How to Build A Jewelry Collection: Three Steps to Success

Trends come and go, but the right jewelry collection possesses timeless pieces that won’t simply fade away in time. No matter what outfit you wear with it, it will always make you stand out from the crowd. So, if you are planning to accessorize, the only right way to do so is to start a fine jewelry collection. However, filling your jewelry box is not that simple, there are a number of things you need to take into account before you start rounding up jewelry. Here, we present everything you need to know about how to build a jewelry collection.

How to Build A Jewelry Collection

Starting a jewelry collection can be tedious but is equally rewarding in the end and building one doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be a Kazumi Arikawa. For this reason, diving straight into such an activity is not advised. But if you’ve been planning to start a collection for a long time and feel that now is the time, you’ve come to the right place. This guide will help you pick the best pieces to include in your jewelry stack.

Start With The Basics

Starting with the simple pieces is actually the best and fuss-free way to build your new jewelry collection. These accessories always remain in style and are perfect to wear anytime, regardless of the occasion.

However, these pieces do not come cheap. In fact, it is advisable to go big on your essential jewelry picks. At least you are sure that you end up with the finest pieces that can last you a long time. Some classic staples can even be handed down to future generations. Some of the key pieces to invest in are:

Diamond stud earrings

Diamonds are forever, they say. They sure are.

Highly regarded as the perfect gift, diamond studs are stunning. So, if you want to gift yourself a pair to jumpstart your collection, no one is going to stop you.  Diamond studs are cheaper than diamond rings because their color and clarity are not as “eye”clean as the latter. However, these two factors are not as important as the cut. The cut is responsible for the brilliance and value of a diamond.

Diamond studs come in different varieties. You can take your pick from Asscher, round, and princess cut. A diamond with equal proportions can make a great stud earring. Other cuts such as pear shaped and marquise are quite uncommon. The shapes need to be perfect. Otherwise, the unevenness becomes too obvious.

Tennis bracelet

You might be curious why they are called tennis bracelets. Apparently Chris Evert, a tennis superstar and style icon back in the 1980’s, lost her diamond bracelet during the 1987 US Open match. Since then they have been called such but they were formerly known as line diamond bracelets. A tennis bracelet contains tiny diamonds or gems linked together by a thin metal chain. Since it is one of the most notable symbols of delicateness and elegance, tennis bracelets are typically made of platinum silver, sterling silver, or 14K or 18K gold.

Solitaire necklace

A solitaire necklace is the perfect mix of sophistication, style, and simplicity. It often comes with a diamond pendant, but you can pick out any stone or gem of your preference. The pendant can have a setting of four or six prongs.


Pearls, in the form of earrings, bracelets, or necklace can class up any outfit with its effortless glam. They are available in two types: natural and cultured. These two types come in an array of sizes, colors, and subtypes. It can be overwhelming to make a choice. A good rule of thumb when searching for a high-quality pearl is to take note of its intensity. Dull or pale white pearls are on the lower end of the spectrum.

Other key pieces to include on your basic jewelry list are any promise or engagement ring and of course, wedding rings.

Spice Things Up With Top-notch Statement Pieces

When we say statement pieces, we mean eye-catching and distinct. However, do not just go for random pieces that scream bold and beautiful. Look for pieces that reflect your preferences and actual style. Statement jewelry makes your look go from drab to fab in an instant, so does classic jewelry of course. However, bold pieces can give a boring outfit the extra oomph it needs. The only problem with statement pieces is that some of them follow the trend, meaning you need to update your collection every once and a while.

Statement necklace

Any necklace that can bring up a button-up blouse with the extra wow factor is a show-stealer.

What makes a necklace deserving of the title “statement”? Solitaire necklaces and other dainty options can give you the upper class vibe, but statement necklaces are more fashionable. They do more than just pull your outfit together. Think of them as an accent wall in a cream-colored room. Unlike other statement accessories, a necklace becomes the focal point of any ensemble. The tricky part is finding the right jewelry that can match different outfits. Try large intricate designs, collared chains, or long necklaces with several layers.

Statement bracelet

Another key piece that can spice up your jewelry collection is a bangle or a statement bracelet. A good reason to invest in a high-quality statement bracelet is its inherent ability to jazz up even your typical shirt and jeans outfit. You could stack up different bracelets together to get that textured look, but a statement piece is the secret to clubbing them together. For statement bracelets, you can look for charmed bracelets, smooth cuffs, or chain bracelets.

