Halo diamond engagement ring

Halo Diamonds: Origins, Features, and Buying Tips

Halo diamonds on engagement rings are made for people who want the most sparkle and shine out of their ring. Halo setting engagement rings has a great look and appeal, no wonder it has gained quite a popularity among couples.

All About Halo Diamonds

The look of a halo diamonds engagement ring is much more dramatic than other diamond settings. It can be worn as an everyday ring or paired with other jewelry such as earrings and brooch. This versatility has put this style among the preferred engagement ring settings.

Let’s find out more about this heavenly engagement ring setting.

How did the Halo Setting Originate?

Many of the most popular styles today are influenced by jewelry from earlier times. Halo engagement rings are making a big comeback, perhaps because the adage ‘what goes around comes around’ is true.

What is a halo diamond? Initially known as “cluster rings,” halo rings can be traced back to the Georgian Era (1714-1837). Although they fell out of favor briefly, Victorian fashion soon regained popularity and flourished.

A Georgian Halo Diamond Flower Cluster Ring
A Georgian style halo diamond flower cluster engagement ring

Georgian cluster rings often surrounded either small mine or rose cut diamonds surrounding a thicker cushion cut diamond, or a flat cut gemstone like a garnet encircled by seed pearls.

These cluster rings were densely packed and closed at the back to camouflage defects in gemstones and diamonds. They were crafted in a rough but elegant style, and those that have survived are all different from one another.

During the Victorian Era (1820-1914), the innovative gem-cutting methods launched during the Industrial Revolution created more advanced renditions of halo rings.

Over this period, you could find large-stone, elegant rings featuring a row of old mine cut diamonds surrounding a larger cushion stone.

Most styles with rounder colored gemstones (sapphires and rubies) or old mine cut diamonds form clusters meant to appear like flowers.

Today’s halo styles were first created during the Art Deco period (1920-1935) when new technologies allowed for more delicate cutting.

The cutting styles of the 1950s were more focused on symmetry and beautifully streamlined geometry: a square cut diamond set off by a square halo or an oval-shaped one following the lines of its oval diamonds.

What is a Halo Setting?

A halo setting is a type of diamond ring setting that wraps around the center diamond with smaller diamonds. The ring can have either one or two tiers, depending on how many diamonds you want to include.

Halo engagement rings are popular because they make your center stone look bigger, brighter, and shinier than other types. Its popularity is primarily due to its simplicity, elegance, and beauty.

Does a halo protect the diamond? A halo setting has a band that encircles the stone with small diamonds. Halo settings are called “princess cut” because of their perfectly circular shape.

A sample A beautiful halo set engagement ring
A halo engagement ring is a setting where smaller diamonds form a halo around the center diamond.

Because no prong holds the diamond, this type of setting makes the ring appear more prominent and can maximize light reflection and sparkle.

Is diamond Halo a real diamond? Yes, it is a real diamond but more expensive than similar styles. This is because it requires more diamonds, which increases the cost.

Halo settings are also popular because they can hide any imperfections on the stone. If your center diamond is slightly off-center or has an inclusion, a halo setting will camouflage that flaw. A halo engagement ring may not be as durable as other styles, but it’s still a great choice for those who want something simple and classic.

What are the Best Diamond Shapes for Halo Settings?

Halo settings apply to a wide range of diamond shapes. However, some shapes work better than others.

Consider round-cut diamonds if you’re looking for an elegant and classic look. These stones are the most popular shape because they have a timeless appeal and can complement any finger.

Another popular diamond shape is the princess cut. This square-shaped stone has rounded corners that reflect more light than other cuts.

The most popular diamond shapes for halo engagement rings are round and princess cuts. These diamonds have a good amount of sparkle, making them ideal for a ring with many small diamonds.

Round-cut diamonds are simple and sleek, so they’re great for those who want something classic. They can be used to enhance round diamonds, princess cut diamonds, and even cushion cut ones.

Keep in mind that the center stone should complement your hand and overall style. For example, if you want an elegant halo engagement ring with a round diamond, then it’s best to choose a square-shaped setting. Otherwise, your halo will look lopsided when paired with a round stone.

What are the Best Designs for Halo Settings?

Halo is one of the most flexible settings for diamond engagement rings. It can be used solo in various designs or in combination with other diamond settings. This means you can create an elegant halo engagement ring with a round diamond or an eye-catching halo engagement ring with various shapes and sizes of diamonds. 

For example, halo rings can be paired with pave settings or channel set diamonds. The setting’s design depends on your preference and the stone’s shape.

Princess cut halo diamond engagement ring
A Princess cut halo diamond engagement ring in 18K yellow gold.

Here are some designs that pair well with halo settings:

  • Round and princess cut diamonds in a pave setting. This is one of the most popular choices for engagement rings because it looks delicate, feminine, and elegant at the same time.
  • A cushion cut center stone set in an open-backed halo design. This is another popular choice for women who want something simple yet trendy.
  • A round or pear-shaped diamond set in an open-back halo design. This is an excellent choice if you want to wear your engagement ring and wedding band together on the same hand.
  • A round diamond center stone set in a bezel setting with a prong halo. This design is ideal for women who want to wear their engagement ring daily without worrying about it getting scratched or damaged.
  • A marquise cut diamond in an open-backed channel set halo design. This style works well for people who want something simple yet elegant and feminine at the same time.
  • A round diamond in a channel set halo. This classic and timeless design will never go out of style. The channel setting allows light to reflect off the diamond, making it look larger than it actually is.

