Sundance Catalog Singing The Blues Earrings

Sundance Catalog Singing The Blues Earrings

If you are going to a special event, you do not have to overdress to look fantastic. The best way you can show off a simple outfit is by choosing the right earrings that would match it. Think of a color that suits any occasion like social gatherings or beach weddings. For a vibrant color, blue color’s freshness gives a relaxed vibe. So, it is more likely a great option.

Whether you are wearing jeans, Squarepants, or boho dresses, it will be nice to emphasize your look using a blue-inspired earring. Imagine if you were to be part of highly anticipated reunions or festivities, and you are trying to come up with a different look. It is not like a total make-over, but only a slight change to what accessories you wear. Believe it; you would love to come to the event with so much confidence.

Having the perfect pair of earrings allows you to enter the venue without being too conscious about how you look. Confidence is a key to slaying it. Therefore, set aside your traditional or casual accessories and try to put on the Singing The Blues Earrings from Sundance Catalog. With their one and ⅝ inch size, the earrings are a perfect fit for people with any facial shape.

Who should you credit for this jewelry’s stunning craftsmanship? It’s the designer, Dana Kellin. Her influences come from the Victorian, Byzantine, and Elizabethan eras, imbued with a modern twist. The signature element of her designs is gold and wire twists molded-in gemstones using a really delicate technique.

These are eye-catching earrings because they come with tanzanite. Tanzanite is a premier gemstone that is ideal for crafting fashionable pieces of jewelry. This gemstone is one of the most valuable in the market. It remains a good investment option because of its uniqueness and rarity. For short trivia, you can mine this stone only from one place in the world—Tanzania. That is why they are expensive.

Aside from that, 14k gold wires wrap around the stunning gems. The combination of blue tanzanite with gold wire is a spectacular display of elegance and luxury.

Moreover, the bluish color of the earring matched with plain-colored attire will look balanced. Floral clothing would look great with it too.

If you feel excited about having your own, head on the the vendor’s official website and buy this pair now!