Rose Gold Jewelry Cleaning Tips You Must Know About

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Jewelry needs cleaning—any kind of jewelry. They discolor, get dirty, and lose their luster. Hence, they need to be cleaned regularly. But how? Cleaning them the wrong way can do more harm than good. To avoid that, this article is going to walk you through the process—specifically rose gold jewelry cleaning.

But why only rose gold jewelry? Read through and you will find out. But first things first…

Rose Gold Jewelry Cleaning Tips

Gold carat rating/alloy chart
Gold carat rating/alloy chart (rose gold is within the 14 to the 18-carat range)

What is Rose Gold

Rose gold came into the jewelry business in early 19th century Russia when famed jeweler, Carl Faberge, introduced his famous Faberge Eggs, also known as Russian Eggs.

Faberge Egg
Faberge Egg

This jewelry metal is a blend, or alloy, of pure 24-karat yellow gold, copper, and silver. At the outset, pure 24-karat yellow gold is the base for all gold jewelry. But it is too soft for practical use. So it has to be alloyed with other metals to make it strong enough for jewelry. It also gave it different shades of yellow gold, like the one in this Avianne and Co. review.

The depth of color of rose gold is dependent on the copper content of the mixture. For example, a high copper content will give a more reddish rose gold color. And a higher yellow gold content will result in pinkish color rose gold. On the other hand, white gold is an alloy of 75% yellow gold, and the rest is nickel and zinc.

A lush red-gold color, the real rose gold, is 58.30% of 24-karat gold alloyed with 33.50% copper and 8.20% silver.

Get the karat weight

So if you are looking for a rose gold jewelry item and want to be sure you are buying the real one, here’s a useful tip: if you are in the United States, real rose gold jewelry is rated at 14K. If in the United Kingdom, it is 18K. Go somewhere else if the jeweler claims his product is 24K. Always take into account that the jewelry market is full of fakes and synthetics.

Rose gold gained popularity in the US during the surge of lavish feminine lifestyles in the 1920s. It was used in engagement rings and fine jewelry.

Note: Fine jewelry is a term used to describe jewelry made from precious metals like gold, silver, or platinum and uses genuine gemstones like diamonds, sapphires, rubies, or emeralds.

Trinity Ring

Jewelry designer Cartier was responsible for rose gold’s taking the center stage in the jewelry and fashion business. He created luscious red gold fine jewelry with precious gemstones. One example that stands taller above the rest is the “Trinity Ring,” commissioned by Jean Cocteau, a famous French writer, artist, filmmaker, and playwright.

Trinity Ring
Trinity Ring

The Trinity Ring is a simple band of three intertwined gold in three different colors.

Over the years, the popularity of rose gold jewelry ebbed and flowed carried by the tides of fashion. It is currently riding high in the engagement ring niche as you’ll see in this Natalie Diamonds review. Lovers find its color romantic and elegant.

But just like any valuable piece of jewelry, rose gold needs constant upkeep. Read on so you will know how to do it well.

How Do You Take Care of Rose Gold

A jewelry item is not a buy-and-forget kind of thing. Just like your car, it needs regular checkups and maintenance so it can serve you well. Consider rose gold cleaning as something along the line of maintaining your car.

Here are some ways of doing that:

A regular visit to a jeweler

Just as you take your car to the mechanic for a regular checkup, you take your rose gold jewelry to a jeweler for the same reason.

Your jeweler can check it for wear and tear or damage, and restore the sparkle of its gemstone. Some jewelers do it as a way of customer service, while others may charge a minimal fee.

Even if you did not buy it from him, just take it. As a potential customer, he may be glad to cater to your request.

Clean your rose jewelry regularly

The most common problems jewelers see on jewelry items brought in for service are caked lotion on the gemstone and dirt under the prongs. These can compromise the settings and damage the stone. At the bottom of this article is a set of steps you can do at home to avoid this.

But do it right

While you may be inclined to do a DIY rose gold jewelry cleaning, be sure you know how to do it. For example, many find dish soap as a convenient and readily available medium for cleaning jewelry. There is nothing wrong with that. But do use the mildest dish soap you can find. Regular dish soap is too strong for jewelry cleaning.

Denatured alcohol may be good in removing residues off diamonds, but it is not good on softer gemstones like pearl, and emeralds.

Lemon juice and other acids can damage porous stones like amber. And yes, toothpaste is good for the teeth and for removing tarnish from silver. But it is too abrasive and leaves tiny scratches on metals and gemstones over time. Besides, it will harden like glue underneath gemstones which is difficult to remove.

Don’t shower with your jewelry on

Rose gold jewelry or any kind can take an occasional dip in the pool or a shower in the gym. But to do this often is not a good idea.

Hard water residues and soap scum are difficult to remove. And if you are fond of taking a hot shower, the steam it produces can soften the glue that holds the stone in place and can cause rust.

Shampoo and conditioner can get stuck behind the mountings and may contain chemicals that can damage the metal in the long run.

Put on pearl jewelry last

Although pearls look fabulous on rose gold bands and chains, they are soft and their string stretches over time. They may look beautiful and enticing, but they also require careful handling.

First, put them on only when you’re done with your hair, make-up, and all your primping routine. Your lotion and perfume may contain chemicals that can affect the luster of your pearl necklace.

And when the pearl beads move along its string, it is time to be restrung. Pearls are elegant to wear for dinner or some special occasion—not for daily wear.

