Smyth Jewelers A. JAFFE Classic Micro Pave Engagement Ring

Smyth Jewelers A. JAFFE Classic Micro Pave Engagement Ring

Why Wear an Engagement Ring

Choosing an engagement ring can be challenging these days. There are just numerous options that have started making rounds in the jewelry world. Should you go for the trendy ones, or do you want to keep it classic?

However,  deeper thought will show you something common among engagement rings. Despite the difference in the style and design, the diamonds still stand out. Diamonds remain timeless and sophisticated, making more people stay loyal to them.

Nothing compares to the aura and elegance that a diamond gives. It has this degree of brilliance that would make people stare in awe. Women tend to be particular about that too. Diamonds are perfect for those who love sparkly rings. These gemstones have become the staple of engagement rings, turning into icons of big events. 

To get the right choice of ring, factors such as the clarity, cut, color, and carat weight are not just the primary considerations. One should also look at how these factors mesh well together to blend in with the design. A diamond in itself is already impressive, but it can look more amazing with how the ring was designed. 

Smyth Jewelers A. JAFFE Classic Micro Pave Engagement Ring

Engagement Ring Materials and Design

Have you seen the A. JAFFE Classic Micro Pave Engagement Ring yet? From the cut to the color and the weight of the stone, it is definitely what you are looking for in any engagement ring. The design from Smyth Jewelers is incredible because the ring features an exquisite micro pavé eternity band. It’s the embodiment of a little girl’s dream engagement ring.

Moreover, the diamond has SI clarity, H color, and a total weight of .14 ct. These are useful features for a stone that also have a more excellent value. 

The ring comes in 14k rose gold color, a stylish and unique color for engagement rings. Rose gold showcases a lustrous appearance and is famous for being a symbol of love.

If you are ready to pop the most exciting question you would ever ask, this A. JAFFE Classic Micro Pave Engagement Ring can make it even more remarkable for both of you. Order it now at Smyth Jewelers’ official website as you prepare for the moment of a lifetime.