Brilliant Earth Ballad Eternity Diamond Ring (1/3 Cttw)

Brilliant Earth Ballad Eternity Diamond Ring (1/3 Cttw)

Why Wear an Eternity Ring

If there is one kind of ring that can encompass a wide range of milestones and festivities, it would be the eternity ring. Its design is unique, given the diamonds that go around the ring. The band feels like a solid band of diamonds, particularly given the right setting and good-quality diamonds that give it an extra sparkle.

In some cases, eternity rings feature a youthful vibe, especially when paired with the ideal metal. Some people give eternity rings as a sign of a bond or promise. Nowadays, promise rings don’t seem to make headlines as much as engagement rings. However, the act of giving a promise ring is just as romantic.

Unlike engagement rings, which already carry the next step of marriage, promise rings come with a promise unique to a couple. Some couples promise to be with each other forever. Others give it as a sign of fidelity even if they have not yet popped the big question. Some partners even exchange promise rings, because each has a specific promise to the other.

Whether it’s young love or a promise of a future together someday, eternity rings like the Brilliant Earth’s Ballad Eternity Diamond Ring (1/3 Cttw) may be what you are looking for.

Brilliant Earth Ballad Eternity Diamond Ring (1/3 Cttw)

Eternity Ring Materials & Design

Brilliant Earth’s quaint eternity ring features an intricate scalloped pave setting. Round cut diamonds line up the band while sculpted prongs hold the diamonds in place. To keep each diamond intact, they are cushioned inside the metal, with only the top area of the diamonds exposed. Depending on the size of the ring, the diamonds can range from 38 to 50 pieces per ring. Each of these stones has an S11 clarity and a color range of F or G.

Looking to personalize your promise ring? Choose from four kinds of metal, including white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, and platinum. This bejeweled band features a style that is simple enough for everyday wear, but delicate and memorable for such an important piece of jewelry.

Brilliant Earth also offers personalization options for this ring. For an additional $40, you can engrave your and your partner’s initials on the inside of the ring.

Interested in getting your partner a promise ring that fits the bill and the budget? Click on the link and check it out.