creating irregular, baroque, and stylistic takes on this timeless piece. There isn’t a better season than now to take your pearl game to the next level.

Layered Medallion

If you have a coin necklace lying around, it’s time to add a piece or two to that. Layering medallion pendants as opposed to wearing just one is what’s in this year.

Famous Necklace Designers

Just like most types of jewelry, necklaces will never go out of style. No matter the era or trend, necklaces have served both as accessories for daily wear and statement pieces. Regardless of the material, a good jewelry piece will stand the test of time and can be passed on to family members as heirlooms. 

To acquire an heirloom-quality necklace, more often than not, you have to invest in luxury brands. They might cost more, but nothing beats the security of knowing that you’re paying for a good-quality piece. Here are five designer necklace pieces from some of the world’s most famous jewelry brands.


The founder of this Japanese jewelry brand is known as the first to create cultured pearls. This means that it has some of the best pearl necklaces out there. This designer’s Pearl & Diamond Pendant Necklace is a feminine classic.

Mikimoto necklaces prices range from $750 to $10,500. 


As one of the most iconic jewelry makers in the world, Cartier is also home to the jewelry world’s most coveted pieces. Their Trinity Necklace will make anyone who wears it feel like royalty.

Cartier’s Trinity Necklaces have two variations. The one with white gold, yellow gold, and pink gold costs $1,300 while the one with white gold, yellow gold, pink gold, and diamonds is valued at $2,910. 

Tiffany & Co.

Pieces from this age-old brand are undeniably timeless. Their Tiffany Victoria Mixed Cluster Necklace is an attention-grabbing piece that is full of sparkle.

Tiffany & Co. necklaces range in price from $65 to $175,000.

David Yurman

This brand creates pieces destined to be your go-to jewelry for elegant occasions. David Yurman’s Châtelaine Pavé Pendant Necklace With Black Onyx and Diamonds will give your overall look a fierce elegance. 

Women’s necklaces by David Yurman range in price from $165 to $32,000.


This designer has a penchant for creating pieces that feel more exotic than the traditional gems we see in the market. Their Diva’s Dream Necklace has a simple yet stylish fan-like pendant that screams of sophistication.

Bvlgari necklaces range in price from $620 to $91,000.

Buying In-Store vs. Buying Online

If you plan on shopping for necklaces, you might be wondering: is it better to buy online or in-store?

Actually, each channel has its own benefits. If you buy online, the selections are endless; you get to compare offerings from different merchants. Plus, you don’t have to worry about dealing with pushy salespeople. Online vendors also sell necklaces at lower prices since they save on overhead costs.

If you’re buying in-store, you get exactly what you want as you can see the piece you’re purchasing. Plus, you’ll have the answers to all your questions. Also, despite the convenience of buying online and having consultants who are just a chat away, nothing beats having personal interaction.

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