Malabar Gold & Diamonds Era Uncut Diamond Earring

Malabar Gold & Diamonds Era Uncut Diamond Earring

Why Wear Earrings

Choosing the perfect wedding earring to wear on such a momentous occasion is a lot like searching for your ideal better half. Since your wedding is an event you’ll always wish to come back to, you must pick the best jewelry to wear for that special day. Now, if your gown has a high neckline, what’s best to pair your wedding ring with is a dangling earring instead of a necklace.

Your wedding day is your day to shine, so wearing an earring that is enticing can come in handy. However, choosing the perfect jewelry for your special occasion can feel overwhelming. With several pieces to choose from, you can find it hard to pick the best pair of earrings to wear.

If you desire to purchase the perfect dangling earring, shop at Malabar Gold & Diamonds. This store is one of the most renowned gold and diamond jewelry retailers around. Among the store’s various pieces, you may consider buying the Malabar Gold & Diamonds Era Uncut Diamond Earring.

Malabar Gold & Diamonds Era Uncut Diamond Earring

Earrings Materials and Design

First off, the Malabar Gold & Diamonds Era Uncut Diamond Earring is a dangling piece that is best for people who are fond of contemporary-themed jewelry. 

Aside from the elegance that comes with uncut diamonds, this enticing earring is also a piece of classic jewelry. It has a yellow metal color that offers warmth and value to anyone wearing the piece. 

If you look closely at this piece of jewelry, its shimmering diamonds add an extra sparkling effect to the earrings. So, if you want dazzling and attractive earrings to wear to your wedding party, then this piece is perfect for you.

You need not worry about the durability of this piece as its gold purity is 22K (916), which means it’s sturdy enough to last you a long time. More so, this earring’s gross and net weights are 13.61 g and 13.06 g, respectively. On the other hand, its width and height are 25.1 mm and 39 mm, respectively. This makes the earrings lightweight, hence, you’ll not have difficulty wearing them.

Overall, the Malabar Gold & Diamonds Era Uncut Diamond Earring is the ideal piece to get for yourself or gift to someone special who loves gold and diamonds. If you want to add it to your jewelry collection, feel free to shop from the vendor’s official site.