David Porter 4k White Gold and Green Sapphire Ring

Why Wear An Engagement Ring

Of the multitude of jewelry styles that would knock on your heart, vintage designs are bound to catch your attention. After all, going for styles that were famous many years ago is the trendy thing these days. There is no denying this, nothing will scream nostalgia like vintage jewelry.

How about rings for special occasions? Firstly, engagement rings that bring nostalgia are a uniquely lovable choice that can surprise any woman. Perhaps, it is because vintage styles have a different visual impact that will bring joy and delight to any person interested in collecting rings, or someone who will be asked a very special question.

If you are looking for something that will last forever, going for a timeless classic will be a good investment. After all, going for this type of engagement ring will bring you something that can be passed on from one generation to another.

David Porter White Gold and Sapphire Filigree Ring

Engagement Ring Materials and Design

Feeling unsure? You should take a look at this David Porter creation. This David Porter White Gold and Sapphire Filigree Ring is amazingly beautiful. This engagement ring has splendid details that make it a timeless piece of jewelry. Truly, you have found a great alternative to diamonds by going for a beautiful green sapphire. Overall, the blending of designs allows you to have an ageless look with vintage appeal.

Moreover, the unique texture of the surface enhances the unique metalwork throughout the setting. To end up with this beauty, jewelers mix white gold with metals like copper, nickel, and zinc, which strengthens this precious band. Plus, the engagement ring showcases 14k white gold decorations on its shank.

For a fancy look, the head of the ring highlights the green sapphire center stone, which when worn right, can make your jaw drop. After all, the green sapphire is an impressive gem that gives off a precious, antique vibe.

But regardless of the image, this ring looks perfect on a woman who wants to unleash a classic appearance. Overall, the green sapphire makes the perfect choice for an engagement ring because it is often used to exhibit the values of loyalty and trust.

If you own a piece of jewelry with this level of quality, you can use it for decades and even pass it on to the next generations within your family. 

Vintage styles always give off elegance no matter how long the passage of time. With this David Porter 14k White Gold and Green Sapphire Ring, you’ll be putting an authentic and spectacular gem on your fiance’s finger. 

Don’t wait too long to bend a knee and ask the most awaited question. Get your hands on this gorgeous engagement ring, which is on davidporter.com.