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The Ultimate Guide to Orange Calcite

The Earth’s crust is roughly made up of more than 2000 minerals. Of these, about 4% are calcium carbonates or calcites. Calcites are the most common constituent of sedimentary rocks and limestones. And given the circumstances of their formation (remnants of shells and other dead marine organisms), calcites come in a myriad of colors. Some are common, while others are rare—like the orange calcite.
In their purest form, calcites are colorless. However, different impurities come into play during its formation, resulting in various calcite colors. For example, hematite (an iron-oxide mineral) makes orange calcite.
Calcite colors

Orange Calcite

Calcite was coined by Gauis Plinus Secundus (Pliny the Elder) from Calx, the Latin word for lime. It is a carbonate mineral and the most stable polymorph of calcium carbonate with the chemical formula, CaCO3.

As a calcite crystal calcite crystal, it is often called aragonite. There are more than 300 different types of calcites—all well-known for their spectacular colors and varied crystal formations.

Though it has limited application in jewelry, the pharmaceutical industry finds its high calcium content particularly useful in healing bone problems. It is also used to produce building materials, fertilizers, and paints. The optical industry also finds it useful because of its double-refraction properties.

As mentioned earlier, calcites have limited application in jewelry because of their hardness (3 on the Mhos hardness scale). Yet, despite this hardness issue, calcites still find their way into the business as cabochons or smooth cuts.

Cabochon cut orange calcite

Calcites are found in almost all parts of the world. Still, they are more abundant in countries like Belgium, Brazil, Germany, Italy, Iceland, Croatia, Mexico, Romania, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, and the United States.

Orange Calcite Meaning

Some people often call orange calcite gemstone carnelian. This is due to their similarity in color, making them the most popular among orange stones. Strictly speaking; however, they are chemically different. While orange calcite is a carbonate of calcium, carnelian is cheap chalcedony, a type of quartz.
Orange calcite is a very energizing and cleaning stone that blesses you with a wave of energy. Even ancient cultures observed this. For example, the Mexican Indians called the orange crystal the burning stone. They believed the stone had so much solar power during the day to carry it through until nighttime. Possessing orange calcite would ward off evil, and its sun-like luminosity would not let darkness set in.

Ancient Germans called it Beinbruchstein, a very popular healing stone. So did the ancient Greeks. Due to its high lime content, both cultures found the orange calcite crystal perfect for making healing ointments. 

Its high calcium content in folk medicine made it popular in treating calcium-deficiency problems and difficult-to-heal wounds  (though this was found to be without basis).

Orange Calcite Properties

Orange calcite, regardless of shade, connects to the element of fire. Hence, it is compatible with the fire signs of the zodiac, such as Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. Its color represents the positive energy of the sun.
As a gemstone, it bestows a burst of vitality on the wearer. Should you wear an exotic ring made from orange calcite, wear it on the left hand to invite more positive energy and creativity into your life. It will also help bring more confidence, playfulness, and lightheartedness.
Orange calcite ring

Healing with Orange Calcite

The healing properties of orange calcite are diverse and effective day and night. Adults and children can both benefit from the healing properties of the stone.
The stone is intended to promote spiritual development, as well. It endows you with more self-confidence and optimism about life. It can help you overcome all obstacles with ease, energy, and consistency.
It also promotes better sleep and protects you from ugly dreams and nightmares. The positive effects of orange calcites are felt more in the muscles, bones, spleen, ligaments, stomach, and kidneys.
It promotes healthy bones among children, strengthens intervertebral discs against fractures, and alleviates knee problems. Orange calcite also promotes quick healing of bone and muscle injuries. This especially benefits children who must develop healthy bones, an upright gait, and healthy skeletal development.
Among other things, orange calcite is good for healing in these areas:

Stomach and digestion  problems

Orange calcite is a good antidote against gastric ulcers, relieves feelings of fullness, and reduces feelings of nausea.

Muscle problems

The stone strengthens the immune system and the connective tissues. In the process, it relieves discomfort from sore muscles and muscle health disorders.

Rubbing orange calcium water over exercise-related muscle pains and other affected areas will bring fast relief.

Bone issues

Orange calcite consists almost entirely of pure calcium, making it an excellent aid in developing healthy bones. It strengthens the intervertebral discs and protects your bones against bone diseases and loss. It relaxes the pelvic area and relieves knee problems.

How to Use Orange Calcite

Place orange calcite on the affected areas for topical application by wearing it as a necklace or a pendant. For a more DIY method, firmly put it on the affected areas using plaster or elastic wrap. Place it beneath your pillow at night to help avoid nightmares or sleepwalking.

You can also ingest it in the form of orange-calcite water. This is highly recommended for strong hair, nails, and healthy teeth.

Orange-calcite water

Drink it preferably as you get up in the morning to give you a good start. Then at regular intervals during the rest of the day. Water readily absorbs the healing properties of the stone.

Orange Calcite Metaphysical Properties

This gemstone is known to strengthen self-confidence and self-esteem. It makes you more confident in your abilities, which may have been dormant until now. Once activated, it will make you laugh more openly and often. It promotes a positive attitude towards self, to life. It helps the memory and makes you open up to new perspectives.

