Bezel engagement ring

Bezel Engagement Rings: Things You Need to Know

What are Bezel engagement rings? Bezel settings are popular among brides and grooms who want a classic, elegant look for their engagement ring. Bezel settings give off an understated elegance that will catch everyone’s eye in the best possible way. Here’s everything you need to know about this beautiful style of setting:

What is a Bezel Setting?

A bezel setting is a ring that surrounds the center stone with a metal strip called the bezel. The bezel is usually made from gold or platinum and can be plain or ornate in design.

What is a bezel set engagement ring? A bezel-set diamond engagement ring will have its sides exposed to light, which helps give it sparkle and brilliance.

The bezel functions to protect the stone from getting damaged. It also helps ensure that the diamond shines and sparkles as much as possible.

A bezel setting is excellent if you want a subtle ring that won’t catch on clothes or other materials. This type of setting has been popular for centuries and is still strong today.

A bezel setting surrounds the diamond with metal to protect it from being damaged by other objects. The metal can be curved around the diamond or straight across, depending on your preferences and budget.

What’s the History of the Bezel Setting?

An Egyptian Scarab Set in a Ring Bezel
This scarab ring bezel was found in the tomb of Hatnefer and Ramose, somewhere in the Nile River, Egypt.

The Egyptians first introduced the bezel setting around 3,000 B.C. The book “Engagement & Wedding Rings: The Definitive Buying Guide for People in Love” cited the bezel’s first known use in jewelry. Its design involved a wire wrapped around the center stone to hold it in place. This wire is usually fashioned from gold or platinum that has been shaped into a thin strip using a hammer and anvil.

The Egyptians used it to place the stones in their jewelry because they didn’t have any other way of securing them then. They would wrap this unique type of metal around each stone so that when it hardened with heat from fire or sunlight after cooling down again, it would become permanently attached to its surface without falling off.

Bezel-set jewelry reemerged during the Victorian era, also known as “the great age of jewelry.” This setting is now used for all types of jewelry, but especially for rings. This is because it allows more freedom when designing the band and setting stones in different shapes and sizes without worrying about them falling out.

Modern bezel-set jewelry is used in many different styles and designs. It is often used as a setting for precious stones such as diamonds but can also be made from other materials such as silver or gold. It’s also a favorite for platinum ring settings.

What are the Best Diamond Shapes for Bezel Settings?

Oval bezel set engagement ring
A stunning oval bezel engagement ring.

Any diamond shape will work with a bezel setting, but some are better than others. If you’re looking for the most sparkle possible, round or emerald-cut diamonds are your best bet. Oval-shaped diamonds also look great in this setting. This is because oval engagement rings are more asymmetrical than round stones and tend to have more surface area exposed at their edges (where light reflects off).

Cushion and heart shapes can create a beautiful contrast between the sharp corners of the metal frame and the rounded curves of the stone itself—but if your budget doesn’t allow for large center stones, consider going with smaller ones instead! 

Smaller gemstones will give off more fire (or “brilliance”) than larger ones when set within an open channel setting like this one because there is less space between each facet on its surface. This means there’s less room for light to get lost inside each cut instead of being scattered across many different planes within larger gems, which means less overall reflection.

Because of their snug fit, bezel settings often have fancy shapes like cushions and heart-shaped diamonds. With many possible designs, you can create various unique bezel set engagement rings. However, bezel settings look great with all kinds of diamonds—including rounds, ovals, and emerald-cut stones.

Almost any stone, both expensive and affordable diamond shapes, will look fabulous in a sleek bezel setting. Also, since metal surrounds more than half of your diamond’s perimeter (and no stone is perfectly rectangular), it can make it appear larger than it is.

What are the Best Designs for Bezel Settings?

When considering a bezel setting for your engagement ring, you can choose between a full or partial bezel. Unlike other bezel set ring designs, a full bezel wraps around your diamond so only its top portion is visible from above.

Conversely, with a partial bezel design, there will be metal surrounding only part of the diamond’s circumference. This type of setting works well if you’re looking for something simpler than complete coverage but still want some protection against chipping and scratching.

The amount of metal used in either type may vary depending on what kind of look you want: more elaborate designs tend to have more metal surrounding them. In contrast, simpler ones will use less material overall (though they can still look beautiful!).

The bezel setting is one of the most popular and versatile styles of engagement rings. It can come in various types and designs—including full or partial—depending on how much metal you want surrounding your diamond. A full or complete bezel setting wraps around your diamond so only its top portion is visible from above.

In addition to the type of metal used for the band, there are several different ways to style a bezel:

Half Bezel set engagement ring
A half bezel set engagement ring.
  • Full bezel. This is the most popular style of the bezel setting. It wraps around your diamond completely, so only its top portion is visible from above.
  • Half bezel. This style only covers half of a diamond’s girdle, leaving its bottom two corners exposed.
  • Partial bezel. This style is similar to the half bezel but covers only one corner of your diamond.

What Advantages Does a Bezel Setting Bring?

