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A Guide to the Perfect Promise Rings for Men

On the micro level, you might take a ring as nothing more than a circular band of precious metal worn on a finger, often adorned with one or more gemstones. But if you deepen your perception a little more, you will notice that there are several types of rings, more than a dozen, with each worn for a specific purpose. One of these is promise rings for men.

Promise Rings for Men

A promise ring, by definition, is a ring that signifies a promise. It could mean a commitment between parent and child to do well in school or to keep away from drugs. You can wear a  promise ring for yourself as a commitment to break a habit. But a promise ring signifies fidelity and devotion toward each other for people in a relationship.
At its most essential, promise rings symbolize a couple’s devotion to each other.
Promise rings are often mixed with purity rings. As stated above, a promise ring symbolizes a commitment to each other. The purity ring, common among Christians, signifies abstinence from sexual intercourse until after marriage, a commitment to purity before marriage.

Promise Ring Meaning

By its name, promise rings represent a promise made by two people to remain faithful to each other. However, the underlying reason for that promise varies from couple to couple. According to Kimberly Kanary, VP of public relations and social manager of Kay Jewelers, its appeal is derived from the many meanings the rings represent.
Promise ring meaning
Many couples exchange promise rings to signify a future engagement, while others symbolize devotion to each other. By exchanging promise rings, you are promising yourself to each other. Brooke Brinkman says of Simon G. Jewelry, “I often think of promise rings similar to the mid-century tradition of giving your high-school sweetheart your class ring or pin.” Promise rings are a symbol that goes beyond and more profound than just dating.

Promise Ring History

Giving promise rings to signify love and affection started several hundred years ago. Still, the tradition of wearing a ring to demonstrate loyalty and fidelity can be traced back to ancient times. Archaeological evidence shows that Roman brides wore engagement rings as early as the 2nd century BC.

Then, in 16th-century England, promise rings got another name – posy and Acrostic rings. Posy rings are engraved with romantic poems, while acrostic rings spell out a word in gemstones. For example, the term “regard” is spelled out using ruby, emerald, garnet, amethyst, ruby, and diamond. At any rate, both types of rings were popular in the Georgian and Victorian eras.

Fast forward to the present, promise rings have resurfaced within the last decade, thanks to celebrity influencers such as the Jonas Brothers and Miley Cyrus for setting the trend.

Are Promise Rings Necessary?

We live in a world of symbols. And we communicate, generally, by signs. It is easy and convenient. The algorithms in your computer or smartphone operate through characters or symbols. Promise rings do just that – communicate your love and commitment to each other to the whole world.
You may not know it, but “Yes,” they are necessary for the following reasons:

Token of love

It may sound redundant, but a promise ring is a great way to express the promise of love with your partner. It’s a way of putting your relationship a notch higher than dating.
It is a way of showing the whole world how happy you are with your relationship.

Symbol of commitment

A promise ring symbolizes a commitment to your loved one before you finally tie the knot.
If you are unsure about taking your relationship to the engagement stage, it symbolizes faith and commitment.

Prelude to engagement

Being in love with someone and wanting to spend the rest of your life with your loved one requires a serious commitment. Unfortunately, the road ahead is littered with failed commitments and broken promises. Exchanging promise rings is one way to avoid leaving your relationship by the wayside.
They are good reminders for you and your loved one to stick to the plan until you are both ready to get engaged or be married.

Love renewal

If your relationship is faltering and going to the rocks, a promise ring may be an excellent way to give it a fresh breath of life.
A beautiful promise ring can make you celebrate, again, the wonderful days when you were starry-eyed for each other; it will re-ignite the passion that has grown cold over the years of neglect.

Sign of Faith

Wearing a promise ring shows faith in your partner and your relationship; no matter what happens, you will always be together.

Yes, the future is not set in stone, but promise rings can hold steadfast your love and commitment to each other. It is not a matter of gesture but something like a placeholder until you are both ready to elevate your relationship to the next level.

Long-distance Relationship

Some circumstances in life will tear apart couples who have sworn to each other. Moving to another city for work assignments is one of those. Or being deployed to foreign countries is another. These events will strain your relationship no matter how strong it may be.

Though promise rings may not be the perfect solution, they help constantly remind you and your partner of your commitment to each other.

Does absence make the heart grow fonder? Yes, it does, and scientific studies back this. But on the whole, nothing beats promise rings to constantly remind lovers of their love, commitment, and fidelity towards each other, though they are hundreds of miles apart.

What are Promise Rings for Men?

Just like engagement and wedding rings, promise rings come in pairs—a promise ring for women and a promise ring for men. In a sense, they can be called couple rings. 

If you’re perplexed about men wearing promise rings, don’t. It is perfectly normal for men to wear any ring, including promise rings. For that reason, when buying such types of rings, they should be purchased in pairs. Not necessarily matching, but in pairs.

Remember that promise rings represent a vow between two people, usually in a romantic relationship. Though it is mainly considered a step toward engagement, it could mean different for some couples. It is flexible—even in how they are worn.

