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Couple Rings: What They Are & Where To Find Them

The world of ring jewelry is an interesting mix of styles, designs, and colors. Some have stones whiles others are plain metal of different types. Just as varied are their meanings and significance. Some rings are meant to stand alone such as family and birthstone rings, while others come in sets. These are called couple rings and carry just as much significance and meaning.
What are couple rings? They are called couple rings because they essentially come in pairs or a “couple rings set,” to live up to their significance and meaning of deep love and affection. Couple rings are either matched or complementary (mix-and-match) mode. Regardless of how they are presented or given, the message is the same—deep love, or affection, They signify a commitment to something, from a monogamous relationship to a trusting partnership. Some cultures call them pre-engagement rings to express a promise of a future engagement.

Couple Rings

Couple rings or promise rings are not a modern-day fad. Their roots can be traced to the 2nd century BC when Roman brides-to-be wore “promise for marriage rings.” Roman law, then, required this practice to let the public know of a couple’s intention to marry and shall wear the rings until the ceremony.

In England, between the 15th to the 17th centuries, “posy rings,” with engravings of romantic poems stood for couple rings. Regardless of tags, tags, the meaning is the same – to symbolize romantic affection and devotion.

Roman Period Posy ring
Roman Period Posy ring

Posy rings faded in popularity during the Georgian and Victorian eras, only to be replaced by Acrostic rings. These rings sported gemstones and served as tokens of romance between couples.

Couple Rings Significance

When it comes to love, no two people are alike and no two relationships are the same. Regardless of the number of mutations or variations, the couple rings express the same message, albeit differently.  And one of the more popular ways of expressing it is through couple rings – especially couple wedding rings.

Though relatively new in the U.S. the giving and receiving of couple rings as symbols of love and devotion have long been practiced in Europe.  

Italians called them the fede rings, from the Italian word fede which means faith in English. For the Irish, it is called Claddagh Rings—to symbolize the bond between bride and groom.

The couple ring, for Koreans, is an excellent way of letting the world know of the sweet and happy relationship between couples, which they traditionally wear on the 100th day of dating to demonstrate commitment and respect.  Meanwhile, in Argentina and Chile, couples exchange rings to demonstrate commitment.

In the contemporary age, couple rings have continued to symbolize a promise or commitment. Today, it is common to see American high-school students give their pins or class rings to their girlfriends as a token of their “going steady” status.

Of course, the couple rings fad is not confined to ordinary people or American students. Celebrities are into it, too, such as Miley Cyrus and the Jonas Brothers who are proud of their “promise rings.”

Kinds of Couple Rings

Generally, couple rings and promise rings are the same – except for a very small detail. Promise rings may come in different designs and colors,  while couple rings, by tradition and definition, are matched. Of late, however, this is not strictly adhered to. While most come in matching pairs, some are complementary and given for several reasons such as…

Pre-engagement rings

Couples who are on the path of committing themselves to each other but are still not sure of going all the way, exchange “pre-engagement rings” as reminders of their plans for each other.


Couple rings or promise rings may also be exchanged between friends as a form of commitment to make their friendship last no matter how tough and rough life is ahead of them.


This type of couple ring was popularized by celebrities like the Jonas Brothers. This symbolizes the promise of purity or to remain chaste until marriage. This type may be exchanged between parent and child, or between two adults who commit themselves to no one but to each other.


This symbolizes the promise or commitment between couples not to engage in any other type of relationship with others but to themselves.


Wedding couple rings are the ultimate example of couple rings. Marriage unites man and woman for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness or health. And these promises or commitments are manifested by the couple’s rings.

wedding couple rings
Wedding “couple” rings

How to Select the Best Couple Rings

Selecting the best couple of rings is a tricky process. After all, people have different perspectives of what “best” means. Here are a few tips to help you out.


Which finger shall you put it on? Are you going to wear it daily? Bear in mind that the ring finger is reserved for engagement and wedding rings. Your couple’s ring will lose its significance if worn on the same finger.

There are no hard and fast rules about where to put your couple ring on. That being the case, any finger will do – but the ring finger.


The market is full of designs that can make your head spin. Choose a design that reflects your style. Choose similar designs if you and your partner share the same tastes.

Otherwise, you may opt for a complementary ring design. Though both rings may differ somewhat, they share similar attributes to express your sameness as a couple. Should you wish, you may create your own unique couple ring design based on your style or preferences.

One thing to remember, though, is to get the correct ring size. Below is an international ring size chart for your guidance.

International ring size chart
International ring size chart

Metal Type

Choosing the right metal type requires raising your creative imagination to a higher level.

Should you choose to wear matching ring designs, different meal colors would make them uniquely attractive. Even if they are matching designs, they will still look different—from modern elegance to vintage romance.

On the other hand, matching metals such as white gold, platinum, or rose gold for wedding rings will look just as great for complementary designs. It gives an impression of a more united and committed relationship towards one another.

Center stones

Couple rings may come as bare bands, or with gemstones. Diamonds will give them more sparkle; make them look classy.

