Most Affordable Diamond Shapes 2022

Most Affordable Diamond Shapes 2022: What You Need to Know

Diamond shape jewelry is the new trend for this year. Diamond shape (or cut) is a pretty important element when buying jewelry, especially diamond shapes like round, oval, princess, and marquise. Diamond shape influences the look and feel of the jewelry piece.

Many people who are shopping for diamonds find it surprising that the shape of a diamond can affect its cost. When you buy a diamond, the gem’s cut, quality, color, and clarity are more important than its shape. Likewise, the most expensive diamonds have many carats, while the less expensive ones only have lesser precious metals. 

What diamond shape is most popular 2022? Which diamond shape cost most? What diamond shapes are least expensive? To answer these questions and more, let’s look at the most affordable diamond shapes 2022!

Why Different Diamond Shapes’ Prices Vary

Before we discuss the most inexpensive diamond shapes, let’s look at why the prices of diamonds differ from shape to shape.

Diamonds start as rough stones mined from under the earth’s surface before they become beautiful gems. They then undergo the cutting process. When cut, the percentage of material removed from a diamond can differ for different shapes.

A diamond’s weight decreases by between 20% and 60% during the cutting process. On average, a princess cut diamond uses about 80% of the rough diamond’s original weight. This decrease implies that only 20% of the rough stone goes to waste during cutting.

After cutting and polishing, a round diamond retains only 40% of its original weight. The cutting process removes about 60% of a rough diamond.

The cutting process generates excess material. Any excess diamond material is discarded and cannot be reused to form other diamonds. Because of this process, which impacts the diamond cut quality, prices vary dramatically.

The amount of rough diamond that goes into each shape can vary massively, leading to vast differences in price. You only get a 0.25-carat round diamond with a $5,000 budget. However, this 1-carat princess cut would cost 8% more for the same price.

Why are some diamond shapes more affordable than others?

Fancy diamonds in a woman's hand
Fancy diamonds are among the most affordable diamonds on the market today.

A diamond extraction process involves considerable expense and manpower. The rough diamonds are cut and polished into their final form by highly trained professionals who work with machines that cut, drill, grind and polish the stone. These costly processes are where the price of a diamond comes from; it’s not just about its size.

This process can take anywhere from 6 months to 2 years, depending on the size of the stone. Once this process is complete, we have a beautiful piece of jewelry that can be worn or sold for profit.

The most expensive diamonds are round, followed by princess-cut stones, and then square or emerald-cut diamonds. Oval or pear shapes are the least expensive because they require less time to create than their other counterparts.

What shape diamond is most flattering? The more facets on a diamond, the more expensive it will be. Each facet can reflect light in a different direction, creating an incredible sparkle when viewed from all angles.

To put this into perspective, if you compare two diamonds with similar clarity ratings and carat weights but different shapes; one could cost significantly more than another due to its additional facets.

Many think big diamonds are more valuable than small ones, but this isn’t always true. Diamond cutters work magic to create the best diamond shapes we see today.

A diamond’s shape can substantially impact its overall value, so you need to know the different pricing for each diamond shape. However, several factors influence a diamond’s price, no matter its cut.

We now know how diamonds are priced, the process and aspects involved, and why some are more expensive. Now, let’s take a look at the most reasonably-priced diamonds that made waves in 2020.

Asscher Cut Diamonds

First on the list is the Asscher Cut diamond. This square-cut diamond is known for its strong facets, which make it easy to set and reinvent. Regarded as a “royal” shape, the Asscher cut is also considered very durable and usable in various jewelry pieces.

An Asscher cut diamond
An Asscher cut diamond engagement ring.

This shape is a unique diamond that was introduced in 1902 by the Asscher family. It features square corners, a step-cut crown, and a pavilion. It is one of the most affordable diamond shapes available today.

The Asscher Cut is a square-shaped diamond cut with a point at one end, giving it an octagonal shape. Considered the most affordable of all diamond cuts, an Asscher Cut is the best place to start if you want to get into buying diamonds. This is because this shape is relatively easy to cut and manufacture compared to other shapes (such as marquise or oval).

This cut is gaining popularity as more people are looking for something new. However, it’s not always easy to find due to its rarity compared to other cuts like the round or princess.

The Asscher cut is reminiscent of the Art Deco style popular in the 1920s and 1930s. It looks great with a halo of small diamonds, large baguette-cut stones, or surrounded by gemstones. Many people choose Asscher cut diamonds to go with gleaming, stylish bands.

Although often praised for its near-perfect symmetry, an Asscher-cut diamond can reveal the inclusions and blemishes that might otherwise be invisible to the naked eye. The stone’s cut determines how much light is reflected and refracted. Thus, any flaws in the gem will be accentuated. Even slight imperfections that would be undetectable in other cuts will show up clearly in an Asscher diamond.

Asscher cut size guide
An Asscher cut diamond’s size differences between carat weights versus a US quarter.

You can buy an Asscher cut diamond as small as 0.2 carat or as large as 2 carat. However, the price will vary based on size and quality. For example, a 1-carat Asscher Cut could cost between $4,000 and $13,000. However, the price would drop by about 25% if you purchase a 0.5-carat version instead. (See an Asscher cut’s size differences in various carat weights.)

