Ring Shopping: What You Need To Remember For Wedding Rings

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How to buy a wedding ring?

To be able to buy the best wedding ring, discuss with your beau the style that you want. Factors to consider include the 4Cs, especially if you are planning to have a few stones on your bands. It’s also good to discuss the design—will you have the same design or will you go for a his-and-hers style? Finally, it’s good to consider aftercare services, preferably from a trusted jeweler.

Part of planning out your dream wedding is talking about wedding rings. It’s one of the things that will last beyond the moment you say “I do” and it can be the constant reminder of that special day.

Things To Remember For Wedding Rings

This means that many factors should be considered so you can get the perfect band for you and him. Here is an easy yet comprehensive guide so you know where and how to start setting plans and discussions about wedding rings.

Before Buying: Some Must-Knows Of Shopping For Rings

For the most part, women usually have more knowledge and know-how when it comes to buying rings and jewelry. But this does not mean that all the decision-making should be left to you. Remember, your wedding rings will become a tangible symbol of your love. It’s good to be reminded of it with a nice sparkle and design, right?

Before you go to a store to inquire and buy a pair of bands, doing research does wonders to expand your knowledge base and options.

Always consider the 4Cs of precious gems

Any talk about rings and diamonds always entails examining the 4Cs. Jewelry enthusiasts know that the 4Cs are important because they can help guide whether you can get the most value out of your ring and the rock on it.

Some put emphasis on the carat weight of the diamond. It’s a common misconception to believe that the higher the carat, the better the diamond. It contributes to an extent, but it is not the only deciding factor. Bigger carat diamonds may seem like must-haves, but if you forget factors like color, it can easily look like a big but dull stone.

In terms of color, colorless diamonds hold the premium position for being quality rocks with high price tags. Yet this does not mean premium will always be best, as it can be affected by other factors. The cut of the diamond can determine whether you will have a brilliant diamond. Sometimes, the carat and size of the diamond won’t matter much if the stone is poorly cut.

Lastly, there’s clarity; this determines whether your diamonds will have flaws. Some immediately go for flawless diamonds, because they believe this to be the best. Oftentimes, flawless diamonds are very rare, which makes them expensive. Some diamonds with slight inclusions can have significantly lower price tags while maintaining a clear appearance to the naked eye.

All of these four characteristics should be considered when buying a wedding ring. If you ever wondered, “Does wearing a wedding ring make you more attractive?” the answer is yes—especially if the ring maximizes the 4Cs. It proves that you have thought long and hard and given ample considerations before making that purchase.

Always consider the 4Cs when buying rings, especially when you opt to have stone-studded bands.

Pick a design that complements or contrasts your engagement ring

When your beau popped the question, chances are he did it with an engagement ring in hand. This can already be your first step when you are looking for a wedding band.

Some women like matching their engagement rings with their wedding bands. You can wear these two rings as a pair even for everyday use.

A good tip on how to pick a wedding band that complements the engagement ring is to go with the same metal for the band. For some rings, the band can be a make or break feature. Unless the band is lined with smaller precious stones, the color of the band can carry the appearance of the ring.

If you have a rose gold band, try to find a wedding band of the same metal or tone. Gold works best for this combination. Both rose gold and gold offer a traditional feel for the ring.

In contrast, if your engagement ring has a cooler metal, like silver or white gold, try to choose a wedding band from the same spectrum. Pewter can also work in this combination. Your goal is to match the two rings, so they can be worn together without the colors clashing.

Discuss whether you want stones or not

In line with the kind of band, it’s also good to decide whether your wedding band will have stones. Again, the kind of stone on your engagement ring can be a good starting point for deciding what to use on your wedding band.

Diamonds are a staple in wedding bands. Additionally, they complement most colored stones. Even if your engagement ring has a colored precious gem, it will not clash with its design. If you want to go for the less traditional route, keep in mind the rules for colors. As much as you want some freedom for your preference, remember that your engagement ring and wedding band need to look like a pair if you plan to wear them as such.

Issues to Resolve Before Heading Out to Buy

Once you have decided on the bigger matters, it’s time to move on to the minute details of the wedding ring. Some questions, such as “Do you need 2 rings for marriage?” or “Do you go traditional or modern?” may all depend on your taste.

Common metals or alternatives?

Traditionally, wedding rings should match in terms of metal type and design. If your beau wears a plain band, then you also wear one of the same design. It’s the easiest way to spot that your rings are a pair and therefore, so are the two of you.

Traditionally, the bride and groom will have the same design for their wedding rings. But a common trend can go on a different approach.

However, weddings and traditions also change with the times. What may seem unthinkable before can now be common practice. This also goes for choosing the type of metal to use on your wedding bands.

Nowadays, some couples prefer having different metals for their wedding rings. One potential reason for this is wear-and-tear. Some people have very active lifestyles. Some may sweat a lot, which can contribute to the immediate wear-and-tear of certain types of metals. Some may even be allergic and require special types of metals for their wedding bands.

Those with these issues may prefer metals that are heavy-duty and won’t tarnish easily. On the other hand, some women may prefer traditional colored wedding bands or even rose gold metals. These can be more delicate and require more stringent maintenance. Just because your partner needs titanium or pewter does not mean you cannot get that dainty rose gold metal band. Just make sure to discuss this with your partner.

