No Longer A Woman’s World: Why More Men Are Wearing Jewelry

Jewelry is conventionally the domain of women and has been so for decades. In recent years, however, jewelry designers have been catering to the rising demand for men’s jewelry and striving to be a more inclusive industry. Fashion trends show that more males are experimenting with accessorizing, and it’s high time that they do.

People tend to view jewelry as something women should wear and men should shy away from. Because of this primitive view, jewelry stores offer a wide range of selections for women, but almost none for men. Gender norms in the fashion industry still persist; it’s just a topic that people rarely want to discuss because of its sensitivity.

Historically, however, jewelry was used as a tool for embellishment by both males and females. In particular, tribal men used to adorn themselves with accessories made of shells, animal bones or leaves to make themselves appear stronger and more attractive. Kings and pharaohs have worn earrings, pendants, chains, and amulets as a status symbol. So, it only makes sense for men to wear jewelry now as much as they did before. 

Why More Men Are Wearing Jewelry

Luckily, we’re living in a progressive society that is more accepting of men experimenting with their fashion sense, particularly in the realm of jewelry. If you’re a man who is new to jewelry, there’s no need to fret. In this guide, we’ll share with you the must-have jewelry for men, the how-tos of wearing rings, bracelets, necklaces, etc., and the rules to remember when sporting jewelry. By the end of this reading, you’ll have the confidence and know-how to wear accessories that will express your individuality.

Society has become more accepting of men wearing jewelry.

Must Have Men’s Jewelry and How To Wear Them

Jewelry has been an unfamiliar territory to males for so long that it’s become a challenge for them to understand it. It seems like the only option they had back then were wedding bands and watches—that’s it. Right now, however, there is a myriad of choices in the market for guys. Whether you want to sport flamboyant pieces or not, there’s a perfect piece of jewelry out there for you. Below, we’ve listed the different types of jewelry for men and how you should wear them.


This functional piece of jewelry is as safe as wedding rings and are acceptable to wear on virtually any occasion. This makes it one of the best items to start with when it comes to wearing jewelry. Remember: the simpler the watch, the dressier it is. For a versatile yet classic timepiece, go for watches with a plain black leather strap or one with Roman numerals. Reserve metal bands for formal occasions where you’re in a suit. For more casual days, watches with cloth or plastic bands should do. Just keep your piece proportional to your wrist size so that it would sit well on your arm. The rule of thumb for this accessory is that you should have at least one that’s affordable for everyday wear and another for special occasions.


When someone thinks of men’s rings, a wedding band is the first thing that comes to mind. However, rings for men aren’t only limited to wedding rings. The modern man can also wear bands that serve ornamental purposes, not only functional ones. Just like bracelets, you should be careful about going overboard with rings. Wearing two or three at a time is ideal. In terms of design, choose the less bulky ones if you aren’t the type who wants to attract too much attention. But if you have a taste for flamboyance, then, by all means, get the large and chunky ones!

Men’s rings serve both ornamental and functional purposes. || Source: Real Men Real Style

Most rings are made of metal. As with bracelets, your rings must match the other metal accessories you’re sporting. If you’d like a more casual look, try searching for a wooden ring or a hybrid wood and metal ring.


Why do some guys wear necklaces? The answer is simple: they’re easy to wear and can add a subtle accent to your outfit. As they’re most likely to be hidden under your shirt, only a sliver is visible to others. This little mystery can serve as a great conversation starter. When it comes to numbers, wearing a maximum of two at a time is best. More than that will likely look excessive. As for length, six to eight inches above your navel is good. As with every piece of jewelry, you should consider the rest of your outfit when choosing a necklace. If you wear a suit to work, you might want to skip the hemp necklace. Metal ones are better suited to a formal work environment.

Tie Bars

This piece of jewelry is both functional and stylish. On top of being a great piece to accentuate your ensemble, tie bars hold your tie in place and prevent it from wandering into where it isn’t supposed to, like your meal. The proper way to use it is to clip it on your tie horizontally, preferably between the third and fourth shirt buttons.


As small as they are, earrings are tricky; they’re not easy to pull off. You also have to be careful when it comes to these ear accessories because they can take a lot of attention away from your face. To avoid that, just keep it subtle. While ear piercings are generally accepted, they’re still frowned upon in some communities and workplaces. Check your employee handbook first to see if your company has any rules on wearing earrings in the office.


People should be careful with bracelets as they’re easily stackable; it’s quite easy to go over the top with them. When it comes to these wrist accessories, less is more. Keep in mind that your bracelets must match the watch you’re wearing. Your hands are a pair, and though it sounds so obvious, people actually forget it! Therefore, the accessories you wear on either wrist will be seen in conjunction with each other.

Less is more when it comes to men’s bracelets.

Leather and wooden men’s bracelets will look great with casual or business casual outfits. With these pieces, you’re free to stack two or three of them as long as their colors complement each other. For formal wear, a single leather strap, a metal cuff, or a thin metal chain would work best. These should be worn one at a time and should match any other watch or metals you’re wearing.


