Alex and Ani Tiger's Eye Beaded Bangle

Alex and Ani Tiger’s Eye Beaded Bangle

Why Wear A Bangle

When people pick out the right jewelry to wear, they often take various things into considerations before picking out one. For a lot of jewelry enthusiasts, choosing the right accessory also involves finding the right gemstones and the meaning that resonates the most to them.

For instance, when you think about Tiger’s Eye, what comes to mind? Tiger’s Eye is a type of Chalcedony, a cryptocrystalline form of silica. Technically, it is made up of quartz and moganite. If you think about the meaning behind Tiger’s Eye, there’s a lot to consider.

Tiger’s Eye is believed to be connected to both the root and sacral chakra. This means it comes with a lot of healing and balancing properties for both physical and emotional well-being. It is the perfect pick for people who want to take charge of their power and enjoy bold, encouraging energy. Aside from its undeniable beauty, Tiger’s Eye serves as a reminder to bring beautiful self-confidence to share light and love. And what better way to wear Tiger’s Eye than on a bangle.

If you’re on the hunt for a good piece with this beautiful gem, you should consider getting the Alex and Ani Tiger’s Eye Beaded Bangle. 

Alex and Ani Tiger's Eye Beaded Bangle

Bangle Materials & Design

The Alex and Ani Tiger’s Eye Beaded Bangle is a perfect pick if you’re looking for a Tiger’s Eye piece to add to your collection. Even from afar, you will notice the line of Tiger’s Eye gemstones that is complemented by Rafaelian Silver beads. Whether you wear it stacked with other bangles or on its own, this bangle is enough to brighten and balance your day.

When you wear this bracelet with genuine Tiger’s Eye gemstones, you must expect that the colors you get may vary. The colors are natural, so they may be available in various shades of brown. Don’t worry, these variations are what make them special.

Aside from the array of beads and stone, this bangle also comes with a charm that celebrates the positive energy you can get from Tiger’s Eye and the signature Alex and Ani logo charm. You will also notice that in one part, you have the adjustable area where you can change the length and add two to three and a half inches to the total length.

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