Stones or plain bands?

Another common misconception is that wedding bands need to be plain, especially when you want to pair up. In reality, there are his and her styles of wedding rings, and there is absolutely no reason why you cannot subscribe to this idea.

When choosing from the different types of wedding bands for her, you may want to consider styles that complement that engagement ring. If you’re the type to think ahead, some jewelers may also offer a bridal set that has both a wedding ring and an engagement ring.

For male wedding bands, they may prefer a no-fuss, no-frills kind of design. Still, there are certain band styles, like a herringbone design or a matte finish. This boils down to preference—go with your gut, but make the decision as a pair.

Custom-made or ready-made?

Many custom jewelers also make men’s wedding bands that are stylish and unique. Just because it’s a man’s ring does not mean the design no longer matters.

The easiest way would be to find a ring that’s ready-made to your liking. Some jewelers create ready-made wedding rings for couples. For some, the biggest risk would be the ring sizing; some may need to make adjustments that can add to the price. Some ring designs can make for easier adjustment, though you may need to get accustomed to the design.

If you have more budget and time to spare, consider customized wedding rings. Just like diamond rings, wedding bands are an investment. You will wear them every day, so it’s best to create the design that you want using the metal that best suits your lifestyle.

Matching wedding bands may be nice, but if you prefer a daintier design, it works better when you have a running theme for your couple rings.

Mix or match?

Ring style can differ for men and women. Most women would prefer a daintier appearance, while most men would prefer simple designs and a wider band. You can opt to have different designs, depending on your choice.

However, this is also where customized rings can have an advantage. Even if they are of different designs, you can have them made in such a way that there are noticeable similarities. Think of this as a his-and-hers style for the ring. You can choose to have the same metal, the same setting, or the same stone. It can even be subtler differences, such as fine details included in both rings.

Who buys which?

Talks about expenses can be a tricky thing, but it’s good to have it out in the open early on in your relationship. Men usually buy engagement rings. Some do it on the sly so they can surprise their future brides. Others prefer to shop with their partners to ensure that they will get the best design and style possible.

Because of this, you may wonder, “Should the woman buy the man’s wedding ring?” This depends on your set-up. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to budgeting and spending. This is why it’s best to talk it out with your partner and make a decision before heading out to the store.

Useful Tips When Buying

Once everything is settled, it’s time to choose a store. It goes without saying that you should have a trusted jeweler or at least choose to go with one you have researched. Buying wedding jewelry will entail more than just the immediate occasion—ideally, you’ll be wearing it for the rest of your life.

Don’t wait until the last minute

This applies to many steps in your purchase process. Don’t wait to find a jewelry store you will buy from. Don’t wait until the last minute to actually make the purchase. And, most especially, don’t wait until the month of the wedding to start scouting for potential designs.

Granted, there are shotgun and sudden weddings, and ideally, the ring design will not affect your relationship. But if and when you can plan out these aspects, it’s better to aim for a more planned out approach when arranging anything related to your happy ever after.

Setting a budget for your ring purchase can help narrow down your choices, making it easier to decide as you get close to the wedding day.

Have a budget in mind

Even in the flurry of planning for the ceremony, never forget to stick with the budget you planned out. As much as you may want your wedding to be perfect, always be mindful of how much you spend.

That said, many brides ask, “How much should you spend on a woman’s wedding band?” Given that you already have an engagement ring, it’s not surprising for you to consider budget cuts with the wedding band.

This can depend on the couple, so make sure to discuss your budget early on. It can affect other decisions, such as ring style, customization plans, and even the diamonds that you may want on the bands. Remember, embellishments can add to the price tag, so if you plan on personalizing your wedding bands, put this up on the top of your to-do list early on.

Buy together with your beau

If you ask “How to choose a wedding ring for a man?” Even though women appear to be more in charge of the details such as the wedding bands, consider buying the ring together. Besides, men these days have become more drawn to jewelry than ever. More than getting the right style for the ring, this can be your first big and significant purchase as a couple.

If you are shopping for ready-made wedding rings, buying together saves you the hassle of calling or sending photos to confirm. Take some time out of your schedule and set this as an activity for the two of you.

Think of aftercare services

Keeping your wedding rings sparking will need more than just frequent at-home cleaning. You need to take them to the jeweler on a regular basis, especially for rings with more complicated settings. This will prevent any loose or lost stones.

If you don’t want to keep worrying about your ring, go for simpler designs and tarnish-proof metals. But don’t forget to give your rings a regular cleaning either!

Part of aftercare services is careful deliberation before even buying the ring. Know which type of steel can match your lifestyle and your needs. ║ Source: camokix.com

Search for jewelers who offer warranties

Given the need for aftercare services, it’s important to tap jewelers who offer worthwhile warranties. Warranties may cover some aftercare services, or they may be helpful when you need resizing.

Some jewelers may even have a wedding ring matcher to help in your quest to find the one pair of rings for you. Again, think of this as an investment. You will most likely buy jewelry in the future, so finding a trusted jeweler can save you time for those future purchases.

If you want to read more about how to take care of your engagement ring, check out “No-No’s of Engagement Rings: Things To Avoid To Keep Your Bling Sparkling.”

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