The Top Engagement Ring Styles

The Top Engagement Ring Styles: Which Works For You?

Choosing the right engagement ring can be a science in itself. After all, every bride’s dream is to signal the start of their ever-after with a gorgeous engagement ring. But even before you say “I do,” it’s good to know and communicate which of the engagement ring styles you would prefer to have.

Whether you buy the ring with your beau or you receive it the moment you say that sweet “yes,” it pays to choose the one that suits you best.

What Kind of Ring Styles Are There?

As more designs and materials emerge, the jewelry industry can’t seem to help but evolve along with it. What’s brilliant about engagement rings today is that they have become more than just the symbol of one’s future relationship that’s about to be official and binding. It has also become the expression of one’s shared identity as a couple.

Round Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Perhaps the most asked question is “What style should an engagement ring be?” And tradition seems to dictate that the round cut diamond always dominates this scene. Since the round cut creates a very brilliant center stone, it’s no wonder it always takes the stage in as far as people’s preferences go.

But even this kind of stone can be highly influenced by the craftsman that cuts the diamond. This stone needs a lot of precision, from getting the most ideal proportions to achieving the highest level of sparkle.

round cut diamond ring
Round cuts always take a big chunk of engagement ring preferences. making it quite the coveted classic.

The Oval Trend

Round cuts may be the top-of-mind engagement ring style for most future brides, but there’s another rounded cut that’s making its own waves in the scene. Many young brides seem to follow this trend, as it often appears in a lot of social media posts. In fact, The Knot found in a survey that a majority of engaged women seem to prefer an oval-cut engagement ring. It saw a steep rise of more than 10% since it first started gaining popularity in 2015.

Until now, when one asks, “What style of engagement ring is most popular?” it’s no surprise to hear the oval-cut engagement ring on top of the list. For starters, many recently-engaged celebrities have been adding the oval engagement ring to their collections. This makes them the perfect inspiration for future brides.

It also helps that an oval-cut gemstone of any color seems to accentuate one’s hand, as opposed to other shapes. An oval cut stone can make one’s finger appear elongated. Additionally, because of this unique illusion, it’s just as easy for the gemstone to appear larger than its actual size and price tag. It’s a literal bang for one’s buck in so many ways.

Trilogy or Trinity Rings

A classic but highly personalizable engagement ring style would have to be the trinity rings. When first-time jewelry buyers inquire, “What are the 3 rings of engagement?” this is usually what they are pertaining to.

The three gemstones represent the past, present, and future, a sentiment that many people like to incorporate in an important piece of jewelry. The left stone represents the past, while the right stone is for the future. And appropriately, the center stone or the symbol of the present, always appears as the bigger center stone. Aesthetically, it looks beautiful with its symmetrical flair. But figuratively, it also appeals to the wearer to always be in the present and to make it matter more.

Toi et moi Ring

Want to embody both yourself and your beau in your ring? Then you may want to have a toi et moi style for your engagement ring. Inspired by the French style and adapted by several celebrities, the toi et moi ring stands for “you and me.” One of Ariana Grande’s engagement rings features this very style.

Among the many engagement ring styles, this one defies the usual one-stone look. Even so, it does not take away the charm and appeal of the traditional ring. If you can’t decide between two gemstones, you can even combine them in one ring, just so you can have a mix-and-match layout.


toi et moi engagement ring
Toi et moi rings are beautiful not only to look at, but also in reference to what the gemstones mean.

Best of all, the toi et moi ring style may be among the easiest ways to get creative with customization. Not only can you choose the kind and cut of the two gemstones, but you can even add more designs. Some toi et moi rings have add-ons for the setting, like John and Jackie Kennedy’s famous emerald and diamond dual-stone ring. Others may make use of the settings with pave finish to create their signature style.

Alternative Colored Gemstones

While the usual engagement ring styles mostly feature clear diamonds as the center stone, the younger market seems to be looking at alternative gemstones instead. One type of alternative stone are sustainable or ethically-sourced gemstones.

Recently, more diamond and jewelry makers have started to explore options on sustainably making fine jewelry. Diamonds can now be sourced in other ways besides mining. Air diamonds, or those that have been carbon sequestered into precious jewels, have become available in different collections.

Jewelry makers have also been making headlines when it comes to colored precious stones. Even though they may not be the classic clear diamonds, they still possess their own charm. With many celebrities also opting for trendier and unique engagement rings, jewelry enthusiasts have more design options to choose from.

The Sparkling Bling

Just because the center stone takes the main stage does not mean the supporting ones can’t make your engagement ring unique. In some cases, the setting can be the main attraction or a strong support feature.

