The Vintage Pearl Rectangle Names With Love Necklace

Why Wear a Necklace

There are many ways to show your affection to your loved ones or your significant other. Some do it with words, to verbalize how they care. Others show their emotions through gestures. Another way that you can do this is by having a symbol of this affection close to you.

An engraved necklace has always been a personal favorite when it comes to having a unique and meaningful piece of jewelry. It’s the same as wearing your heart on your sleeve—though it can be quite literal this time. Wearing a necklace with an engraved pendant lets you keep this symbol close to your heart.

Another way to personally carry this affection is by engraving certain dates and even short phrases that mean something to you. Special dates tell your story, and jewelry pieces marked with these significant dates feel like we are keeping them close to us. Remember, each story is worth remembering and telling. And what better way to cherish it than to have a lovely reminder that you can wear, be it for formal or casual wear.

Own your first engraved jewelry piece, starting with this simple but delicately classic personalized necklace from The Vintage Pearl.

The Vintage Pearl Rectangle Names With Love Necklace

Necklace Materials and Design

Personalize your “I love you” to your significant other by having her name in beautiful cursive writing. This is what you get with The Vintage Pearl’s Rectangle Names With Love Necklace. This pendant is highly customizable via hand-stamping the personalized name.

The Vintage Pearl handstamps each name onto the sterling silver piece. Roughly over an inch long, the silver pendant is paired with a small bronze heart charm, as well as a freshwater pearl. Each charm and pendant is handcrafted, so small differences in their make add the quaintness of personalized jewelry.

Each set of pendants and charms is hung on a sterling silver chain that won’t wear out with proper care. Make sure to follow proper steps in caring for your silverworks. Regular cleaning means you lessen the chances of oils or other residues sticking too long on the sterling silver. This prevents your necklace from losing its dainty sparkle even with everyday use.

The Vintage Pearl offers free cleaning for tarnished sterling silver pieces bought at their store. It’s best to take advantage of this offer for those who are always on the go or are still fairly new to owning and caring for silver jewelry.

Keep your loved ones close–even in memory–with a unique engraved necklace. Hit the link above to check out this personalized necklace today.

Vendor Name: The VIntage Pearl

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