David Yurman Exotic Stone Signet Ring with Tiger’s Eye

David Yurman Exotic Stone Signet Ring with Tiger’s Eye

Should there be an important reason behind everything that we choose to wear? There is no wrong or right answer to this. In today’s world, anything that impresses us can be part of our wardrobe. But there are times when we wear something to follow a particular tradition that needs to be sustained. Either way, our style is our choice. The decision is up to us. 

A signet ring tends to combine these two ideas. You may have heard of this ring before, but for some, it might not be too familiar. A signet ring is part of a family’s heritage.

Sometimes, it serves as an identification for people who wear it. Firstly, you can use the ring’s surface for engraving whatever you want. It can be a representation of yourself, your family, an organization you belong to, or your beliefs.

So, you may wear a precious ring on your fingers for two good reasons: first, you like it. Second, there’s a tradition that you want to keep.

Signet Ring with Tiger’s Eye From David Yurman

Considering you are not aware of where such a piece originated from, you will appreciate the signet ring only by its amazing appearance. It is not your typical ring because it is a usually big and noticeable accessory. You would get attracted to that type of accessory without any other reason at all. That always happens when we find a product that is appealing and captivating.

Such is why you will surely love this 12 mm Exotic Stone Signet Ring with Tiger’s Eye From David Yurman. The ring has rare designs and unique stones. It is embedded with a tiger’s eye, a crystal that is believed to protect the wearer. A tiger’s eye has a dynamic energy and an awe-inspiring aura.

Additionally, sterling silver breathes a strong unyielding beauty to this ring. Both the silver and the cabochon Tiger’s eye are durable and long-lasting. However, proper ring care can even make them last longer.

To properly care for the ring, you can use a polishing cloth to clean it. When it comes to gemstones, you must ensure that you constantly devote time to wash them with a mild diluted soap.

The item is still available on David Yurman’s official website. If you check it out now, you will be able to grab it so place your order while stocks last!