Slate & Tell Twine Stackable Ring

Slate & Tell Twine Stackable Ring

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, it’s time for children to honor our dear loving moms and let them know how much they mean to us. If you’re thinking about what would be the best gift, here’s a tried and tested choice. Give your mom amazing jewelry just so you can add some extra sparkle to her life.

With so many types of jewelry to choose from, where do you even start? First off, think about your mother’s style. Don’t give her anything just for the sake of it. Think of something that she would actually wear, or if you can, something that could be a good match for jewelry she actually owns.

If your mom is the type who adores rings, you should definitely gift her the Slate & Tell Twine Stackable Ring. This ring is simple and straightforward. It is perfect for a mom who doesn’t want anything flashy. The twine design looks like an extension of infinity symbol, best for the mom who keeps the family together with her infinite love.

Slate & Tell Twine Stackable Ring

Depending on your mom’s personal style, you can choose from three specific metal materials. It is readily available on-site in sterling silver. However, you can customize it and pick between yellow, rose, or white gold and 10 or 14 karats. This change, though, comes with an increase in price. Sizing is also customizable from 4 to 14, in increments of 0.25.

For a personal touch, this ring can also be engraved. Let your creativity run wild. Think about adding your mom’s name, your name, or a significant word or date in your mom’s life. By doing so, you level up the ring to something more thoughtful and filled with purpose.

If your mom is the type to enjoy something more interesting or noticeable, she can still use this ring as a stackable design. It is the perfect type to add up and enhance other rings.

Can you see the Slate & Tell Twine Stackable Ring adorning your mom’s finger? Just head on to the vendor’s official website if you want to place an order. Every purchase comes with free ring resizing, a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer, and a 30-day money-back guarantee.