Aurate New York Huggie Earrings with White Diamonds

Aurate New York Huggie Earrings with White Diamonds

Huggie earrings are like hoop earrings but thicker and smaller. Taking its name from the word “hug,” the earrings feel like they’re hugging your earlobe when worn. But beyond that, huggie earrings can get so much better with unique designs.

All in all, Huggie earrings are fun to wear because they are worn with a tight fit. Nowadays, jewelry designers make them even more fun as they come in different shapes. However, round and heart shapes usually stand out from the rest.

Diamonds in Huggies are giving a sleek and charming look. It’s a fashion trend most people are interested in right now. Simple dresses can look extremely impressive when patterned with sparkly earrings. There’s no other way to show off an urban look but through spirited earwear like Huggie earrings.

Fashionistas who have enthusiasm for ultramodern ideas will adore Huggie earrings as high-fashion accessories. The jewelry collection isn’t complete without these earrings that can suit any of your outfits. These earrings are gaining popularity since more and more influencers are showing them off on social media feeds. It’s a trend you can wear and still feel happy having them even after some time.

It’s about time that you try this fascinating earwear and achieve a more fantastic appearance. Update your casual look with these Huggie Earrings with White Diamonds from Aurate NY

To know more about the item, let’s get into details. Each earring has eight shining diamonds that are 1.4mm in size each. Each diamond has an SI clarity of .012 carat each. Also, its width and thickness are 1 cm and .15 cm, respectively. So, there you go, a simplistic yet magnificent choice for an earring.

So, are you ready to try it and make an unforgettable impression? Here’s your chance to purchase your pair by adding these awesome earrings to the cart.

Aurate New York has made everything easy for you. Once you place your order, you will get a notification of your order’s status through email until it ends up in your hands. Now’s the best time to place an order.

This pair can be yours with complimentary shipping within the United States. For international orders, there is a spending assignment to get free shipping perks, but for most locations, this pair of Huggie earrings will make the cut.