Ritani's Women's Channel-Set Diamond Eternity Wedding Ring

Ritani’s Women’s Channel-Set Diamond Eternity Wedding Ring

If you are in the market for diamond wedding rings on a tight budget,  you should consider purchasing laboratory-grown diamonds. This type of diamonds are grown in highly-controlled laboratory conditions, mimicking the earth’s high pressure and temperature. Although these stones are man-made, they still have the same chemical composition, crystal structure, optical, and physical properties of organically grown ones. Technically, lab-grown diamonds are not considered as synthetic because of their chemical composition as they exhibit the same fire, scintillation, and sparkle as those of naturally occurring ones.

Depending on their method of production, lab-grown diamonds are categorized as high-pressure, high temperature (HPHT) or chemical vapor deposition (CVD) types. It is not surprising that this type of diamond cost 30% less than its organically grown cousin as it takes lesser time and resources to produce them. But it should be noted that lab-grown diamonds have little resale value compared to the real deal, which can be sold years later with a retained or even higher value. 

The Women’s Channel-Set Diamond Eternity Wedding Ring (SKU 39701ARYG) from Ritani is made of the finest lab-grown diamonds. The diamonds are securely set and sealed in a channel setting enclosed in a 2.5 mm 18kt Yellow Gold (1.00 CTW)  band. This type of setting allows the diamonds to create a continuous stream of brilliance while enjoying the highest level of protection from scrapes. The side stone has a minimum total carat weight of 0.55 and a total carat weight of 1.00.

The minimum color of the side stone is H with a clarity of VS2. The wedding band, which is made in New York, USA is priced at $1,595. Ritani offers free appraisals when the item is purchased. Free engraving with a total of 12 characters (including spacing), depending on the ring size is also offered if you wish to have your wedding bands personalized. In addition, Ritani also offers free 3D rendering for customers who want a more customized wedding band. Customer service is available via chat or phone.