Alex and Ani Arrows of Friendship Charm Bangle

Why Wear A Bangle

No one can live alone—we all need someone to help make life easier. This is why friendships are essential to every person’s life. So, if you have friends that make life more bearable for you, make sure you show them that you value them. And one way to celebrate your life’s best friendships is by wearing jewelry inspired by it.

Friendship bangles may be simple, but they carry a lot of meaning. They are bright and light and quite easy to notice. Most of all, a bangle—like the Alex and Ani Arrows of Friendship Charm Bangle is a testament to the good and the bad one has to go through and the exciting things ahead.

Alex and Ani Arrows of Friendship Charm Bangle

Bangle Materials & Design

The Alex and Ani Arrows of Friendship Charm Bangle is an ideal option if you want to wear your love for your friend on your sleeves. In its simple way, this Alex and Ani creation showcases how much your chosen friend means to you.

In this bracelet, you have a basic silver bangle holding five different charms. If a shiny silver finish is not to your taste, you can easily go for a shiny rose gold one. The different charms include four simple ones with the same color as the bangle you chose. It features the Alex and Ani logo and other details related to the brand.

What catches your eye, however, is the main charm of this bangle. It has a huge charm in a shade of light blue for silver and lavender for rose gold, with arrows giving life to the design. The arrows represent how great spending time with your best friend can be. The design is imagined as two arrows crossed in the center, meeting at the heart.

Through this beautiful charm, honor and cherish your closest friends, deepest connections, and the people who are always there to cheer you on. Feel free to grab one for yourself and another for your friend. In one simple gesture, you can make this bracelet a matchy token of your friendship! Don’t worry about sizing too much. These bangles are designed to be adjustable. You can give as much as two to three and a half inches allowance should you need to do some adjustments.

Once you’re ready, just click the link above to learn more about the piece.

Vendor Name: Alex and Ani
Price: $39

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