David Porter 14k Natural Kashmir Pink/Purple Sapphire Ring

Why Wear A Sapphire Engagement Ring

Do you ever feel curious about the most unique gemstones? How about the Kashmir Sapphire?

Kashmir Sapphire is a rare gemstone that will satisfy the most curious of jewelry collectors. Aside from the fact that it is hard to find, it is popular because of its superior quality. The gem contains the best details that gem lovers will surely go crazy for, especially its superior cornflower blue tint.

With its supreme and excellent quality, experts dub this gem as the King of the Sapphire World. Not only that, but compared to other stones, the Kashmir is more expensive because of its character and, of course, the exclusivity of having one would bring you.

Have you been looking for an engagement ring that is rare, distinctly beautiful, and highly valuable? Well, you have just found it here in this David Porter14k Natural Kashmir Pink/Purple Sapphire Ring.

David Porter14k Natural Kashmir Pink/Purple Sapphire Ring.

Sapphire Engagement Ring and Design

This engagement ring shows nobility, perfection, and greatness. In fact, a closer look will surely take your breath away. Its authenticity has been verified by a Gemological Institute of America (GIA) report. It is a thorough and unbiased assessment that the experts do in order to certify the legitimacy of the gemstone. So, you can rest assured that you get the best.

Additionally, this sapphire is free from extra treatments. This means that what has been taken on the ground is exactly what was used in making this ring. Hence, the gemstone is pure and did not go through alteration processes like heating or chemical treatments.

With that, you can be sure that you are purchasing an authentic rare Kashmir Sapphire engagement ring. You will appreciate that the item is worth the cost, and at David Porter’s, it is available for a reasonable price.

The pink and purple sapphire center stone leaves little room to ask for more. Especially up close, the colors are truly hard to resist.  The center stone becomes even more pronounced with the diamonds around it, emphasizing the captivating beauty of the gem.

Aside from that, there are diamonds from the side stones up to the middle half of the shank. These diamonds have a .75 carat weight, which makes them very easy to wear, even for long periods.

Meanwhile, 14k rose gold material gives the shank an undeniable beauty. Rose gold is an amazing color that is suitable for engagement rings because of its meaning for love and relationship. It is a popular choice for events like this.

Purchase this rare engagement ring and add a rare beauty to mark a special occasion. You can place your order through David Porter’s website to make sure you get the best quality.