Brilliant Earth Tiara Eternity Diamond Ring (1/4 Cttw)

Brilliant Earth Tiara Eternity Diamond Ring (1/4 Cttw)

Why Wear a Sculpted Eternity Ring

Brides feel like princesses on their wedding day. And what better way to complete the look than with an eternity ring? Eternity rings come in different designs, but among the more intricate ones are the tiara-shaped rings.

Even though it’s the first day as husband and wife, eternity rings make for a great gift to celebrate this new beginning. Typically, wives wear eternity bands on the same finger as a wedding ring. Thus, designs that allow for stackable rings make for even better eternity rings.

If you have an engagement ring, you can opt for a stack of rings. To get the best mix of stacked rings, make sure you have a variety of sizes for the bands. A wedding ring can have a wider band if you have a matching pair with your partner’s ring. Engagement rings usually have a stone in the middle, with bands that vary in thickness and texture.

Since the bands can also come in different metals, you may want to decide if you want to match the metals, or if you want to mix them up. Matching the metals of eternity rings works best when you have a variety of stones to work with. Different colored stones set on a particular metal transform your stacked rings into a beautiful canvas for your precious stones to stand out.

Whichever style you go with, Brilliant Earth’s Tiara Eternity Diamond Ring (1/4 cttw) may tickle your fancy with its unique style.

Brilliant Earth Tiara Eternity Diamond Ring (1/4 Cttw)

Eternity Ring Materials & Design

Most people believe that eternity rings only come in the pave or channel setting. While this elegant design is a classic choice, different settings can also make a single design. This kind of setting works best for a combination of diamond cuts.

Brilliant Earth brings out the best in combined settings with its Tiara Eternity Diamond Ring. This ring comes in four metals of choice: white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, and platinum. Consisting of round diamonds all around the ring, each one is set in bezel and pave.

What stands out in this ring is the setting. The setting alternates between a marquise and a round metal mold. Each round setting features one diamond stone and makes use of the bezel setting. The marquise-shaped setting encloses two round stones. they are also secured by four prongs, one on each side of the stones while two shared prongs secure both stones in the middle. The edges of the metal encasements are intricately carved to create small patterns that give even more texture to the ring.

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