A bezel setting is a style of ring that features a band that wraps around the sides of the diamond and holds it in place. This setting is an excellent choice if you want a subtle, elegant look for your engagement ring without sacrificing any of its beauty.

The main advantage of this style is that it keeps your stone secure while still allowing light to pass through it, making its shape visible. Is bezel better than prong? Bezel settings are also trendy because they can complement any stone—whether round or princess cut, white gold or yellow gold—and allow for maximum shine by keeping other elements out of sight (like prongs).

Does bezel setting make ring look bigger? Another significant advantage is the beautiful design that showcases the diamond and makes it appear larger than it is. The metal surrounding your stone also protects it from damage, so you don’t have to worry about your stone chipping when you wear your ring day in and day out.

And because you can use this type of setting with any shape or size diamond (and sometimes even pearls), there are no limitations to what kind of gemstones you can choose!

The bezel setting is also great if you want to set a diamond in your ring but need to know what stone to choose. This type of setting is versatile enough to accommodate any size or shape of a diamond, so you can buy the one that best suits your budget and style preferences.

Are There Bezel Setting Disadvantages?

While bezel settings are beautiful and elegant, they also have their drawbacks. Is a bezel setting more expensive? Actually, the most obvious disadvantage is that they can be expensive. The more intricate your design is, the higher your cost will be. Another disadvantage of using a bezel setting is that it requires careful maintenance to keep its shine intact over time. You’ll need to clean and polish your ring regularly so that it doesn’t lose its luster or become scratched due to everyday wear and tear (especially if you’re wearing your ring daily).

Another potential downside is that because this type of setting doesn’t hold its stones as securely as other styles, such as prongs or claws, if one falls out, there’s a chance it could get lost forever—which would be devastating! This means you may need extra insurance coverage on your engagement ring if you plan on having one made with this type of setting. 

Otherwise, consider another option like pronged/clawed settings so that no matter what happens with those little diamonds during their lifetime together, they won’t get lost forever!

Where to Buy Bezel Engagement Rings?

A bezel Luna engagement ring

This bezel set engagement ring features classic milgrain in the setting’s outer and inner edges. There are many options for buying bezel engagement rings online, but you’re also likely to find a local jewelry store that carries them. If you’re looking for something unique and custom-made, consider visiting a boutique or artisanal jeweler who can craft your ring from scratch.

If you’re looking for a standard bezel setting, check out the many options at big-box stores like Zales and Jared; both carry a variety of styles and prices.

If you plan to buy an engagement ring online, read customer reviews and check out the company’s return policy before making your purchase. Visit a store in person to try different styles and see which feels right for you.

It’s important to note that some jewelers will use the term “bezel set” interchangeably with “bezel-set;” they may not be referring to a specific type of setting. For example, suppose you’re looking at non-diamond jewelry pieces like earrings or bracelets online and see the words “bezel set” in the description. In this case, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are made with a bezel setting!

What are the Top Celebrity Bezel Engagement Rings?

A lot of celebrity couples are known to possess expensive bezel engagement rings. Here are some of them.


Beyoncé and Jay-Z, known for their extravagant engagement rings, have a few bezel pieces in their collection. The couple gave each other matching diamond heart-shaped engagement rings when they announced their marriage in 2008. The ring is set with over 100 carats of diamonds on either side and has a white gold band with two rows of baguette-cut diamonds down the center.

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez has been known for her glamorous, high-end engagement rings. JLo’s most famous piece is a 3-carat pear-shaped diamond set in platinum surrounded by smaller diamonds. Celebrity jeweler Neil Lane designed the ring for her engagement to Marc Anthony in 2004.

Halle Berry

This American actress’s bezel engagement ring is also set with a pear-shaped diamond. The ring was also designed by celebrity jeweler Neil Lane and featured two rows of baguette-cut diamonds down the center and on either side of the stone. More than 300 smaller white diamonds surround the diamond.

Poppy Delevingne

This English model and socialite received an emerald-cut blue diamond bezel set engagement ring from her then-fiancé James Cook. Accented with two heart-shaped diamonds, this stunning piece features a single-cut diamond halo and was designed by celebrity jeweler Lorraine Schwartz. The ring is set in platinum.

Kim Kardashian

This American reality TV queen is also fond of bezel-set rings. Her bezel engagement ring from Kanye West is set with a cushion-cut diamond in platinum and surrounded by smaller diamonds. Celebrity jeweler Lorraine Schwartz designed the ring. Kim’s wedding ring features the same design but with a larger center diamond.

What is a bezel setting
An illustration showing how a bezel set secures a diamond, which makes the gemstone appear larger.

Most celebrity engagement rings have a similar style that includes diamonds set in platinum or white gold bands with an outer bezel setting.

Bezel set engagement rings are always a great choice

Bezel settings are great for engagement rings because they add a touch of sophistication to your jewelry. They also make your diamond look larger than it is by surrounding its perimeter with metal, but they only cover up a little of the gemstone’s surface area because most bezel designs have an open back. If you want something that stands out from other rings without being too flashy, this may be just what you’re looking for!

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