Cushion Diamonds

A cushion cut diamond is another popular shape that has a square shape with rounded corners. It’s similar to the princess cut in its appearance but has more facets and, therefore, is more reflective.

This classic square diamond shape can be found in many different sizes, depending on how much money you want to spend on it. One of the most popular and classic cuts, the cushion cut diamond looks very similar to an emerald cut minus the pointed corners.

These diamonds are an excellent choice for those looking for something that stands out from the crowd but isn’t too flashy or ostentatious. This cut is also one of the most affordable available on the market today, so if you’re looking for something that won’t break your budget, this may be right up your alley!

It’s also known for its stunning fire and brilliance, which makes it perfect for any occasion. Cushion cut diamonds are available in many shapes—square, rectangular, or oval—and come in all sizes, from small to extra-extra large.

Cushion Cut Diamond rings
Cushion cut diamond rings

Just like the Asscher cut, it’s also one of the most affordable and a good place to start if you want to get into buying diamonds. This is because they are relatively easy to cut and manufacture compared to other shapes (such as the marquise or oval).

When you buy a cushion cut diamond, its price ranges from $400 up to $10,000. This cut is gaining popularity as more people are looking for something new. However, it’s not always easy to find due to its rarity compared to other cuts like the round or princess. 

Because of its depth, a cushion diamond may appear smaller than other diamonds with similar weight. From above, it can look smaller than a similar diamond. Most of the cushion’s weight is hidden beneath its visible surface, like an iceberg.

Emerald Diamonds

Next in line are Emerald cut diamonds, also known as hexagonal or step cut. These diamonds are often confused with the emerald shape, which is a rectangular-shaped diamond. There’s a lot of confusion over what constitutes an emerald cut diamond, but most agree that they are stunning and eye-catching.

They have an elongated shape with pointed ends, similar to a rectangle with rounded corners. These diamonds are cut so that they reflect light from many different angles, giving them their unique look.

Emerald cut diamond ring
An emerald cut diamond ring.

The Emerald cut is a rectangular stone with a square or rectangular face surrounded by round corners. This cut was initially designed as an alternative to emeralds but has since been adapted for diamond use. A perfect emerald cut diamond will have 57 facets, with a pointed crown and long tapering pavilion.

This cut is more expensive than the cushion cut because it’s much harder to manufacture and, as such, is considered more valuable by diamond experts. If you have a budget range of $494 to $13,425, you can afford a 1-carat Emerald cut diamond.

However, a notable drawback of emerald cuts is that they tend to be less brilliant than round, princess, or cushion-cut stones.

Radiant Diamonds

So which diamond cut sparkles the most? The answer to this question is our last entry—radiant cut diamonds. This diamond cut offers 58 facets, with a pointed crown and a narrow pavilion. The cut is designed to reflect light in many directions, making it sparkle more than other cuts.

Radiant diamonds are very popular because they look beautiful no matter what angle they’re viewed from. The radiant cut is very similar to the emerald cut diamond, with the only difference being that it has more facets.

However, some modified radiant cuts can have a maximum of 70 facets. Also used for manufacturing round brilliant diamonds, the radiant cut is a classic, timeless, elegant diamond cut that is perfect for everyday wear.

This cut is designed to maximize brilliance and fire while minimizing weight loss during production. This is the most popular diamond cut, and it’s easy to see why.

It has a round, brilliant face with sharp edges and corners, which makes it look larger than other cuts. This cut also has additional facets that increase its brightness and fire, making it an excellent choice for those who want their diamonds to sparkle.

These are among the most popular diamonds and are considered the most brilliant. They have a square shape and are also cut with 58 facets, a pointed crown, and a long tapering pavilion.

This cut is more expensive than the cushion cut because it’s much more difficult to manufacture and is considered more valuable by diamond experts. When you buy a Radiant cut diamond, it’s best to know its price range beforehand. For instance, a 1-carat Radiant cut diamond costs from $668 to $12,030.

However, a radiant cut’s added depth will make it appear smaller versus other cuts of the same carat weight when viewed at an angle. Moreover, radiant-cut diamonds are less brilliant when in an extra-protective bezel setting.

radiant cut diamond ring
A radiant cut diamond wedding ring.

The Most Affordable Diamond Shapes Also Sparkle the Most

There you have it, four of the most affordable diamond shapes 2022. Undoubtedly, the Asscher cut, Cushion cut, Emerald cut, and Radiant cut diamonds offer exceptional value from a carat weight perspective. These diamond shapes’ value range from 30% to as much as 44% less per carat versus the round-cut diamond with the same color and clarity. 

It’s clear that many fancy cuts like these four diamond shapes offer excellent value for money, provided the size of the diamond is your top concern. For this reason, a fancy-shaped diamond is an awesome option if you’re looking for a large center stone. Finally, remember that diamonds should be purchased based on budget, neckline, and lifestyle.

Before you go, you’ll surely be interested to know more about diamond shapes in our post, “The Diamond Shape: Things You Need to Know.”