Fink’s Exclusive 14K Rose Gold Round Diamond Engagement Ring

There’s a trend that has taken the jewelry industry by storm in the past few years. Linked to the new favorite color, dubbed millennial pink, is the stunning rose gold. What was uncommon to many of us a few years ago is now available anywhere you look—yes, even outside jewelry.

So if you’re thinking about picking rose gold to give your future blushing bride, you are making an excellent choice!

Why should you make the switch to rose gold? Well, firstly, this color will set your significant other’s ring apart from all the white-colored ones. This metal alloy is an ideal pick for fashion-forward wearers. It is a metal adored by the creatives. In fact, nowadays, rose gold is almost always featured in modern contemporary designs.

If you feel like your partner deserves to stand out against the crowd, find her a rose gold ring to match your adoration.

For instance, take a look at this amazing piece from Fink’s Exclusive collection. This 14k Rose Gold Ring features a focal point for a round diamond to shine bright. What makes it even more special is that the sparkle factor receives an extra push through the marquise diamond accents on both sides.

In this particular ring, you will notice how the rose gold color adds some warmth to the overall look while enhancing the beauty of a white diamond—perfect for the main purpose of an engagement ring. Furthermore, rose gold can complement any skin tone quite well and are ideal for vintage styles and designs.

Now, let’s take a closer look at this particular model from Fink’s Exclusive. Aside from the 14K rose gold metal design, it has a 0.50 carat round diamond. The little milgrain marquise shank details have 0.90 carats in total weight. All of these diamonds sourced from Fink’s Exclusive collection measure up to SI1 to SI2 in clarity. Finally, the colors of the diamonds rate G to J in the scale.

Get your hands on this Fink’s Exclusive engagement ring through its official website. You can also opt to go to their physical stores after setting an appointment. The ring is available from sizes 4 to 8, in .50 size increments.

Vendor Name: Fink’s Exclusive
Price: $1925

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