Men’s promise rings can be worn on the ring finger of either the left or right hand—if the man is single. Once they get engaged, it is moved to the ring finger of the right hand. An exception to this rule is if the ring is not the right size; in this case, it can be worn on either hand or as a pendant.

Ring size chart

Regardless of which hand it is worn, it is poor etiquette to flash it for the world to see. You may display your engagement ring to friends because it spells certainty. Promise rings only symbolize a promise, and there is no certainty in promises.

Choosing the Perfect Men’s Promise Rings

Men’s promise rings are currently fashionable in simple, modern, classic, or iced-out designs. Wearing one can immediately upgrade your look like magic.

However, don’t fall into the “me-too” syndrome. When thinking of promise rings, most people immediately think of diamonds as a perfect ring.

Aside from being way too expensive for the purpose, there are ways to have a perfect promise ring without going expensive. For example, the following ideas can be just as superb when thinking of a perfect promise ring for men:

Signet promise ring

The signet ring got its name from the Latin word “signum,” meaning “sign,” and originated from religious leaders and Pharaohs of old.

Signet rings were used to mark and seal documents by pressing their face, historically engraved with a unique family crest, into hot wax and pressing them to the documents to be sealed.

Now, it has become a fashion statement, and if done well, they can be impressive promise rings for men. Their strong beveled edges will stand out no matter what finger they are worn around. Truly masculine.

Tungsten carbide ring

Tungsten carbide is a chemical compound with equal parts tungsten and carbon. In its natural state, it is a fine gray powder. But it can be pressed and formed into any extremely hard object.

Tungsten carbide men’s promise ring

Tungsten rings are highly durable and can withstand daily wear and tear.

Simple gold band

Of course, there is nothing simple in a 14K gold promise ring band for men. Gold is the most classic and traditional of all ring materials. It is strong and, if properly maintained, will remain shiny and sparkling for a long, long time.

Where to Buy Promise Rings

Promise rings can be bought from any jewelry store that sells rings for men. But if you want to have a more specific answer to your “Where can I buy promise rings for men” question, visit the websites of these following jewelry stores:


Zales is a well-known retailer of diamond jewelry. Buying diamond jewelry from Zales is an assurance that you are buying jewelry of the highest quality and integrity.

Promise ring for men, silver
Promise ring for men silver

The company has an impressive collection of promise rings—from Disney-inspired to romantic infinity and Claddagh rings. They also have an excellent line of gold or silver promise rings for men.

As a marketing promo, Zales sells a variety of jewelry with price promo points—the amount you spend is entirely up to you.


Etsy, Inc. is an American e-commerce company famous for handmade or vintage (at least 20 years old) craft and jewelry items. You name it, Etsy has it.

They also sell items with a more personal touch, such as personalized gift items and promise rings for both men and women. They may not be very pricey, but they are still adorable enough to wear.


Jared Jewelers is an American company owned by Signet Jewelers, a holding company that owns Blue Nile, Kay Jewelers, James Allen, and many others.

Running under the slogan, “Dare to be Devoted,” Jared specializes in engagement and wedding jewelry items, timepieces, men’s and women’s fashion, and gifts for all occasions. They also have a vibrant line of promise rings.

So, if you are searching for men’s promise rings or rings for any occasion, try Jared.


Glamira is a new entry in the jewelry business, having opened its first store in Germany in 1999. Today, it has eight offices in Europe, the US, and Australia, serving its customers in 65 countries.

The company is better known for selling fine and customized jewelry online to its customers.

Believing that each customer is special and unique, Glamira gives wide leeway to personalization in every jewelry item it sells. And this includes their line of promise rings both for men and women.


Pandora believes that a promise ring is given to show love and commitment to each other before the engagement.

Pandora is a Danish company founded by Per Enevoldsen in 1982. It is known for its customizable charm bracelets, designer rings, earrings, and necklaces. It has two production sites in Thailand, serving its customers in more than 100 countries, six continents, and over 6,700 sales outlets.

Promise rings for men, Pandora
Promise rings for men Pandora

Needless to say, its product line also carries Pandora promise rings for men.

Tiffany & Co

Tiffany & Co, or Tiffany, is an American luxury jewelry and specialty design house headquartered in Fifth Avenue, Manhattan, New York.

Since its founding in 1837, Tiffany has been one of the world’s most famous luxury design houses, recognized for its innovative jewelry design, extraordinary craftsmanship, and unparalleled creativity. It is known for its luxury goods, particularly sterling silver and diamond jewelry.

Among other things, it also makes promise rings for both men and women. And just like any other Tiffany product, they are thoughtfully designed and precisely crafted with their branded traditional techniques, giving the customer sleek rings that can be personalized with monograms or dates.

Promise Rings are a Symbol

Promise rings for men are the male counterparts of the female promise rings, or promise rings for her. Together, they are worn by two people in a relationship, romantic or otherwise. Promise rings symbolize fidelity and commitment to each other. They are a prelude, but not always, to the giving of an engagement ring.

If you want to learn more about promise rings, read our post, “Promise Rings: Here’s What You Need to Know.”