Wed You Later: A Guide to Postponing Weddings Due To Covid-19

Wed You Later: A Guide to Postponing Weddings Due To COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected so many people and nations. When it started, people thought that it would only affect months of plans and lifestyles. With many social and professional changes happening, the pandemic experience seems here to linger for a while longer.

For some couples, postponing weddings due to COVID-19 has become their biggest headache. Wedding planning on its own can already bring a myriad of anxiety and concerns to many couples. Imagine including the unpredictability of surges, new variants, and other possibilities for delays into your planning—tough, right?

It’s possible that you and y our partner have been planning your dream wedding since you got that engagement ring. But with issues popping up left and right, you may have either decided to delay indefinitely or push through with as little inclusions as possible.

If you’re still on the fence, check out this quick guide to help you decide, and what other needs you have to consider for a pandemic wedding planning experience.

A Guide to Postponing Weddings Due To COVID-19

If you think planning your wedding during a pandemic has been challenging, you’re not alone. In fact, the entire wedding industry saw a major shift in trends and needs for that perfect day. According to, the pandemic’s safety-first mentality pushed back many wedding plans.

Even though some areas have eased up a bit, the influx of wedding needs combined with volatile protocols makes for an unpredictable mix. Some couples have to deal with the headache of postponing wedding due to COVID-19.

For others, flexibility has become the name of the game. Frustrations may ease up if expectations become less rigid, and for some, it works. For instance, even previously big concerns like potentially getting the worst stone for engagement rings, can still be saved. That’s as long as you and your partner are facing it together.

Challenges Of COVID-19 Wedding Planning

If you still feel that 2022 is the year that you and your beau should take that next big step in your relationship, then it’s good to be prepared. While many countries have been responding well to the COVID-19 crisis, one of its biggest challenges lies in its unpredictability. Prepare yourselves for some of these familiar concerns to gauge if this is still the best year to ring those wedding bells.

Wed You Later: A Guide to Postponing Weddings Due To COVID-19
Everyone dreams of having their wedding in a romantic place, but this can be even more challenging to have during a pandemic.

Limited Venues

Even before the pandemic, wedding locations have always been one of the bigger decision points for couples. While it’s ideal to consider the most meaningful venue for the couple, it’s common to consider accessibility and availability.

This can become even more challenging while the pandemic still lingers. Some venues may be available, but if an incident arises, then the possibility of closure with no assured heads-up may still occur.

Sometimes, this may be due to the rules and regulations that specific states impose during an emergency. Booking in advance means staying on top of all the updates and possible changes that may occur. Typically, this can be solved by hiring a full-time planner, but even then, it’s still hard to predict changes. As a last resort, some couples may think that having another venue works. It can—but only if you have the wedding budget for it.

Booking and Rebooking with Different Suppliers

Weddings do not happen with just the bride and the groom. It involves an entire entourage, especially behind the scenes, like after parties and nuptial celebrations. The most successful weddings have very coordinated suppliers and good communication with and among them.

Again, a wedding planner may seem like the most viable solution to address rebookings. However, the volatility of the situation may still prove to be a serious challenge. Suppliers go beyond just the actual materials. They include manpower and preparation, a lot of which can be costly by themselves.

If you add in the possible changes in date, costs can become exorbitant. Suppliers cater to many customers, and some may go beyond the wedding business. With that much service needed from them, snags in transactions can become a big concern.

Worries About Vaccines and Booster Shots

As more countries move into the vaccines and boosters phase for protection, testing at public gatherings, including weddings, has become almost a staple. Weddings are intimate gatherings, so more people prefer the closest face-to-face experience they can have.

Wed You Later: A Guide to Postponing Weddings Due To COVID-19
No matter how dressed to impress your guests are, it’s important to have complete vaccines and added boosters, and even masks to stay safe during your wedding day.

Others may think that weddings typically involve family and close friends. It’s easy to forget that you do not live in the same house as some of your families and friends. Just because you have close connections does not mean you can be assured of their own conditions and travel histories.

Even when there are testings and vaccine certificates available, some wedding experts feel that this can make guests feel extra confident and forget the basic safety protocols and proper social distancing that still need to be observed. Note that some of your wedding suppliers may need proof of full vaccinations for customers and guests. If this seems to be a problem, then there may be some important discussions and negotiations not only with suppliers but even your guests.

Managing Your Guestlist

Perhaps the most volatile and unpredictable factor in weddings is the guests. Some may not have the luxury to commit to certain dates. Others may have sudden emergencies, and COVID-19 may be one of the most unpredictable of these yet.

When you manage your guest list during this time, it may entail a lot of patience. Regular weddings already encounter these concerns frequently. You may be more likely to run into issues like postponing a wedding due to COVID-19, unless the pandemic gets a cure.