Orange calcite crystals stir up your solar plexus chakra and the sacral chakra—both involved in creativity and adaptability. They encourage you to embrace change and enjoy life in the process. These chakras give you the feeling of belonging in the world, to be a part of humanity, not just an observer. Thus, you will feel the need to link with others and the universe. Orange calcite is excellent in finding balance in your emotions and letting go of feelings of fear and anxiety.
This stone affects a considerable part of your metaphysical life. For example…

Love and Relationship

Orange calcite improves your radiance and appeal. Its intense color “penetrates” into your being, giving you a massive boost of energy and zest for life. This makes you react brightly and quickly to circumstances around you, intuitively recognizing situations and raising alarm bells in harmful situations.

This stone also exerts a strong influence on sex-related feelings. It allows you to balance your masculine and feminine energies to embrace intimate relationships with confidence and strength. Orange calcite helps you release needless fears or remorse and allows you to experience the inherent joys of your natural self.

Ergo, it helps intensify partnerships by bringing to light the beautiful side of togetherness.

Physical health

In the metaphysical sense, orange calcite increases your zest for life, self-confidence, and optimism. It is an enlightening and calming stone; it helps avoid nightmares and other sleep disturbances, such as nyctophobia (extreme fear of the dark).

Orange calcite helps you recognize harmful situations and makes you avoid intrigues. This, in turn, keeps you from being stressed out.

Personal wealth

Aside from health, another very important thing people are constantly chasing is personal wealth. And in this regard, orange calcite can be a great help regarding your fortune and luck.

This stone can give you financial stability by motivating you to accomplish your personal goals. It helps you achieve that financial well-being you desperately crave for.

Orange calcite crystal pendants

For example, having the stone close to your heart, as a pendant, allows you to achieve whatever you set yourself to achieve.

Mental health

Orange calcite is often called the crystal of the brain, particularly among teenagers and intellectuals. This is because it is said to help them improve their judgment, evaluation, and cognitive functioning.

The stone is beneficial in psychological adaptation and conflict situations because it allows you to see things from a different perspective; it moves you away from established, outmoded mental processes that impede your ability to think of innovative ideas.

Orange calcite is a delicate gemstone,  yet it is considered essential in developing your leadership skills. It unites your mind and soul and allows your knowledge and judgment to achieve the best psychological results.

At home and work

On the more world aspect of life, orange calcite is a powerful stone for attracting prosperity and plenty at home or work. It encourages professionalism in your dealings with coworkers. It motivates you to put in more effort and dedication to attain your financial objectives.

On top of that, orange calcite will give you the energy and the courage to achieve your goals in life; helps you stay motivated to continue pushing even if things are getting more challenging by the day. It will assist you in overcoming money issues and helps you develop and integrate fresh concepts in dealing with your money woes.

Orange Calcite and the Chakra

Chakras are focal points in the body and are used in various meditation practices. There are seven chakras in the body, and their concepts arose in the early traditions of Hinduism.

In the realm of the Chakras, orange calcite has a solid connection to the Sacral Chakra (the chakra governing how you experience sexuality, creative expression, emotions, and more) and the base of the Solar Plexus Chakra (the center of personal strength, learning, and comprehension).

Why are these important?Imagine a scenario wherein your sacral chakra is unbalanced, obstructed, or hyperactive. In such a case, you will be more prone to develop physical issues like back pains, disorders in your sexual organs, urine, and kidney problems.

A dysfunctional sacral chakra can cause emotional pains and relationship problems, a loss of enthusiasm, melancholy, and weariness on an intimate level.

In such situations, employing orange calcite will restore you to perfect unity with the forces that can boost your health, encourage you to develop new ideas, and helps you engage with the activities that bring you enjoyment.


Orange calcite is associated with the world of Greater Intelligence. Hence, it can facilitate your contemplation or ceremonies aimed at understanding the world around you.

It is frequently used for astral projection (a term to describe out-of-body experiences), uncanny encounters, and communicating with the spirit following a meditative practice.

Bring out the best in you with orange calcite

Using orange calcite to enjoy all its benefits is relatively simple. All you have to do is to clean the space around you. Anoint your calcite with your favorite oil, then light a candle and place it near the anointed calcite. Then absorb the motivating power of the stone to engulf your entire being.

Orange calcite is an energetic stone. As such, it should not be placed in your bedroom. Instead, place it in areas where much action takes place, such as writing, painting, dancing, etc. Anywhere where you do most of your mental and physical activities.

Note: owing to its popularity, some enterprising marketers peddle fake orange calcites. Wipe a stone with mild hydrochloric acid to avoid falling into this trap. It if fizzles for several seconds, it is real.

Orange calcite is one of the more than 300 calcite varieties found all over the world. Its color ranges from amber, honey-yellow, orange, to red-orange. These color shades are caused by minute traces of hematite (an iron oxide ore). Due to its softness, it has limited applications in the jewelry market. But its high calcium makes it appealing to the pharmaceutical industry, particularly in bone treatment applications. It is also commonly used to produce building materials, fertilizers, and paints, among others.

Orange calcite is undeniably a great member of the crystal family in view of its benefits. However, there are stones that are of equal value and usefulness. Check out our post, “The Black Stone Ring: History, Symbolism, Design, and Controversy.”