The Vintage Pearl Little Bits Of My Heart Necklace

Why Wear A Necklace

Mothers deserve love all year long, not just when Mother’s Day comes around. There’s no job like being a mom, after all. She juggles so many responsibilities the whole year round, so why not show her how much you appreciate her?

However, if you think about it, it can be hard to settle on a single gift to give a mother. Mothers come in all shapes, forms, and personalities. But, if you want to brighten your mom’s day in a leveled-up way, you should consider the gift of jewelry.

As far as jewelry goes, the best options are those that your mom can regularly wear, so she can always have a piece of you with her. For instance, you can gift a pair of earrings, a tennis bracelet, or a ring, depending on what she likes. If you are feeling unsure about where you should start, consider gifting your mother with The Vintage Pearl Little Bits Of My Heart Necklace.

The Vintage Pearl Little Bits Of My Heart Necklace

Necklace Materials & Design

The Vintage Pearl Little Bits Of My Heart Necklace is one of the brand’s best-selling pieces, and it is really no surprise. It is a unique piece you can customize specifically for your mom and the people she loves. The center point of this piece is a tiny heart, but the best part is that you can add on up to 12 tiny hearts to represent her children, grandchildren, or the entire family. Ultimately, they are the bits and pieces that make a person whole.

This particular necklace model is crafted of sterling silver hearts and a sterling silver chain. Because of this material, this necklace is safe to wear, even for people with sensitive skin. It doesn’t come with nickel or lead, which could harm the skin. However, you can opt to have the same design using yellow gold.

Additionally, the Little Bits of My Heart Necklace is secured with a circle clasp. The chain is made of a dainty cable that weighs 1 to 1.2 grams, perfect for everyday wear. If you want to keep it clean, you only have to use the jewelry cloth provided by the  vendor to prevent the necklace from tarnishing.

If you want to add the The Vintage Pearl Little Bits Of My Heart Necklace to your collection, click the link above and get directed to the vendor’s official site.


Vendor Name: The Vintage Pearl
Price: $44.99

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