Dealing With Wedding Postponement Fatigue

From the couple’s perspective, there’s definitely a lot of reasons why weddings may have become the major source of many headaches. But as the health climate steadily improves, guests may also start to feel the heat when it comes to a rain of invitations.

It’s no surprise that weddings may have stacked up. And as more venues and locations start easing up on the conditions for public gatherings, your guests may find their names in more than one guest list at a time.

Some guests may be feeling what wedding experts call wedding fatigue. They may feel this exhaustion on all fronts—physically, mentally, emotionally, or even financially. There may be that drive to respond to wedding invites with a resounding “yes” if only because of the connections between the couple and a particular guest. So what if your valued guests—the ones you do not want to lose on your most special day—find themselves in this position?

What Usually Causes Wedding Fatigue During COVID-19?

Many future married couples may have asked the same question, “Should I postpone my wedding to 2022?” at the height of the pandemic. Some may have deliberately pushed it back. Others may have tried pushing through, but had to postpone due to the volatile health climate. With 2022 looking a little less daunting to those who are armed with vaccines and solid safety protocols, this year became the light at the end of the tunnel of waiting.

However, for guests, daily plans may not have changed at all. Some continue with their work, a lot of whom may still work from home. Others may not have the luxury of having leaves of absence, especially if they had to use them during the pandemic’s major swings. Some may have had other priorities lined up, and concerns, like the finances that come with being a wedding guest, may just not be up on their priorities list.

To guests who brave a few invites may have felt a never-ending influx of weddings. Since most people have various social circles, predicting weddings for each one may not be all that feasible.

Wed You Later: A Guide to Postponing Weddings Due To COVID-19
As fun as weddings can be, some guests may start feeling fatigued at the thought of attending another formal wedding. The pandemic has upended the flow of weddings, as more couples face changes and adjustments for their wedding dates.

So, Who Adjusts?

Ultimately, wedding dynamics and planning may be more challenging during this time. After all, the goal is to celebrate just one special wedding day, so most couples would want their well-thought-out guest list to be in full attendance. However, the key to successful and memorable weddings involves proper communication and consideration.

For the most part, the bride and groom remain the main characters of the show. Couples may need to prioritize understanding their guests’ capabilities and availability. In the same way that patience and communication play a role in easing the after-effects of wedding cancellations, unsuccessful RSVPs may also benefit from it.

Talk to your guests about it while keeping an open mind. And if possible, find ways that can let them share your special day through other available means.

Is It A Go Or A No Go?

Ultimately, the decision to continue or delay the wedding rests on the couple. Sometimes, it’s hard to ignore when the feeling of tying the knot comes to you at the right moment. If you do decide to postpone, rest assured that this does not lessen any of the experience at all. Prioritizing health, resources, or even your mental space are all valid reasons to wait. After all, what’s important is for you and your partner to face the music together–planning, wedding, and a happy ever after.

Wed You Later: A Guide to Postponing Weddings Due To COVID-19
Most engaged couples would like nothing more than to see their invited family, friends, and guests all gathered safely for their special day.

If you somehow find yourself facing a postponed wedding announcement, these tips may make it easier to manage the aftermath of the cancellation.

How to Tell Your Invited Guests About the Postponement

Some couples decide to play it safe and go with a wedding postponement template for their guests. This can definitely work if your resources have been allotted elsewhere. For those who have some extra to spare, a bit more preparation won’t hurt.

Go With a Personalized Message

Did you plan a small, intimate wedding, but still have to rethink the actual day? Then you may already have the advantage of having a smaller guest list. If this is the case, go with a personalized postponement message, so your guests remain in the loop.

Remember, these are the people who knew your story from that beautiful marriage proposal to the trip down the aisle. Letting them know that the journey may take a little longer makes them a big part of your journey as a couple.

A Reassuring Note Helps Anxiety

Sometimes, cancellations can make some guests worry about you rather than the wedding. Alleviate this by adding in a reassuring note when drafting a wedding venue cancellation letter due to COVID-19.

Be creative with this note. Humor may work, especially if it has more to do with less grievous concerns, such as a schedule conflict or a personal decision for a better wedding at a later date.

Wed You Later: A Guide to Postponing Weddings Due To COVID-19
Staying safe is the biggest priority in the meantime. Perhaps in some cases, the best move for some couples would be to avoid becoming another case number added to the current COVID-19 infection count so they can better live out their dream wedding on another, more suitable day. (Source: Center for Disease Control)

Don’t forget to keep the invite open

If you have sent an invitation to your guest list, it’s expected that they will still be on that guest list when the right time comes for the wedding. You may have hit a snag in the plans, but it does not mean you no longer want to share the special occasion with them. And it helps to let them know this!

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