Geek Jewelry’s The Original With This Skull Ring for Ladies

Why Wear a Skull Ring

Many people showcase their fashion style and sense through jewelry. Whether it is with a single piece or an entire ensemble, the wearer creates a style that is unique to his or her own personality. Skull rings allow the wearer to showcase different styles and imbue them with different meanings. That’s because skull rings and any skull design in jewelry hold a variety of meanings.

Its most known statement comes from the gothic tradition. Goth fashion typically showcases designs that appear to resonate with the idea of death or the afterlife. The skull symbolizes this central theme, sometimes pairing it with darker colors to perfect the mood.

In some contexts, the skull is representative of bravery and daredevil courage. Being able to overcome death and have a skull as a symbol connotes intense courage in the face of danger. Ancient times also used skulls as part of their jewelry. However, their statement revolves more around rebirth, connoted by an earthly death and a continuation of life in another form.

This variety of meanings makes the skull design a very versatile look for any jewelry piece. It suits a lot of tastes—from chunky bracelets and chokers to delicate rings like Geek Jewelry’s The Original With This Skull Ring.

Skull Ring Materials & Design

Designed and created by Paul Michael, this ring features four skull carvings facing four different directions. The skulls also cushion the main gem, a roughly 1-carat round sapphire. A four-pronged setting secures the sapphire in the middle of the ring, minimizing any snagging issues. Dotting down the band are smaller sapphires and diamonds. The diamonds have a G to H color with SI clarity.

All of these are featured on a white gold band. However, Geek Jewelry offers customization options, so you can choose yellow gold, palladium, or super premium sterling metal. The jewelry studio crafts each jewelry piece by hand, allowing for small variations in design to make your piece your own.

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