Ultimate Shopping Guide For Engagement Rings: What You and Your Partner Need To Know

Even in modern times, buying engagement rings can become a big deal. It’s not about the price but rather the thought that goes into buying it. After all, it signals the start of an official life together. Because after your partner pops the question, this is when the wedding bells start to resound in the near future.

What You Should Know Before Purchasing An Engagement Ring

Whether you are looking forward to getting that engagement ring or you are looking to shop with your partner, it’s good to prepare with these simple tips. It may just be a simple ring, but you would want to associate it with happy memories instead of the headaches and hassles of the purchase.

Questions to Ask Before Making That Big Buy

Before jumping the gun or even going window shopping, it’s good to lay out a plan before anything else. Treat engagement rings in the same way; it is still a considerable expense. Moreover, it involves a lot of decisions that you may share with your significant other.

Here are a few questions that you may want to explore and answer before booking a shopping date.

What do I need to know before buying an engagement ring?

This is probably the biggest question that a lot of future grooms are asking. Tradition dictates that men will buy the engagement ring so they can pop the question alongside giving the ring to their partners. Times have started to change, however, buying the ring with your beau is not an issue.

If anything, it can even make the process smoother. If you prefer buying the ring with your partner so you can inject your own preferences, it’s the perfect time to do this.

Is it OK to try on engagement rings?

Consider this a non-negotiable when you buy the engagement ring. You need to try an engagement ring, whether it is customized or ready-to-buy in shops.

Even jewelers who customize require trying on the ring using a model ring. This is a very important step, even for adjustable rings. Remember, the engagement ring—especially if you are planning to wear it after the wedding—will be one of your most-worn accessories. You need to put a lot of thought into it.

Does the engagement ring need to match the wedding ring?

Styles for fine jewelry have come a long way. Traditionally, some rules exist, like matching metals and choosing appropriate gems. But when it comes to engagement rings, remember that they reflect your personal style.

Engagement rings can be your lifetime accessory together with your wedding ring.

In some cases, some brides ask, “Do engagement rings go first?” They assume that they need to wear their engagement ring alongside the wedding ring. It really depends on your style. Some married women prefer to continue wearing engagement rings. This cherishes the care, effort, and resources used in buying it. Others may have planned to wear it as a combination early on, so they got the same style as the wedding ring.

Think of your engagement ring as an extension of your own style. This is especially the case if you are looking to wear the ring even after the wedding. Diamonds are a traditional and enduring favorite engagement ring stone because it can easily be matched to different outfits for everyday wear.

How long does it take to get used to wearing an engagement ring?

For some future brides, the anxiety of the wedding can already be overwhelming. Small worries like these can feel like huge burdens, especially for women who are not used to wearing rings and accessories.

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to getting used to wearing an engagement ring. Again, it boils down to one’s resources. Some women have been waiting for that engagement ring for the longest time that it feels so natural from the day it is worn. Others may not be used to wearing jewelry or do not want to wear something flashy outside.

Try wearing your engagement ring around the house to get used to the feeling. Just as you will soon be wearing a wedding ring, it’s easy to get used to one additional ring on your finger.

What to do after buying an engagement ring?

It’s important to note that the engagement ring is just one small step leading towards the altar. As such, don’t go beyond your budget too much lest other aspects, like the wedding ceremony, the honeymoon, or even your budget for your future life together becomes affected.

Following your engagement ring purchase, go back to your budget. Did you go over budget with the ring? Or do you now have extras to play with and add to your future plans? After buying the engagement ring,

Experts On Buying Engagement Rings

A professional always brings a different perspective to the table. Besides the usual future bride and ring-wearer worries, there are a few key things you should never forget when buying an engagement ring.

Whether you are going with your partner or you may need to let him do the hunt alone, these five tips from experts go a long way for guidance. Consider this a buying an engagement ring 101 guide from the experts, especially for some technical matters relating to your ring.

Always go back to the 4Cs

From a professional perspective, these four characteristics for diamond rings still remain a good standard. Most jewelry shoppers need to understand how these grading systems work, as each characteristic has an individual system to go by.

First-time shoppers need to know the basics so they can match the price point to their budgets and their preference for ring appearance. Diamonds with the highest price tag usually fall in the more premium spectrum of these categories.

For instance, colorless diamonds, particularly those with little to no inclusions, can fetch the highest price tags. Similarly, diamonds that are heavier or are cut more brilliantly will mean a bigger budget. You need to consider all of these factors because prioritizing each one can push you out of your budget’s comfort zone.

