Atticus Skull Swarm Curb Chain Necklace in Gold

Wolf and Badger Atticus Skull Swarm Curb Chain Necklace in Gold

Why Wear A Necklace

Chain necklaces are a versatile accessory that will fit your aesthetic, whether you wear a formal wardrobe or loungewear. For this reason, chain necklaces became one of the most loved accessories, not only among women but also men. The necklace can make a statement regardless of what outfit you wear and the event you’re going to.

Believe it or not, you can be fashionable even at home. You will love this jewelry trend’s luxurious vibe that does not require a specific occasion or setting. You’ll feel extra good with it around your neck while hanging out with your family and friends. If you are to attend a social gathering, this type is the best one to wear to boost your confidence.

For your consideration, the Wolf and Badger Atticus Skull Swarm Curb Chain Necklace in Gold is the perfect piece to start with or add to your chain necklace collection. As you’ll notice, this one showcases a fashionable, mighty, and powerful style that will allow you to recreate your look. Be simply gorgeous and attractive as you show off its classy metal accents. If you are into chunky necklaces, this should suit you fine.

Atticus Skull Swarm Curb Chain Necklace in Gold

Necklace Materials and Design

Now let’s take a closer look at this piece. This pendant features a dazzling iconic skull motif with Swarovski crystal detailing and a swank claw-clasp. With a matchless aesthetic and design, the necklace can indeed be an excellent investment. It’s no surprise why it possesses such magnificence since it is a creation that Northskull takes pride in.

This necklace is made in Italy and crafted in 18k yellow gold. For particulars, its total length extends to 47 cm with 14 mm thickness. Lastly, its clasp is 24 x 13 mm in size.

Northskull is a trusted and well-known designer of accessories for men. Its focus is on creating contemporary pieces that can generally complement or help highlight the attire of a man. With the designer’s reputable history, you can be sure that the item is crafted with creativity and resplendency. The unique piece itself can attest to that fact.

You can’t miss its terrific qualities and breathtaking beauty. Now, it’s your turn to experience this elegant and chunky chain necklace. It is just a click away. Just go directly to the vendor’s official site to place your order for the Wolf and Badger Atticus Skull Swarm Curb Chain Necklace in Gold.