Round brilliant cut diamonds are the most popular wedding ring center stones. The most elegant, however, is the emerald cut.

A good example is a simple band ring featuring an emerald-shaped, solitaire diamond. Then pair it with a cross-over ring embellished with multiple emerald-shaped diamonds. Or, rose gold rings with one round brilliant-cut diamond on each.


This is how gemstones are set, or mounted, into a metal band. The setting is important as it can display a sense of harmony between the two rings

For example, a classic prong-set solitaire sitting above the band will display all the diamond’s splendor, compared to the same stone embedded into the band.

Or a channel setting that extends around one ring will create an appealing contrast against a row of diamonds that sits flat along the top of the other ring.

The options are endless. You can have a subtle and flourishing design on one ring while a texture band surface on the other.

One thing to remember is to create either an unmistakable similarity between two rings or an appealing contrast.

Where to Buy Couple Rings

Popular as they are, buying them is as easy as crossing a street on a weekend. You can get them from any of the following reputable jewelry stores:

Blue Nile

Blue Nile is an American company founded by Mark Vabon. It operates 25 stores from its headquarters in Seattle, Washington State.

The company’s stunning couple ring sets are all handcrafted in a variety of romantic styles designed to suit every couple’s unique personality. And they are all made from durable materials that can stand the test of time

Johannes Hunter Jewelers

Johannes Hunter Jewelers is family owned and operated since 1988. The company was started by Linda Johannes 1970, a single mom, by selling
turquoise and silver sterling jewelry Native American jewelry on a sideroad in Montana.
Going by the mission, “to bring beauty and happiness into people’s lives,” the company since its formal opening in 1988, has been Colorado Sprng’s premier jewelry store.

Tiffany & Co

Originally an American company, Tiffany & Co is currently owned by LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton, a multinational holding company and the world’s biggest luxury goods company. However, it is still based in New York, U.S.A., and is operating as an independent subsidiary.
The company’s couple ring is an important symbol of connection. Whether you buy a matching pair. or mixed designs, they are all meant so couple can effortlessly reflect their love for one another.


Bulgari was founded in 1884 in Epirus, Greece, by silversmith Sotirios Boulgaris, as a single jewelry shop. Now it is owned by the LVMH Group—the same company that owns Tiffany & Co.

Bulgari couple rings go by its tagline, “A taste of the Italian sweet life,” which speaks for what the company is known for – luxury jewelry watches, fragrances, leather goods, and accessories.

Friendly Diamonds

This U.S.-based company was founded in 2019 by Ayushi Mehta. It is headquartered in New York and specializes in a wide range of lab-created diamond jewelry such as engagement rings, wedding bands, and fine.

It is an online store that allows you to create your jewelry item.

The company also offers an exclusive collection of matching rings for couples in several designs and metal options.

Pandora Jewelry

Pandora is a Danish jewelry company founded by Per Enevoldsen in 1982. Since then, it has made an incredible journey from a local Danish jewelry store to one of the world’s biggest jewelry brands. The company is known for customizable charm bracelets, designer rings, earrings, and necklaces.

Pandora couple rings make a perfect statement for undying commitment to the woman you love.

Couple Rings to Choose From

It is not every day that people buy couple rings. Those who do face the daunting task of choosing a set that fits the purpose.  But not entirely hopeless. For example, the couple ring ideas shown would make you drool.

Round Inlay Band

This is one of VRAI’s jewelry collections.  The company specializes in designing sustainable fine jewelry lines or engagement rings and wedding rings meant to express life’s true moments. Its mission is to bring modern and timeless fine jewelry directly to the customers

gold couple ring
VRAI round inlay band
This simple and elegant couple ring is unisex and features one round diamond on a plain yellow gold band, which may come either as thin or thick,

T Wide Ring

The T is the signature trademark of Tiffany & Co and is one of the company’s iconic collections.
The wide band makes it gender-neutral while the bold “T” engraved on each ring symbolizes connection. It is a tangible reminder of the connections we feel, but can’t always see. This ring can be worn singly or stacked with other Tiffany rings.

Love Wedding Band

These lovely couple’s rings are made by Cartier’s, the erstwhile French company famous for high-end quality jewelry and watches. 
Cartier couple rings
Cartier couple rings
This design has been around since 1970 and has been considered an iconic symbol of true love. The binding closure and screw motif give off the feeling of true permanence and allow for a unique interpretation of one’s love story.

One Band Couple Rings

This couple ring idea is from Bulgari – the leading French company known for its jewelry, watches, perfumes, leather goods, and accessories.
Specifically made with couples in mind, the Bulgari couple rings are a perfect choice for those looking to show their commitment to each other.
The rings feature delicate diamonds in the band to symbolize two hearts united as one. Note: The diamonds are optional. You can buy them without stones.

Couple rings are here to stay

Couple rings have become increasingly popular recently. This is fueled by people’s desire to have a meaningful bond between families and friends. Its cosmopolitan and traditional appeal resonates with people’s nostalgia for their ancestors’ traditions. They also serve as links between modern love stories and new family traditions and heirlooms—between generations.
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