Know the 4Cs to get the best specs

Just because the 4Cs have been traditionally upheld as the standard does not mean your engagement ring has to be the best 4Cs on all accounts. In some cases, going for the highest and premium grades for all 4Cs may make a sizable dent on your budget. You don’t want to spend everything on the ring and forget about the wedding either!

Weigh the pros and cons of the specific C you want to focus on. Some prefer getting a less clear diamond because they will use gold or rose gold. Since it reflects on the diamond, it would be a waste to get high clarity when your setting can affect it.

Some would focus on the cut because there are some styles that do not need a very clear or brilliant diamond to look fabulous. Others may not worry too much about the carat size because they plan to have other stones on the ring. If you worry too much about going premium for all Cs, you may end up with a very high price tag that does not maximize your ring design’s capability. Play around the 4Cs, but first, make sure you know which Cs are important.

Plan your time table

It’s easy to assume that you can just go out and buy the ring whenever you have time. However, don’t forget that wedding preparations can be exhausting and time-consuming. It’s unfair to leave all the work to the future bride. If the beau will buy the ring alone, make sure to plot the schedule for window shopping and actual shopping wisely and with ample time.

It’s never a good idea to rush a purchase, especially for fine jewelry. The first two tips already say a lot: it’s not just about the clarity or the carat. You need to play with the combination of the 4Cs to get the right ring on the right budget, and your partner’s preference.

Engagement rings don’t always need to have diamond rings. They can be other precious gems—and still look beautiful.

Explore different stones

Engagement rings have already evolved in terms of design. One of the important things to know before buying a diamond ring is that it may not have to even be a diamond.

If a diamond feels very traditional or if your budget is a little too small for a fabulous diamond, colored stones or other precious gems can also be used for engagement rings. This is another reason why you may want to go with your partner when shopping for engagement rings.

Place some importance on certification

Just as you shop for other necessities, try to buy a ring from trusted and certified sellers. Choose a shop that is certified as a seller for precious gems. As much as possible, choose a certification from the American Gem Society or the Gemological Institute of America for the most objective certification.

Part of the certification can be a diamond grading, especially if you are buying an engagement ring with a diamond center stone.

Consider negotiations or wholesale

If budget constraints limit you, consider other options first before cutting down on the quality of the ring you’ll buy. Some jewelers can offer good discounts or payment schemes. This works best if you are going to a trusted jeweler or one that you have dealt with before.

Opting for wholesale deals will definitely give you more budget when it comes to other wedding expenses.

Some jewelers offer wholesale buys, which allow potential buyers to get more discounts. It may be a good idea to explore other couples who are looking to buy. This way, you can take advantage of the group buy and save a few bucks.

One other trick is to find a custom jeweler who can make a ring that is close to the design and your budget. Most jewelers can work around a budget as long as the customer has a clear vision of what they want.

Quick Guide For Men: Buying Solo

In case your man may want to surprise you, there are other sure tricks to help them. Here are a few quick tips to get them started, and one that may let you have peace of mind to let them go and buy solo.

Know the ring size

If you and your partner have been talking about marriage for quite some time, chances are, she won’t be surprised to receive an engagement ring. But it will be more surprising—and disappointing—to get a ring that is the wrong size, especially if it costs top dollar.

Whether it’s asking your partner directly, getting help from her friends or family, or even taking her ring size on the sly, it’s important to know this. Never go to the store and do a guessing game of which will fit her best.

When you man goes to buy the engagement ring solo, it helps to be upfront about your ring size, so he can get the right fit.

A last resort would be to go with a style that has an adjustable band. However, even those can be very limiting, unless this is a style that she asked for specifically.

Remember the style and metal preference

Sometimes, the exact ring you want may not be available. When window shopping, keep in mind her preferred style. Some rings have similar looks, but they can differ in simple details or even the stones. You can even have a different metal for the band and still have a similar appearance if you know the nearest alternative.

Remember, the engagement ring symbolizes the start of your love. Your partner will appreciate the thought that came with it and not just the design alone. If they know that you have put a lot of thought in it and considered their preferences in your ring hunt, then receiving it alone will make them happy.

It’s always the thought that counts, even when it comes to engagement rings, as a women’s survey shows ║ source: weddingforward.com

Go with the two-month rule

It’s exciting to be starting a new life, with the engagement ring marking its official start. Don’t forget that there will be other expenses along the way. A fair budget to give here would be the two-month rule. If your ring budget exceeds this, it might be better to put in more effort to find a similar ring of the same caliber than to add too much and go beyond the budget.

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