RJH Jewelry's Sterling Silver Cross with 14K Gold

RJH Jewelry’s Sterling Silver Cross with 14K Gold

Why Wear a Navajo Pendant

When one sees a cross pendant, it is easy to assume that there is a chance that the jewelry piece is a sacred artifact. Some are made for the sole purpose of becoming a sort of talisman for believers to carry with them. for others, it symbolizes a connection to the spiritual plane. Native American artists and craftsmen also follow this in a sense.

According to the history of cross designs in the jewelry trade, it is a symbol that Christians have appeared to gain a massive influence over. So much that even though there are many different religious approaches in Native America, the cross and its link to Christianity did not repel artists from including them in the jewelry scene.

Another way to potentially view some of the designs is how close they resemble other animal shapes in nature. The cross, in particular, is reminiscent of the dragonfly. On the spiritual plane, the dragonfly holds meaningful symbolism, connoting change. Additionally, the dragonfly has been highly associated with some Native American tribes. Early pottery work even depicts them. Some tribes hold them as animal representations in contemporary traditions in the jewelry making for the Navajo.

RJH Jewelry's Sterling Silver Cross with 14K Gold

RJH’s Native Jewelry Sterling Silver Cross made of 14K Gold shows off a unique representation of these ideals.

Pendant Materials & Design

Jewelry artist Ron Henry fashioned this sterling silver cross using a handmade technique. The silversmith incorporated intricate details, particularly at the bottom end of the pendant. Instead of just being a simple cross with rounded ends, the designer opted to incorporate deeply grooved lines that seemed to emphasize the lower part of the cross. In the middle, there is a grooved square shape that defines the very middle of the cross.

This jewelry piece measures one inch and three quarters long. The artist fashioned it out of pure of 14k white gold. Even though white gold is relatively softer than other white or silvery metals, handcrafting such a piece takes dedication and time. The Navajo silversmith also opted for a rough finish look. Instead of thin lines for the grooves, they seem to have been painstakingly carved. The blackened lines give it a rougher texture despite the overall smoothness of the cross’s surface.

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