Don’t be fooled by their size; these tiny pieces of jewelry are the statement makers. You wouldn’t think so, considering that there’s nothing flashy about them. You just put them on when you’re wearing a French cuff dress shirt or anything with double cuffs. Yet, as small as they are, they’re eye-catching. Cufflinks look best when they match the other metals you’re wearing. Metallic cufflinks with simple designs look the most formal, while novelty ones are for when you want to add more personality into your outfit. Before, cufflinks are reserved exclusively to business outfits or special occasions, but that has changed. They’re now worn with smart-casual outfits. Everything pearl-related became one of the biggest men’s jewelry trends 2019, and this mother-of-pearl cufflinks from Laguna Pearl will surely make you look ultra dapper. For black-tie events, however, always go for clean and smooth smaller-size pairs with no embellishments. Metals here should be traditional, too. Choose silver, gold, or platinum.

Men’s Jewelry Trends for 2020

The devil is in the details, so they say, and the same goes for jewelry. You might think they’re barely noticeable, but they can really make a difference in your outfit. These small touches are what make your overall look “pop.” Below, we highlight some of the biggest trends in men’s jewelry that are all the rage in 2020.

Leather pendant necklaces

It’s minimalist, but leather can do so much more depending on its color, texture, and finish. It can reflect either elegance or be used to add a vintage vibe. Plus, this material is a classic! Whether you choose bright-colored leather or ones in natural shades, this trend is definitely one that is worth trying this year. 

Check out this Prepatua Nova B Men’s Ring Necklace from Effentii.

Chain link necklaces

This year is all about minimalism in terms of both design and style. A chain-link necklace would be the perfect accessory to practice this trend. Combine it with solid-colored clothing that will highlight it to maintain the “less is more” look you’re going for.

This 3mm Cuban Chain Gold Necklace from Miansai can add a subtle accent to your look.

Braided Men’s Bracelets

The braided look is nothing new in the fashion world, but this trend has made its way into men’s accessories this year. For a more vibrant look, go for multi-colored links. To achieve a traditional vintage appeal, try monotone leather braids.

This Ring & Hook Bracelet from Corter is simplistic yet unique.

Bold Men’s Rings

Rings for men don’t have to be just functional; they can be ornamental, too. In recent years, men have been wearing rings as a statement piece or to add style to their ensemble. From the simplistic look, men’s jewelry trends have moved on to heavier and more extravagant pieces.

This Corona Panther Ring from Effentii is a modern man’s must-have piece.

How Much Jewelry Is Too Much for A Man?

The lavish accessorizing seems to work for Johnny Depp, but not every man can pull off the over-the-top embellishments that this famous movie star does. Now that you’ve seen that there is a wide variety of men’s jewelry, you might be wondering: how much is too much?

The point of accessorizing is to compliment your outfit, not distract from it. For example, if you’re wearing a formal outfit, it’s most crucial element is the suit. Everything else–the tie, the belt, and the shoes–are meant to complement the suit, not override it. As they say, too much of something is a bad thing; the same applies to accessories. Remember that moderation is key in achieving a well put together look.

When you find yourself wearing something that attracts attention from the overall image you’re going for, that’s when you know you’ve gone overboard. When this happens, you should take a step back, check yourself in the mirror, and remove the pieces you can go without.

The Simple Rules For Men When Wearing Jewelry

These guidelines might have already been mentioned above, but they’re still worth noting. Here are some of the simple rules you must remember when wearing jewelry.

Keep it simple

Stick to the basics, especially if you’re the type who doesn’t wear any accessories. For starters, try wearing a classic leather-strapped watch for your office wear. Next, try to branch out into tie bars or metal cufflinks. Once you’re comfortable wearing these pieces, you can move on to other items, such as chain necklaces or bold rings.

Match your metals

Your jewelry should only feature one metal tone at a time. A majority of men’s jewelry is metallic, it’s most common hues being gold or silver. The only exception to this color-matching rule is wedding bands. Men can always wear their wedding rings; if they don’t match the other metals you’re wearing, it’s totally fine.

Respect the dress code

You have to accept that you can’t always wear the jewelry you want because of dress codes. So, if you’re workplace requests modest or appropriate jewelry, what they mean is you should stick to masculine jewelry styles. These include tie bars, cufflinks, and watches. While it may seem unfair, it’s the reality of working in a professional environment. Besides, you can still express yourself outside of work.

Get the Right Jewelry For You

We hope this guide gave you an in-depth look into the fascinating world of men’s jewelry. As you’ve seen, it’s not so intimidating once you’ve got the basics down, right? Plus, in these modern times, there’s absolutely no shame about males wearing accessories. Gone are the days when women dominated the jewelry scene. Now, men are in it, too, and there’s no stopping this evolution.

If you’re completely clueless about the proper way of wearing jewelry, here’s a guide we created on how to wear jewelry for any occasion.