Know what you are buying

Most buyers go for the visual appeal of a jewelry piece and price. Seldom do they care about other things like hardness, or whether genuine or synthetic, or how to care for it properly.

They don’t bother to know if their purchase is good for daily wear or special occasions only. Gemstones like peridot, opal, and even expensive stones such as turquoise are soft and can’t stand daily rough handling like jogging or going on a safari.

Clasp your necklaces before storing them

Clasp your rose gold necklace before storing it to avoid getting it tangled up by itself or with your other jewelry items. If you can’t have an individual box for it, then hang it from a peg close to your mirror.

If it does get entangled, don’t untangle it while holding it up in the air. Gravity will make the problem worse. Instead, place it flat on a table and slowly untangle it.

Properly resize rose gold engagement ring

If it’s too loose, don’t hammer it into size. Ir will misshape the ring, ultimately breaking it. Don’t use metal ring sizers either as they will leave scuff marks on the ring’s surface. Consult a jeweler to see how the problem can be fixed. Or wrap a bit of tape underneath it to pick up the slack.

Insure your rose gold fine jewelry

Fine jewelry is expensive and priceless. Though they can never be replaced, per se, your mental and psychological anguish is lessened if you have insurance to cover its loss.

On top of that, insuring your rose gold fine jewelry…

  • Brings peace of mind
  • Can cover the cost of damage or repairs
  • Provides compensation for accidental loss
  • Provides compensation for burglary
  • Is cost-effective.

How to Clean Your Rose Gold Jewelry

Rose gold is currently very popular in the engagement ring business. To make it a long-lasting symbol of love and commitment, engagement rings must be tough and durable; that they may become heirlooms someday. It must be strong enough not to dent or scratch easily. And it must not tarnish or fade over time.

Because of these, these questions may circulate in your mind, wanting to find answers. So here they are:

Cleaning tarnished rose gold jewelry

Tarnish is the term to describe a thin layer of corrosion on metals caused by the reaction with moisture, air, or chemical compounds you normally use. It appears as a dark surface discoloration on a jewelry item. All jewelry metals not made of 24K gold or 100% silver can tarnish. So, how do you clean tarnished rose gold?

Tarnished ring
Unlike other metals, rose gold jewelry does not tarnish.

This type of corrosion gives jewelry a  poor, dirty appearance. And it can rub off on your skin.

However, rose gold made from good quality gold, copper, and silver doesn’t tarnish. With rose gold, you need not worry about your engagement ring reacting with chemicals in the air, or tarnished or rusted.

But it does change color after a long, long time. A lifetime long, at times. This is due to the slow oxidizing of its copper content. It’s not tarnishing but the development of a patina, making the rose gold appear darker or redder. In hindsight, this patina can work in the engagement ring’s favor as it gives the ring a vintage look.

How to restore rose gold plated jewelry

Plated rose gold isn’t made of pure gold, copper, and silver. Its base metal is made of less expensive materials like sterling silver, copper, bronze, or brass covered with a microscopically thin layer of gold. If done well, it is difficult to tell whether a piece is real or plated rose gold—except by an experienced jeweler, or time.

Plated rose gold jewelry doesn’t last very long, Typically, it wears off within two to three years. Shorter if you don’t take care of it properly. Not only does it wear off, but it also tarnishes as well. This is because of the reaction of the base metal to the atmosphere, or with chemicals contained in things you use daily. That makes rose gold jewelry cleaning necessary, and more often.

That being the case, it is never a good idea to give a plated rose gold engagement ring as it is not built to last a lifetime

But if you do have one already (in this case there’s no need to go engagement ring shopping), you can restore it to its original beauty as it changes appearance over the years.

Just give it a gentle rub using a soft jewelry cloth. Do not use a polishing cloth as it can take the plating away.

How do you keep rose gold from fading?

Does rose gold jewelry fade? No, real rose gold does not fade. And it does not require any additional coating to remain lustrous. But you do need to take of it.

Here’s how:

  • Never wear it while swimming in a pool or in the sea. Chlorine and saltwater can affect its luster.
  • Remove it often and gently wipe it with a jewelry cloth. Sweat and body oils can also affect its appearance.
  • Take it off when you sleep. It might get damaged, scratched, or a stone falls off as you toss and turn in your bed.

DIY Rose Gold Jewelry Cleaning Tips

Rose gold jewelry cleaning is best done by an experienced jeweler. But if it is so much of a bother, you can do it at home by doing the following:

Rose gold cleaning
Rose gold cleaning
  • Place a soft cloth or paper towel on the bottom of a bowl.
  • Pour warm water and liquid dish soap into it. Stir it gently until it foams.
  • Put your rose gold into the bowl and let it stay there for 5 – 10 mins. This should dissolve or loosen any dirt or scum on the surface of your jewelry.
  • When time is up, transfer it to another container and rinse it thoroughly. Swish it around a few times to make sure it is free of soap.
  • Then dry your jewelry using a soft jewelry cloth.

Rose gold jewelry cleaning, or any kind of jewelry for that matter, is key to making your priceless possession look at its best, to maintain its glow and luster over the years. And it must be done regularly, not just as an afterthought.

Now that you know how to clean your rose gold jewelry, it’s also prudent to be aware of the dangers that may come with wearing jewelry. Check out our article, “Jewelry Safety Tips and Why They are Important.”

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