What are the Halo Setting Pros and Cons?

Like other diamond settings, the halo setting has its share of advantages and disadvantages. Aside from the great features discussed above, its other pros are the following:

  • It’s a classic, timeless design that works well with any style and will never go out of style.
  • It allows light to reflect off of the diamond and make it look larger than it actually is.
  • It’s easy to wear because there is no fear of damaging your jewelry if you accidentally hit it against something. It is simple and elegant.
  • It allows light to reflect off the diamond, making it look larger than it is.
  • The setting itself can add more value to your ring than just the price of the diamond alone.

Awesome as it is, the halo setting also has its downsides. Here are some of them:

  • It can be very expensive. The diamond, the setting, and the gold that goes into making it all take a lot of money.
  • It can be challenging to clean and maintain. You must be extra careful when cleaning your ring because dirt or grime could scratch or damage your diamond.
  • The ring band is thin, which makes it prone to damage. The prongs holding the diamond in place can be easily bent if you’re not careful when wearing your ring, causing it to lose its shape or even fall apart.
  • It is difficult to resize because there are so many stones involved.
  • It can be too heavy for some people. The weight of the ring can be uncomfortable or even painful if you have sensitive fingers or arthritis in your hands. It is heavy and bulky, which makes it uncomfortable to wear.
  • Repairing can be costly if something ever goes wrong with your ring. The ring is only as strong as its weakest link. If any stones or settings are damaged or lost, your entire crew will be compromised.
  • Caring for it can be expensive, too. Diamonds must be cleaned with a unique solution and operated on by professionals to ensure they stay in good condition. 

Top Celebrity Halo Setting Engagement Rings

The many rich and famous who expressed their love and commitment with halo setting engagement rings are among the main reasons for the popularity of this ring type. From celebrities to royalty, there is no shortage of celebrities who have chosen this style as their engagement ring of choice.

If you are looking for inspiration or just want to see some of the most beautiful halo setting engagement rings in the world, here are some of the most famous halo setting engagement rings that many women dream about:

Eva Longoria engagement ring from Jose Baston
Eva Longoria’s dazzling halo engagement ring from then fiancé, Jose Baston

Angelina Jolie 

The actress and humanitarian has worn a halo setting engagement ring with a center diamond surrounded by 10 smaller diamonds. The ring also has a pave-style bezel setting, which gives it an elegant look.

Eva Longoria

This American actress, producer, and director’s bling from then fiance and current husband José Baston is a good example. It has a brilliant cut diamond set in a halo setting with round diamonds. The ring also has two rows of white gold around it, which gives the design an elegant look.

Catherine Zeta-Jones

The Welsh actress wore this stunning halo setting engagement ring when she married Michael Douglas in 2000. It features an emerald cut diamond center stone with pave-style bezel settings and baguette diamonds on either side of the band.

Jennifer Lopez

This American actress and singer wore this beautiful halo setting engagement ring when she got engaged to Marc Anthony in 2004. It features a rectangular-shaped center diamond with baguette diamonds around it.

Halle Berry

This American actress wore this stunning halo engagement ring when she married Olivier Martinez in 2013. It has a round diamond center stone surrounded by smaller diamonds set in platinum. This halo diamonds owner’s husband also gave her a matching wedding band with the same design as her engagement ring.

Kate Middleton

In 2012, Prince William gave this future British princess a stunning sapphire center stone sitting in a diamond halo setting. Kate’s engagement ring is accented with two emerald-cut diamonds along the band. It also has a diamond-encrusted platinum band that matches her wedding band.

Where to Buy Halo Engagement Rings

Halo engagement rings are trendy, which means that many jewelers offer them. Because the style is timeless, you can find it in any store selling wedding jewelry.

If you are shopping online for an engagement piece, many websites carry halo engagement rings. You might ask, are halo diamonds real when sold online? To ensure you don’t get scammed, transact only with legit online jewelry stores.

If you are looking for a specific style, it’s best to go to a brick-and-mortar store where you can see the ring in person.

How much does halo diamond cost? If your budget is tight and you want a diamond halo engagement ring without paying too much, look online at discounted jewelry websites, such as Blue Nile or Brilliant Earth.

Remember, halo engagement rings can be found in any style, so the best thing to do is look at as many examples as possible. You’ll find that there are many different types of halo rings, each with its appeal.

The most common engagement ring settings
The most common engagement ring settings, which include the halo set.

Awe and inspire your love with halo diamonds

The halo is an iconic component of the diamond engagement ring that has been helping brides and grooms celebrate their engagements for decades. To make this one of the hottest engagement rings around; its position above a solitaire makes it a glamorous show-stopper. 

All in all, diamond halo setting engagement rings have beautiful shimmer and glitter, adding the look of a larger diamond. It is certainly not the only book type you should go for to complement your large diamond. Still, it certainly is one to consider, especially when planning what kind of engagement ring will go best with your stone.

As more and more couples choose this spectacular ring setting, the halo setting will likely continue to be one of the top engagement ring trends.

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