Pave settings, where smaller diamonds line up the band leading to the center stone, have become quite the rage. They create a sparkling line that gives a much better aesthetic to one’s ring. Best of all, they can match most setting styles. This makes it easy to customize your engagement ring and make it truly yours.

Vintage Engagement Rings

When part of wedding tradition says “something borrowed,” it’s no coincidence that some gentlemen would want to propose using a family ring or an engagement ring that has been passed down. Not only does this hold a romantic notion, but it may hold a very unique setting and look for the bride’s engagement ring.

When one says “vintage engagement ring styles,” there seems to be a shared image that comes to mind. Many antique rings feature milgrain detailing. This creates a rich intricate finish following the metal edging pattern that jewelry makers do to dot an area of the ring.

Other antique rings take advantage of designing the ring setting. From engraving each other’s names or important dates, to having a master craftsman forge one-of-a-kind designs on the band.

Gender-neutral Rings

If you want to take the concept of unique engagement rings to the next level, you may want to try gender-neutral rings. With all of the progress in terms of people’s attitudes towards acceptance and inclusivity, it’s not surprising to find rings that allow people to express themselves in a unique way.

More recently, some celebrities have shown their support for these trends, especially for engagement rings. Granted, the traditional look for engagement rings remains the dainty single-stone style with a thin band. Yet more individuals now favor a chunkier look to their love rings, some of which look more rugged and androgynous on their finger.

This also broadens the horizon for setting styles. Wider bands present numerous ways of showcasing gemstones on the rings. What’s more, it’s easy to make engravings on thicker bands, allowing for a different look altogether.

scrabble tiles spelling the word LOVE
Creating memorabilia rings can be an emotional experience in itself.

Memorabilia Rings

Have a number of rings in your collection that are too sentiment-laden to throw or give away, but ones you no longer use? Why not create a new ring out of them? The socially-conscious movement in fine jewelry taps artisanal jewelry makers who can accommodate your design requests.

It may not be the easiest to obtain or the least expensive option. But between having your own one-of-a-kind ring and incorporating sentiments along the way, it will definitely do justice to one of your endgame rings.

How To Know If Your Engagement Ring Matches Your Style

With so many engagement ring styles to choose from, how do you know which one to get? Here are some easy fool-proof ways to get started. This works even for those who just started their jewelry collection, and may not have that much experience in buying their one fine jewelry.

Try them on!

Online shops may have made many activities far more convenient than going store to store. Buying engagement rings, like the one in this Diamond Nexus review, via online stores definitely make things easier. However, for far more personal fine jewelry like engagement rings, it may still be better to try them on during your own shopping.

This goes for couples who prefer the practical approach. After all, some brides-to-be still want the surprise of seeing the engagement ring for the first time during the proposal.

Get a sense of how you want things done first. There are benefits to knowing your engagement ring beforehand, especially if you yourself have a number of requests. Better yet, make a day out of it with your beau! Couple rings are also just as big a fad you may want to try.

couple holding hands
Nothing beats knowing the feel of your engagement ring before you even hit the “Buy now” button.

Look at catalogs before making a purchase

Whether you want to go shopping online or go through different stores to see what’s available, it does not hurt to know what’s available beforehand. Stores usually have their catalogs, and they often feature bestsellers, as well as the details of the selections.

This also makes sense when buying more unique engagement rings like antique collections. Some jewelry makers and even collectors may have their own collections up for sale. Going through a collection beforehand can help you make a temporary shortlist for jewelry designers that you want to visit first.

Factors that can affect an engagement rings' price
Knowing the factors that can affect your engagement ring’s price tag help make those harder decisions (Source:

Take an engagement ring styles quiz

There’s a quiz for almost anything these days, and engagement rings are no exception. These quizzes also present different perspectives on how to think of not only your engagement ring, but even how that works into your routine.

Some engagement ring quizzes focus on the style of the ring. This helps those who want to make sure that they can wear their rings for any outfit that they have. Other quizzes focus on how your engagement ring should be, so it can fit your lifestyle. For example, more active women would want to avoid very soft or sensitive metals in their engagement rings, to avoid tarnishing. Some may also want to go with harder gemstones to avoid chipping.

Take these engagement ring quizzes with a grain of salt, but look at the advice they also give. They may have good considerations for you to try and explore.

Finding the best engagement ring for you can be easy if you know where to start. A good starting point is this article “10 Famous Gemstone Engagement Rings to Put a Sparkle On Your Finger.”