Statement rings

Cocktail rings are those with a large stone (or perhaps more) at the center. They add a vintage vibe to any outfit. In the 1920s, these were considered status symbols. The prototype is an over-sized large diamond surrounded by smaller diamonds at the center of the ring. Since then, other types of stones have been utilized such as sapphires, emeralds, and so on. The rings got their name back when women raised their right hand, exposing their statement rings for everyone to see, when calling the bartender to place orders on cocktail drinks.

Hoops, drops, and chandeliers

We grouped these three together because they comprise the statement earrings classification. They are a crucial part of the evening jewelry collection, but these days, you can use hoops, drops, and chandeliers any time of the day. As a matter of fact, the millennials and gen Z youth hold statement earrings in high regard. Just take a quick look through an Instagram celebrity’s profile and you’ll see a multitude display of fancy and classy ear blings they don in their pictures.

Cap Off Your Collection With Your Favorite Pieces

The final step to completing a selection of jewels you can officially call “my jewelry collection” is to choose pieces that have more sentimental value. Eternity and promise rings are parts of your basic jewelry collection. They may be personal and sentimental, but they are more integrated in your daily life. Personal touches have more to do with your personality and style. How can you let people know about you in your accessory choices? This question is the underlying premise you should operate on when adding the polishing touches to your collection.

Colored gemstones or birthstones

Some months have more than two birthstone choices. ║ Source:

If you are a fan of colored gemstones, take a look at your birthstone. Maybe it will interest you in collecting accessories with your birthstone as accents. Before you start getting gemstones according to your birth month, educate yourself with the right buying guide.

Monogram jewelry

This pertains to any piece with one or more letters interwoven stylishly. In the olden days, people prefer cursive fonts. However, you can go for whatever you want nowadays. There are many style options for men and women and they can be really wonderful gifts to your loved ones.


The fame of Pandora swept a lot of girls off their feet back in the ‘90s. When these girls grew up, the love for charms remained. These days, plenty of options are out there, not just from the pioneer brand. What added to the charm’s relevance in the millennial age is the incorporation of trends. For instance, when you take a trip to another country, you can grab a charm that doubles as a souvenir.

Heirlooms and vintage jewelry

Heirloom pieces are worth treasuring.

With heirlooms, you don’t get to  pick what is handed down to you. However, the additional nostalgia and value they have are indispensable. They are worth including in your jewelry collection. On the other hand, getting vintage pieces needs keenness. Examine the antique jewelry properly, making a note of the craftsmanship and materials used. Brooches and lockets are some of the favorite purchases of vintage jewelry hunters.

Once you have managed to complete your first ever jewelry collection, you can still make edits every now and then. You are under no obligation to keep things you no longer use. The world of fashion constantly evolves, and so do your preferences. For some people, they prefer having a minimalist jewelry collection when they get older.

Jewelry Collection Building: Some Tips and Tricks

Now that you already know the steps of building a jewelry collection, there are some guidelines to keep you grounded. These tips will educate your further and hopefully prevent you from overdoing it:

Tip #1: If it clinks, it is time to think.

It is understandable that layered bracelets can sometimes create sounds, but if it jingles and jangles, you need to let it go. This is especially important if you are building a collection you can use in your workplace. Noisy accessories can be distracting. Even if you wanted to be eye-catching and the center of attention in parties, you would not want to earn it for the wrong reasons.

Tip #2: Do not rush into building a collection right away.

Start with something simple and slowly grow your collection.

For beginners who are wondering about how many pieces in a jewelry collection, the answer depends on the person, but you should start small. You do not have to have everything all at once. Take it slow. Building a collection takes time, detail-orientedness, and understanding the difference between what you need versus what you want.

Tip #3: Forego the bling.

A proper jewelry collection should always blend class and fashion while mirroring your style. Do not be flashy. Take a cue from fashion stylists, they always say less is more. You need to put this tip in consideration when buying statement pieces. There is a fine line between bold and bling. Do not cross it.

Wrapping Up

Jewelry make the best accessories because of their inherent ability to solidify the look you are going for. However, while the good ones can make your ensemble pop, the wrong picks can break a good outfit. Be sure to make wise judgment when starting a collection to keep the class and style consistent.

Collecting jewelry is also personal, especially since they can last a long time and can be passed off from generation to generation. They can also serve as symbols of some of the most memorable parts of our lives. This is the reason you should ensure that each and every piece in your collection speaks to you.

What most jewelry collection blogs will tell you is that if you have items that are collecting dust, do not be afraid to edit and update your collection as necessary. The beauty of having your own collection is calling the shots of what stays and what goes according to your personal style and preference.

And now that you have an idea of how you should build your jewelry collection, you may want to know how to mix and match your favorite metals and gemstones. For that, you’ll need to check out our guide “Metal Matching: Precious Metals and Gemstones.”