Tag Heuer's Aquaracer Professional 200 Date Diameter 30mm

Tag Heuer’s Aquaracer Professional 200 Date Diameter 30mm (WBP2410.BA0622)

Nowadays, technology provides easier ways to check time  whether you are a traveler, a professional, an artist, or even a student. With the aid of timepieces, time management is also enhanced. A wristwatch is suitable for mobile monitoring of time. It comes in different styles, colors, textures, materials, and sizes. The type of watch solely depends on your needs. Aside from these basic elements, there are also other important characteristics that one should also look into. One of which is the manufacturing process in making the product, which determines factors such as durability Other factors include the clock machine, dial, and the maximal resilience to daily usage.


These features are revealed in Tag Heuer’s Aquaracer Professional 200 Date (WBP2410.BA0622) for ladies. The contemporary and refined style of this automatic watch is attributed to the “optimized case ergonomics and robust construction” of the entire piece. The delicate parts of the dial contain a smokey black mother of pearl. It is partnered with “eleven VS 1.40mm brilliant-cut diamonds (0.107 ct).” Also, Tag Heuer provides “reliable versatility” with the product’s 30mm fine-brushed and polished steel case finishing. Such material also gives a luxurious comfort to the wearer due to the watch’s “thin, tapered design, and additional extension link,” which makes it more flexible. The Aquaracer consists of folding-clasp push-buttons that are also made of steel. Most ladies prefer this type of avant-garde that suits their style whatever the occasion. You can experience the elegance of this product by clicking on the link above.

The store also offers a watch repair within the warranty period of the product. Customer service can provide basic, partial, and complete services for your watch. These include diagnostic, ultrasonic cleaning of parts and bracelets, replacements of specific parts such as the battery, adjustments of time accuracy, and many others.